You can download the CD of CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 & 2 via this torrent link, provided by Nipponsei, or through their mIRC channel.

Ha! And I found out a couple of days ago that the founder of Nipponsei is a Brazilian! xD

I’ll come back later with comments, let’s listen to the music while we wait for the video’s release!


I have uploaded action! (opening theme), Oh! Yeah!! (ending theme) and the Booklet scans to my server, so you can direct download them:

action! | Oh! Yeah!! | Booklet
(right click -> Save target as…)

The booklet zip includes the package illustration, interviews with CLAMP, Maaya Sakamoto and ROUND TABLE, the short comics and the official song lyrics.

If you wish to listen to the full CD tracklist or to have the Booklet scans in an even higher resolution, please download it from Nipponsei through the links above.

I LOVED action! so very much! Maaya Sakamoto is particularly amazing in this one and it’s perfect for CLAMP IN WONDERLAND. It’s extremely catchy (what? I’m already addicted to it!) and the beat is very good (now I know why the japanese keep talking about it’s fast tempo). The lyrics fit more than I had expected, too, they remind a lot of the first CLAMP IN WONDERLAND.

I thought Oh! Yeah!! was okay, but nothing more than that. It’s definitely more rocky than I had imagined it to be.


konnichi wa sayonara
arigatou, gomen ne
ohayou, oyasumi
hana uta rara, rarara

kore kara hajimaru
fushigi na ohanashi
nanni mo iranai
iriguchi wa sugu soko

ima sugu junbi shite ma ni au yo
anata wo matte ita no

koko wa daremo shiranai kuni
subete no iro ga mazari au

anata shidai tsugi no SCENE

IMAGE wo shite, COLLAGE shite

you’re the major role on your story

konnichi wa sayonara
arigatou, gomen ne
ohayou, oyasumi
mou ichido saishou kara

minna ga matteru
hakushuu de mukaeru
sekai de hitotsu no anata no monogatari

SCREEN kara nukedashita STAR mitai ni
jiyuu de mubou dake do

koko wa chizu mo iranai kuni
arukeba hora michi ni naru

densetsu yori abunai tabi
doa wo akete, kakugo kimete

it’s the major role on your story

yume kara sametemo owaranai
anata ga nozomu nara

koko wa daremo shiranai kuni
subete no iro ga mazari au
anata shidai kono tsuzuki wo
IMAGE shite, COLLAGE shite

you’re the major role on your story
It’s the major role on your own story


Hello, goodbye
Thank you, I’m sorry
Good morning, good night
Humming lala lalalala

It starts now
a mysterious story
nothing is required
the entrance is right over there

Get ready now, there’s still time
I was waiting for you

This is a world no one knows
where all colors mix together

You will soon be on the next scene

Make an image, make a collage

you’re the major role on your story

Hello, goodbye
Thank you, I’m sorry
Good morning, good night
Once more, from the beginning!

Everybody is waiting
They’ll greet you with applauds
It’s a story only for you

You look like a star who has lost it’s screen
But you’re carelessly free

This is a world where you need no maps
if you walk, oops, the pathway appears

It’s a journey more dangerous than any legend
open the door, make up your mind already

It’s the major role on your story

Even if you wake up from the dream, it’s endless
because you are in charge

This is a world no one knows
where all colors mix together
the continuation of this, therefore,
make an image, make a collage

You’re the major role on your story
it’s the major role on your own story

Translation provided by Guilherme “Freakazoid” Neto, or simply Freakazoid ^_~

Cute lyrics, isn’t it? If you find any mistakes don’t hesitate to point it out!



mabushii hikari no naka
shizuka ni yoru ga aketeku
ippon mae ni fumidaseru you ni naritaino

atarashii sekai wa itsumo
yorokobi ni michi afureteru
donna toki mo mayowazu ni tsuyoku aritai to omou

demo hitori kiri tomadou koto
dare ni demo aru yo ne? OK!

Uh! sonna toki furi kaereba anata ga ite
koushite mi mamotte kureru koto ni kansha shite iru no itsumo

mitakoto nai koto datte
kitto atashi wa daijoubu!
sou ne sukoshi umaku kuikanai koto mo aru yo

kakae konderu atarinai mono
kazoeru kurai nara OH! YEAH!!

UH omoi kiri takaku tonde hashiri dasou
iya na koto nante doko ka e
sugu ni kiesatte shimau yo

UH itsu no hi ka kono kimochi wo oou kurai
ookina yume habata ite
chanto jibun de dekiru yo mitete

Uh! sonna toki hurikaereba anata ga ite
koushite mi mamotte kureru koto ni kansha shite iru no itsumo

UH itsu no hi ka kono kimochi wo oou kurai
ookina yume habata ite
chan to jibun de dekiru yu mite te

Romanji lyrics provided by provided by Guilherme “Freakazoid” Neto, translations are welcome ^^

87 thoughts on “CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 & 2

  1. Can you tell me how mIRC works? *blink* because I don’t have torrent TT-TTU It’s cool if you can’t though.

    >.> The video should be out soon somewhere since it’s the 26th in Japan *crosses fingers*


  2. yes i know it, it’s great

    i downloading it, i have Bitorrent and Ares the 2 are very fast but ares have many viruses
    i can’t wait to download finish is 8.7% complete T_T. BYE and thans for the info. nipponsei is my favorite download anime music page thanks..


  3. O fundador do Nipponsei é brasileiro? oO Mundo pequeno XD

    Loved the songs; I was missing new Maaya’s songs, and now we have two ^^

    Nino’s is very nice too; some of their songs are annoying, but not this one.


    • É um site que disponibiliza os ultimos singles e albuns de animes e games que sairam no Japao ^^

      >Maaan, I’m so excited about the releasing of CiW2 video…Can’t wait no more!

      Just a couple of days more! HANG ON! (What am I talking about? I’m also going nuts xD)


    • Can’t they? ._. They’re so EXPENSIVE… But also so… wonderfull. T___T~ *wants to see CiW 2 RIGHT. NOW.*

      Anyway, since it’s past noon in Japan… *lurkslurkslurks*


      • I’m still on the edge wondering if I should buy it…I guess I’ll be deciding by seeing some people’s opinions xD;

        I would never hate Maaya’s songs and I’ve always liked Roundtable, but letting that aside, they were still nice 😀


    • What are you saying? xD I’ll probably get my copy only on December ;___;

      Anyway, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who liked action!

      >one question about one past post… The CiW story board’s book will be in stock? >_PS2: sorry for my english ^^UUU

      Don’t worry about it, please, we’re all learning ^^


      • OMG! yesasia sent me a email saying that the package (TTR1 & CiW) will send me 19 novembre, and it will arrive to me in 10-15 bussines days

        OMG, de book (the bible!! xD) come with the DVD? yay!!!! *-*

        Thanks fot the information!!!


  4. Thanks bunches for sharing the torrents and keeping us! I know I’ll eventually get the CDs, I tend to collect Clamp CDs, but this will keep me occupied until the bank account accumulates more money.

    You’re absolutely right, “Action” is just wonderfully classic Maaya and just reminescent enough of “Anata dake no Wonderland” without being derivative. Gods, I haven’t listened to “Anata dake no Wonderland” in years and I almost teared up in nostalgia.

    “Yeah” is just…very typical ending theme in a way I’m not crazy about. Seems like a LOT of EDs are like this these days.

    I’m so excited for the DVD release!


    • You’re welcome! Oh, you’re so lucky for having the actual CD, I’m not that fortunate myself xD

      >”Action” is just wonderfully classic Maaya and just reminescent enough of “Anata dake no Wonderland” without being derivative.

      I agree. It’s the 2006 version of Anata Dake no Wonderland xD

      >”Yeah” is just…very typical ending theme

      I KNOW! I agree with you again here. It’s 100% typical ED theme.


  5. kyahaha! ^^;; I really love ‘action’ (I think I’ve listened to it two-three times on repeat already ^^;;)… and the CD booklet cover ^^; (Kamui looks rather annoyed at his okonomiyaki getting away heheh) And the comic with Miyuki-chan… ^^ (Though, at first I thought that it was Kobato in the last panel ^^:;;;)

    Aaah! It just makes me want to… to… to do somehting to make CiW come out faster! It’s like “Gyaah! Hurry up!” haha ^^ (I’m just an impatient person, I think ^^: haha)

    (^^;;; I think maybe it’s time to go to bed.. ^^:) Thank you! ^^ There is nothing like a burst of CLAMP to wake you back up. ^^


    • I’m so addited to action! xD SCREEN kara nukedashita STAR mitai ni~

      >and the CD booklet cover ^^;

      It looks a bit weird the chara design, though, doesn’t it? xD

      I think I’ll die of joy when I watch CIW2 xD

      You’re welcome, merei-chan, glad to be of serve ^^


  6. Thanks for the lyrics!
    You are right it fits very well ^o^

    Mmm, do you know if Clover is featured in the video?
    I haven’t seen a single screens shoot or scan of it… weird~

    Thanks again!


  7. I can’t believe that the time of waiting for listening to these songs is already gone. Many things have happened but in the end these songs are good (now let’s see the video and all will be completed XDD)

    Whatever, thanks for posting the lyrics of “action!” ^__^ I can’t wait to see the video, but I can’t avoid try to imagine the things that happen while the song is running.

    O.K. time to go to bed since today is a big day.


  8. Thank you for the torrent link~ ♥

    action! is such a cute song! X3 *keeps playing it over and over*
    Oh! Yeah!! is not too shabby either but, it lacks the ridiculously endearing cute of action!.

    Now, I really can’t wait to see the video… 😡
    *so excited is kind of staying up in hopes that it’ll magically appear on her flist*


    • You’re welcome~ ♥

      >action! is such a cute song! X3 *keeps playing it over and over*

      such a cute song!

      >Oh! Yeah!! is not too shabby either but, it lacks the ridiculously endearing cute of action!.

      …it lacks the ridiculously endearing cute of action! xD

      >so excited is kind of staying up in hopes that it’ll magically appear on her flist

      Soon, I promise you! XD


  9. Thanks for the heads up! ^o^ Though I was hitting the refresh button all day long on TokyoTosho to see if something CiW-related came up XDD (I know I’m sad, I shouldn’t be laughing about that ._. xP).

    “action!” is a really cute Maaya song, very faithful to her style (more to her older type of songs) and the lyrics are very fitting and cute too. “Oh! Yeah!!” surprised me, because I liked it more than I initially expected (since I found “”Anata” ga “Shiawase” de aru you ni” kind of boring, I instinctively thought it would be somehow similar ^^u). Argh, this just made me obssess over the video even more @__@

    Thanks for the romanization and translation too ^^ I noticed a couple of things in the first one, though: in line 12 and and 33, shouldn’t “kazari au” be “mazari au” according to the kanji (混ざり合う)? I also hear “ma” and not “ka” when Maaya sings those lines O_o Also, in line 24, it happens more or less the same with “mudou”: I hear “mubou” for “無謀”.

    (yes, the moment it was out, I actually started working on it myself XD;)


    • You’re welcome, Lulu-chan!

      I hit that refresh button a million times during the last couple of days xD

      >since I found “”Anata” ga “Shiawase” de aru you ni” kind of boring

      It is a boring song per se. But it was written by Ohkawa and she wrote it for the CLAMP members, the lyrics are adorable xDDD

      >Argh, this just made me obssess over the video even more @__@

      We’re two! XD

      And thanks for the corrections, I will fix the post right away!!


  10. Hey, miyazaw_lulu is right!
    It’s “mazaru” and “mubou”! I typed wrong.
    But the translation is corret! ^_^



  11. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! *gives him a big glomp attack* Ne, you’re really my hero because you really made my day with this latest amazing article! Arigatou for the song and the booklet download links. *bows* Made the big download and going the love the songs again and again! Adore all the songs, especially Maaya Sakamoto’s “action!” ♥ *bliss*

    The lyrics for the song “action!” are adorable and cute!!
    Very nice touch and it definitely fits for the video for sure. ^^
    TOTAL. LOVE. ^///^

    As for the booklet… very nice indeed!! *genki* I really love the day/night picture featuring all the characters! I love the all being there that it is just too cute for words. ♥♥♥ Also, I find the card featuring Sakura Kinomoto and Tsubasa’s Syaoran so darn cute. ^^ Ioryogi is total explosion of love when driving fast the little car to get a bottle of sake! KAMPAI!! /

    It’s official: I just saved a bunch of money by already friending to Chibi-Yuuto!! *laughs very hard*

    OH MY GOSH!! I can’t really wait to see the video for CiW 2 already. This is way beyond excitement!! *SQUEE!*

    Hontou arigatou gozaimasu!! Hontou ureshii desu wa! *dances with happiness*

    Ja ne, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  12. I hope your copy floats safely to your home xD

    >I hope you get your copy of CiW2 soon, too! *glomps*

    Ne, yoshiyuki-kun? *rushes him* xD

    >I wish downloading wouldn’t take so long. X’D

    It’s going to be a nightmare for the video… if the CD had 100 MB, can you imagine the DVD? @_@


    • I just look trough the files, I so love the comics! So it was our old Miyuki-chan in all of the Tsubasa world, I knew it! The last world with Miyuki make me hope next world will be the western space opera + mecha world I was hoping for! ^_^ And Ioryogi’s flintstone’s car look so funny, an extension of Doumeki’s Hanna Barbara’s joke for the Clamp in Wonderland Ex, surely. XD

      I liked Action!, although it’s not as good as the songs Maaya made with Youko Kanno, Oh! Yeah sound like a generic ending song, not bad, but not outstanding either.


      • Oh I loved action! more than Loop or Kaze Machi Jet.

        Which songs are better than action!? They must be amazing, then, for being better then action! xD Could you send them to me?


  13. Thanks! I’ve been dying to get the songs since I heard it on the preview. When do you think the video will be available to get? I don’t know where else to look for it and don’t have much time either so I’m TT^TT all the time. Damn finals!

    Anyway, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have this beautiful songs to while the time so: ARIGATOU!!!


  14. chibi yuuto-san!!!!!!!!! thank you so damn much!!!! ;___;
    im a big maaya sakamoto fan x3 so you just made my day with this
    action is wonderful makes me want to listen carefully to every sound
    and every word…so catchy really x3
    while oh yeah! its kinda boring .__. but not bad
    thank you so so so so much for sharing!!! x3
    can’t wait for the video D:!


  15. I saw Clamp in Wonderland and it is WHAOU.
    But it is so short …

    The scene with shaolan and a dragon, It reminded me of good memories (before clone)

    (video in my livejournal)


  16. Thank you so much !
    I like Action ! (and Oh Yeah ! too but I prefer the first one).
    Thanks fr the illustration of the booklet *_* (Saj=kura is very Kobato-ish I find).
    I’ve seen the clip ! It is great ! Cute and funny, so Clampish ♥


  17. Hello!

    Hope you wouldn’t mind me suggesting a few tweaks to the lyrics. 🙂

    For “action!”

    Line 7 of the romaji lyrics
    “Irenai” is “Iranai”

    For the translation
    Line 4 – “Hanauta” is “humming”, so “hanauta rara, rarara” is “Humming Lala, Lalala”
    Line 19 – “mou ichido saishou kara” can be translated as “Once more, from the beginning!”, kinda like those director cuts in which s/he tells the actors to take it from the front again (retaking the shots).

    Other than that, it’s a wonderful accurate translation :). i’ve done a translation on “action!” myself on my own blog, but mine is rubbish and bland compared to Freakazoid’s creative take on it. I should have visited this site first to check whether someone has already done it. That way, I didn’t need to put in the effort of doing one. Yes, i’m a lazy bugger. :p

    Thank you very much to Freakazoid for your effort in doing an awesome translation! Very well appreciated! 🙂

    To chibiyuuto, keep up your excellent work on updating this site! i’m a huge fan and frequent reader of your journal, always dropping by as much as i can to get the latest juicy news about CLAMP stuffs. 🙂

    Best wishes,


    • Oh, thanks for the corrections, they make sense ! I’m gonna edit the lyrics ^_~

      Thanks for the compliments xD It was actually a Japanese -> Portuguese, Portuguese -> English translation XDDD

      Freakazoid translate it first to portuguese and then I translated it to engliss XDDDDDDD

      And much thanks for the compliments on my journal >.< Means a lot to me!

      Best wishes to you too =)


  18. Yuuto-san, there’s no translation for “Oh! Yeah!!”? ._.

    By the way, found an error on Oh! Yeah!! romanji:

    でも一人きり 戸惑う事
    demo hitori kiri tomadou koto


  19. Subject?

    I look forward to the day when you have an update that says: “OMG GOHOU DRUG IS COMING BACK!!!” 😀

    I hope I’m not asking a question that you’ve heard a million times, but why was Gohou Drug put on hiatus, and when is it anticipated to come back?

    Thank you!


  20. Gate 7 updates

    Yeah i notice that too. I found out that people who translated it stop. couldn’t take on the CLAMP factor, obviously. But look on the bright side, the volume for Gate 7 should come out on the 19 of this month. Bout time. and im sure there will be another translater. Of course they need to find one soon.


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