Kobato. Anime Staff! MADHOUSE, Ohkawa included

EDIT: We now have a preview from the article!

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Following the breaking news of Kobato.’s anime adaptation, according to Moonphase, this will be the staff working on it:

Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2, Chobits episode 21 director).
Series Composition: Nanase Ohkawa.
Character design: Hiromi Kato (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2).
Animation production: MADHOUSE.

The anime is scheduled to begin in the autumn of 2009, on NHK channel.

Now, if you allow me…


Nanase Ohkawa will be the series compositor alone!!! I’m pretty sure this means most of the episode scripts will be written by her *bliss*

And Madhouse is animating it!!!! *___* The dream team again xDDDDDDD Now we just need Mokona as costume designer and we’re set!

That’s ALL I wanted. Honestly! So far so good to me, so far so excellent to me *total bliss*

There were two things I thought it was weird, though. The fact that will start in the autumn (Kobato. is such a “Spring” anime) and the fact that will be broadcast on NHK (I hope Ioryogi’s words won’t be censored).

Excellent news!!! *joy joy joy*

EDIT: Commenting the first official promotional image now. It looks so damn good! So pretty! I’m surprised they already released a promotional illustration, and also surprised with Toshihiko’s black hair! (?)