X and Gouhou Drug status

No, they aren’t back just yet.

This post is dedicated to everyone seeking for some information about the current state of these works who have been on a hiatus since 2003.

I took the liberty to e-mail Kadokawa inquiring them about X and Gouhou Drug, and here’s their answer:

Thank you for having supporter our company’s publications.

As you indicated, the series “X” and “Gouhou Drug” have not been published since 2003. We have periodically discussed the resumption of their serialization with the authors.

However, because they are currently working on so many series, the authors have expressed that their intent is to wait until their schedules become more flexible before planning the resumption of the serializations. It will still be a while before the series can recommence.

There is also the question of what magazine to publish them in.
We apologize for making you wait, but please bear with us for a while longer.

Translation thanks to usomitai-san ^^


When I sent the e-mail, I wasn’t expecting a specific date, I don’t think they reveal that sort of information by e-mail, I’m sure that when it happens, we’ll know from official announcements in magazines or official websites. However, I wanted to hear straight from the publisher if the negotiations are in course (yes, I’m that skeptical xD) Besides, requesting information about these works may help resuming them faster as Kadokawa will know there are some demand for them.

So we know they have been discussing it with CLAMP regularly, and that they need to finish their on-going works before resuming publication, and there’s also a magazine issue being discussed. Knowing that, I am planning on sending another e-mail to Kadokawa as soon as Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC are finished, in case nothing official is announced until then.

Next March it’ll be 6 years since the last chapter of X was published, and here’s a little time-line of what happened since.

  • X

March, 2003
Last chapter published in Asuka magazine.

July, 2004
In interview to Puff magazine:
Ohkawa: “The situation right now is that, due to the graphic nature of our planned ending, getting it published in a magazine is very difficult. (…) We will continue to search for solutions and hold discussions with our publisher, so I hope that you will grant us a little more time yet.”

March, 2005
At a Talk Show held in CLAMP Su exhibition:
Igarashi: “We know you are worried that X is on hold, but because we are trying hard on other projects, please support us.”
Ohkawa: “We’ll definitely carry X on to the end, so please wait a bit longer.”

April, 2005
In interview to CLAMP No Kiseki #9
Ohkawa: “(…) we definitely want to see it through to the end, and we want to see it serialized again as soon as possible.”

December, 2005
X Infinity artbook is released.

March, 2006
In visit to Taipei, China:
Ohkawa: “(…) we want to finish the work, but serializing it is difficult, so we are still looking for a suitable magazine to serialize it till the end.”

July, 2006
At AnimeExpo, USA:
Ohkawa: “[the number of volumes] will match the number of tarot cards. (…) for the Japanese edition there will be twenty one volumes.”

September, 2006
Release of CLAMP Newtype〈PLATINUM〉, it came with a B5 sized appendix entitled X 18.5, featuring the 5 chapters that were published in Asuka before the hiatus.

  • Gouhou Drug

July, 2003
Last chapter published in Asuka magazine.

June, 2005
In interview to CLAMP No Kiseki #10:
Ohkawa: “The magazine it originally ran in, Shoujo Teikoku (Shoujo Empire), stopped being published. When we heard the news, we decided to get at least three volumes out, so we asked Asuka to temporarily give it shelter. But then renewing with Asuka became fairly difficult… at any rate, we would like to find a magazine that would pick it up for us, and continue it soon. We’ve only told 1/5 of the planned story.”

July, 2006
At AnimeExpo, USA:
Ohkawa: “No problem there. We will be resuming it in the near future.” [When asked what was going on with Gouhou Drug]

January, 2008
At CLAMP’s Radio Show:
When asked about her new year’s ambitions, Nekoi replied “I want to draw Gouhou Drug”.

(In Gouhou Drug’s case, I’m not even mentioning Nekoi’s many entries about her desire to resume Gouhou Drug).

Looking back at all these statements, it became even clearer to me that CLAMP really wants to finish these works. The only problems that are preventing CLAMP from releasing further chapters is lack of proper time and a suitable magazine to run them in. I think the time issue will be solved after Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC are finished. Even if they’ll be drawing 80 pages monthly for Gate 7 and 14 pages for Kobato., I think they can manage at least one more manga (maybe even two), specially if Mokona takes charge of the main drawing of Gate 7, that will leave Nekoi with more free time to draw Gouhou Drug.

Anyway, here’s hoping (always) that these series will be picked up soon!

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  1. Aw dangit, your title got me excited. I tried reading X and didn’t like it, but I did like Gouhou Drug so I really hope they start it again soon (and I had been thinking that once TRC and Holic finish up that they could probably one of them monthly, but 80 pages for Gate 7 a month is a lot…).


  2. It isnt just! I loved Gouhou Drug .. have to finish it!! TT__TT is great,
    I dont understand because they start and then stop ..

    and X as its a crime what they do.. =(


    • They had fairly good reasons to stop them, I think =/

      But the important thing is that they really want to finish them and in the meantime we have to keep showing our interest to get them back quicker ^^


  3. 80 pages a month for Gate 7!?! wooow.

    thanks for the official e-mail!

    i’m sure CLAMP can find a willing seinen zine for X… seinen zines publish very gory stuff all the time. x.x


    • >80 pages a month for Gate 7!?! wooow.

      That’s what they have been advertising ^^ But I don’t know if all those 80 pages will be of manga, maybe some of those pages will be advertisements? Or some other sort of info. We’ll see when it comes out ^^

      >i’m sure CLAMP can find a willing seinen zine for X… seinen zines publish very gory stuff all the time. x.x

      But in Kadokawa? Do you know what are Kadokawa’s current seinen magazines?


  4. Seriously, hearing this from the publisher makes me feel relieved on so many levels. Thank you for doing this, thank you for letting us know. CLAMP fandom, especially for GD and X, would be a very sad place if we didn’t have you. ♥


  5. Thank you so much for e-mail the publisher for status. ^_^
    It’s good to know that CLAMP really wants to continue X and Gouhou Drug. And I thought there are a lot of magazines, right? Still couldn’t find the right one? O_o;;


    • I don’t know much about Kadokawa’s magazines, in fact I would really like to find out more about each one of them. Ironic enough, I think Newtype is very suitable for X, its audience is pretty average. But alas, they are serializing Kobato in it XD (nothing agains Kobato. LOL You know I love it ♥)


      • Hmmm… here’s the magazine list at their website. After looking at the list, I just realize that Newtype is under Kadokawa! XD

        Now that you mentioned it, I think so too, that Newtype is very suitable for X. 🙂


        • >I just realize that Newtype is under Kadokawa! XD

          Yes it is, you didn’t know? XDDD

          I’ve seen that list, but I can’t really tell what kind of manga is ran in each magazine =/ I can have an idea by looking at the covers but a summary would be nice.


  6. Interesting…

    Seriously, CLAMP lost me as a fan when they quit Gouhou Drug. Now I only follow xxxHOLiC, just because it’s too good for me to say NO XD

    They can’t find a mag to publish GD or X? I know GD’s genre is not quite clear, but are you KIDDING me, CLAMP? They had time to start new projects like Kobato, which is not as good as any of the things they were doing, but they left those two excellent manga sink. I wouldn’t mind it even if they published one chapter every three months or something… At least it seems Nekoi IS interested!

    We have periodically discussed the resumption of their serialization with the authors.
    XDDDD I like how that sounds like they were putting pressure on them

    THIS IS NOT FAIR, YUUTINHO!!!!!! *shakefist*


    • Re: Interesting…

      >I wouldn’t mind it even if they published one chapter every three months or something…

      I know! Remember those thin, 16-pages X chapters? Sometimes published with 3 months between one chapter and another? I don’t mind that schedule either! XD

      Don’t you think Gouhou Drug would fit in Ciel? Isn’t it a yaoi magazine? Even if Gouhou Drug’s genre is softer than yaoi, I think it fits (unless I’m mistaken about the magazine).

      >At least it seems Nekoi IS interested!

      She is! It’s her favorite work X3 She can’t wait to draw it again. I think GD’s case is easier to solve than X. They said there was “no problem” with it while with X we didn’t get the same answer xDDDDD Besides, after XXXHOLiC, Nekoi’s hands will be more free (unless she will draw characters in Gate 7, that will take her some time).

      >XDDDD I like how that sounds like they were putting pressure on them

      Me too!

      This post is for you, my dear. I will bring the news of Gouhou Drug’s return one day, I promisse ;__;


      • Re: Interesting…

        GD would fit in many magazines. Ciel would be more than happy to receive GD, but I think that in that case, CLAMP would feel they have to make it more clearly yaoi XD (which would be great). Though they also have softer shounenaish stuff.

        However, there’s a lot of possible magazines, for example there’s Zero-Sum, which publishes LOVELESS, and a lot of other “almost yaoi but not quite” stories XD
        GD is PERFECT for that magazine! There are some other magazines that also publish this sort of almost-yaoi-shoujo, like Wings for example.
        Wings is also perfect for GD. They have high quality stuff with beautiful artwork and I’m sure any of these magas would be thrilled to have GD in their list, as it’s EXACTLY the kind of thing their readers are used to.

        Thanks Yuutinho! A long time ago it was me who was always up-to-date with CLAMP… now I’m counting on you to bring the news! XD I hope one of these days, the news will be “GD IS BACK!” (and that it happens soon XD)


          • Re: PD

            That is what I was about to say, they will probably stay in Kadokawa since there’s already 3 volumes published in it.

            So Ciel would work? I understand that that might mean CLAMP would have to push the yaoi edge a little, but if you say there are some soft-yaoi stories, maybe it could fit without bigger changes. I don’t know WHY they think Asuka wasn’t suitable, I think it was so perfect. Sure, Asuka has more fantasy-esque stories, but GD has the supernatural factor. Oh well…

            And leave it to me, I’ll do my best!


            • Re: PD

              I don’t think Asuka pulls in the numbers as well as Ciel. Asuka isn’t quite as popular as a lot of fans outside Japan seem to think.

              I think there are some Ciel stories (or at least there used to be, haven’t read it in a while) that were of the same yaoi-ish-without-being-yaoi variety as GD.

              It would be hard to say if they would take it back to Asuka or switch to Ciel. GD never had quite the same “fitting in” problem as X, so there’s no real reason to switch unless they think it’ll be substantially more popular in Ciel.


              • Re: PD

                The problem is that, they said Asuka isn’t the “right” magazine for GD. They published volume 3 in it because they “lend” it some room, but they were only allowed to draw one volume, look:

                “The magazine it originally ran in, Shoujo Teikoku (Shoujo Empire), stopped being published. When we heard the news, we decided to get at least three volumes out, so we asked Asuka to temporarily give it shelter. But then renewing with Asuka became fairly difficult…”


  7. Thanks for all the info.
    I really appreciate it since when i devoured the whole CLAMP existing it was around 2005 and i’ve never known what really happened to these great series.

    I love GD and X, and i’m hoping (as you said, always) read the continuation.


  8. Is it very unheard of in Japan for entire GN’s to be published with new content (like how American publishers put out their manga here for the most part)? I would think with X at least the interest is high enough that it would work (I don’t know about Gouhou Drug since I didn’t read it…).

    I mean CLAMP doesn’t have a small fanbase–they have a very vocal, large fanbase (here and there) so I would think if anyone could pull it off they could.


  9. I wonder if Holic and Tsubasa might have something to do with why they don’t want to continue with X and GD yet. I mean, since Tsubasa and Holic both have been described as series that somehow define and combine CLAMPs all previous work, maybe when in endings of those two stories there will be something, storywise, that they want to get out of the way before they can continue with the two other manga. Ugh, I suck at explaining this theory, and it’s not even fully formed. Just a theory.

    Or maybe, if they had written ends to the stories, the characters of those series, for some reason, could not have been used in Tsubasa and Holic, maybe something would have happened to them that would have made stories in their current series less meaningful or something?

    I probably should think about this a bit more before I try to explain it, argh.


    • >I wonder if Holic and Tsubasa might have something to do with why they don’t want to continue with X and GD yet.

      Definitely. Kadokawa’s reply said they were too busy working on other mangas ^^

      I don’t think X’s story is directly related to Tsubasa’s… it was planned a long time ago, and it’s very near its end. I think it’s primarily a time issue.

      Cool icon!


  10. I’m with you on Wanting them back BADLY. Especially Gouhou Drug. I never read X because I want to have it all released before i jump into it instead of leaving myself hanging like i did with Kazahaya and Rikuo.

    It’s nice that the publishing house emailed you back though ^^ and yea that does show our support for the series and our great interest.


    • >I never read X because I want to have it all released before i jump into it instead of leaving myself hanging like i did with Kazahaya and Rikuo.

      Wise choice, for your own sanity xD Kidding.

      >that does show our support for the series and our great interest.

      Along with getting some updated info, that was my intention ^__^


  11. ack! dangit! you got me there in a second! XD i nearly thought CLAMP-sama finally get the magazines and all that. but at least we got a few news.

    wow you email them? lucky! XD
    Thanks for the infoes! My hopes are rising again!


  12. Wow, you sent an email to Kadokawa HQ, you must be some kind of fan LOL

    Well i think CLAMP wasn’t so sure about the volumes of TRC and Holic, most of their previous works are really short and this crossover (TRC-holic)story maybe have took more time than expected, so maybe there is a strong posibility that maybe they can ressume at least Gouhou Drug when trc and holic ends, because as you’ve said they will be working on Gate 7 and Kobato.

    Thank you for the news and usomitai-san for the translation 😀


    • I should have done this earlier, actually XD

      I don’t think CLAMP wasn’t sure about TRC/XXXHOLiC volumes. For some reason I think Tsubasa’s number of volumes had always been decided by CLAMP. I think they knew they were going in a 6 years journey when they started Tsubasa.


  13. OMG! You e-mailed Kodansha! XDDD What an unexpected action, but which brings interesting info *_*. At least, we know threy are stopped because of work, but then, why CLAMP is making Gate7? Won’t be wiser wait a little and finish X, CLOVER and Lawful Drug? >_<
    I think they have always more work than they can carry on… but I have that same defect XD


    • I did! XD And I wish I had done it earlier (such an easy action as sending an e-mail…)

      >but then, why CLAMP is making Gate7?

      That’s the big question. I wanted to reply to their reply saying that they’ll start working on ANOTHER huge manga after they are done with the current ones XD That’s why I must not waste any time after TRC and XXXHOLiC are over. The moment they are over, I’m gonna send another e-mail to them =D


      • “That’s why I must not waste any time after TRC and XXXHOLiC are over. The moment they are over, I’m gonna send another e-mail to them =D”

        Did you send it again?

        Somehow it gets me really irritated this hiatus of X. I mean, it really sounds like excuse, doesn’t it? 1. Japan lives with its earthquakes and natural disasters. For the most seismic country in the world it’s ridiculous to wait when it’s the ‘right’ time and 2.It’s not like anyone would force anyone reading gore and tragic content that might re-emerge past traumas!!!


  14. I love Japanese. I get a bit more of a flavor of soon than is in the English, but the translation’s great. Dare I hope we’ll get an announcement about at least one of them in 2009?


  15. I would imagine they have fairly good reason to stop, I feel for CLAMP because outsides forces are stopping their creative process.

    I’m reading X right now, though my friends warn that X leaves off at the worse possible cliffhanger.


    • >I’m reading X right now, though my friends warn that X leaves off at the worse possible cliffhanger.

      I should warn you the same. Take your time with it, so that the waiting won’t be too painful ^^


  16. I’ve been trying to stop myself from reading these 2 series since I know they’re on an infinit hiatus (which I suceeded with GD but not with X >.>) So CLAMP is having difficulties with the magazine in GD’s case and really just needs a magazine to publish it. But it sounds more like CLAMP wants to publish it in Asuka and Asuka doesn’t want GD? I’m sure they’ve considered Asuka Ciel before but somehow they’re avoiding it?…I haven’t read GD myself and I really can’t say anymore about that, but I really hope it runs again ;_;


    • >But it sounds more like CLAMP wants to publish it in Asuka and Asuka doesn’t want GD?

      I don’t think they are insisting on Asuka. Asuka lend some space to GD for a year, by then it was already out-of-profile for the magazine, but apparently they did an exception to CLAMP.

      However, if they say there is no problems with it, maybe they already found a magazine to publish it and are just waiting for more free time.


  17. Six years? Wow… I remember I began reading in 2004/2005, just when I was in grade 12. I feel old now… XP

    Out of all of CLAMP’s works, I like X best. I began to read it because of Hanshin!Sorata and Arashi in TRC. ^_^ As the group’s longest running series, I think it’s really reflective of how their artwork has matured and it still amuses me that in CLAMP no Kiseki, they mentioned how only 6 months have gone by when the series has been running over ten years… XD

    Let’s hope it (and Legal Drug) resumes soon. =)


      • Wow, so X is your favorite manga from Clamp my friend. ^_^
        me too. ^^ For me, X is so misterious. XDDD
        You know, i’m really really surprise read your post about X and Gohou Drug. I mean, wow, you email them? Yes, thank you very much my friend!
        So, they will know, so many fans still waiting for X and GD.
        Ganbattene, keep the spirit to email them (especially after TRC and XXXHolic final chapter, so the publisher can request to Clamp to bring back X and GD, not doing some new manga)

        We are waiting for your new info about 2nd email chibiyuuto. ^____^
        And i hope this info is useful : In Indonesia (my country), X volume 18 released one weeks ago. And every released (X manga), always sold out. Thats mean, so many X fans in Indonesia. XDDDD

        Best regard

        angels_rutherford (still so excited about your email bring X and GD to the publisher)


  18. Thanks for the timelines! Very interesting to read all the little breadcrumbs that have been toss our way over the years 😀

    I’m feeling optimistic about Gouhou Drug, but it doesn’t look good for X. Strangely I don’t mind the continued X hiatus so much, probably cause while I want more X, I’m gonna feel sad to see it finally end (especially if it’s going to be a tragic heartbreaking ending). Though with that said, I really hope it’s not going to be as long as the Clover hiatus (yikes!)


  19. Let’s hope so.
    I’m so looking forward to read them again, specially X. There’s only two more books to go, so it’s not gonna take CLAMP so much time to finish it.
    An’ of course I’m so interesting in continuing Gouhou Drug. I can’t wait.
    My predictions/calculations say that TRC an’ Holic won’t end till September 2009. So, at least, we have to wait one more year.

    I could help reading that Mokona is drawing Gate 7. What is that?? A manga?? As far as I knew, I thought CLAMP was just working on Kobato, TRC an’ Holic. I never heard or read anything about this Gate 7 till today. Can u explain something to me about what it is an’ what CLAMP has to do with it?



  20. (note: my english is terrible but as this post made me so happy I’ll try to make a little comment XD)
    This is amazing *-*!These days I’ve been re-reading all X manga series and watching the anime and wondering when the good Ohkawa sensei will decide to give those poor characters a properly ending (cruel, tragic and really gross…of course)and now…voile!!Chibiyuuto-san, you found this great way to make someone give us at least a little info to make our hopes still stay stronger XD. Just now I was squeezing my brains trying to figure out what that “…then why do we lose sight of what’s more important?” that chi no ryuu no Kamui says and that last scene with Subaru-kun might mean!! I think we all agree that X deserves an awesome ending, an X-ish ending (if you know what I mean). As for myself, I will wait as long as I live to see this great story ends (and cry so much when it finally happens XD)Thank you sooo much for taking action and sending that email to Kadokawa! You made my day XD I’ll go keep reading the manga and hoping Clamp will resume X soon n.n! (and of course GH too :D)


  21. Since I already kind of gave up on X, this makes me really happy!
    And I really can’t see a reason for them not to bring back GD one day. Oh, please… *__*

    Thank you for your trouble!


  22. Ohkawa: “The situation right now is that, due to the graphic nature of our planned ending, getting it published in a magazine is very difficult.

    Oh, we know. About the gore and heartache you’re brewing, that is *snorts*. I always knew that that was their main issue, the ending; and I’m rather glad CLAMP didn’t bend to the magazine’s demands and change it, just to get it over with and publish it for the sake of publishing. Still, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem, assuming they’re “working” on sorting it out.

    But then renewing with Asuka became fairly difficult…

    I find that rather weird. If I recall, one of their issues featured a cover for Gohou Drug, and that really got me thinking that oh, the manga must be doing well with the magazine. But then, it stopped right after that issue. Anyway — I really can’t see why they can’t, er, find the right magazine for it. I’m sure everyone would want to make space for anything-CLAMP, unless the publishing company (that being kadokawa) can’t allow that, or has a problem with it.

    It’s a time issue, nothing more. The genre might be an issue, but it can be easily tackled with the right magazine. I’m sure they can make something work with any magazine/publishing house — everyone wants a piece of CLAMP. I did appreciate that Legal Drug was serialized in a magazine with a little more freedom, even for a little while. Unlike X, the chances of seeing Gohou Drug back is in the hands of CLAMP.

    Even if they’ll be drawing 80 pages monthly for Gate 7 and 14 pages for Kobato.

    I, WHY — WHY PICK MORE PROJECTS? WHY. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I heard the news of Gate 7, mostly because at that time, rumours about the continuation of X and Gohou Drug were floating everywhere and then came Gate 7 and Dark Horse and, just, ruined our hopes. There were complaints that Tsubasa and xxxHolic were keeping them from doing other works. So — yes, I don’t know, I can see them using Gate 7 and Kobato as an excuse.

    When asked about her new year’s ambitions, Nekoi replied “I want to draw Gouhou Drug”.

    Oh, you don’t want to see the silly grin I plastered on my face after reading that. I’d be grinning like a loon if it does happen, though. A very happy loon.

    Thanks for putting up the timeline, ♥! …as sad as it is (and oh, how old it makes some of us sound). And for doing this whole thing, really. You spoke for the Eagerly Awaiting Masses out there, I salute you.

    (Also: That whole comment sounded pretty negative, but I’m really looking forward to any updates from CLAMP. It’s just that I remembered all the times I’d rec Gohou Drug (and sometimes, X) to people, only to be rejected because its labeled as “never to be completed”, or something. They have the right to reject, of course, but i saddens me that such titles don’t get their share of love only because of that.)


  23. Thanks for the good idea to send e-mail about X and Lawful Drug >w_<
    I don't mind Lawful Drug (sorry, I didn't begin the story because I knew it was not published anymore) but… I'm waiting for the end of X for so long, so long time…
    I'm crossing fingers to see the beginning of a new serialization for X in 2009.
    Thank you very much for sharing these informations !


  24. OMG! Thank You So Much for your commitment and dedication!!! And for the news!!!!

    Well… Clamp wants to do it… so.. we’ll just have to be patient ^___^ We will eventually have an ending for both X and Gouhou Drug.

    Thanks Again for keeping us updated ^_______^


  25. They better make a good ending for X

    Well, I juz hope that they will continue making the X manga. Coz, I know some fans were willing to read the new X again.

    Juz hope that they make a good ending for X.


  26. its not fair, i want to read X ;___; and i’ve been waiting for 6 long years to read more!! why clamp, WHY?
    By the way chibiyuuto-san, i’ve got a question: about kobato. the date of relasing of drop 12 was about 2 days ago, am i right? sorry, i can’t wait for another chapter of kobato!

    (sorry if my english is so horrible)


  27. First of all I want to thank you for e-mailing them! The question regarding if they would continue these series or not has been nagging me for years. Especcially X since it was so close to the ending. I’m glad to hear that they will finish them, the big question is when they will have time for it. I mean Clamp starts new projects all the time it feels like, and if they do that how do they think they’ll get time for the two series which they left behind?
    Another thing that worries me is that since Mokona has changed her style so drastically in the recent years, will X look the same when they continue it?… Really hope so.
    If they do have such problems finding a magazine to publish it in, can’t they just realese it in taukubon format right away instead? T.T Anyway I hope it won’t take to long for clamp to finish them, the fact that it’s already been 6 years since they ended is too long time I think, especcially with the cliffhanger ending they had in the latest chapter they realesed……
    At least Nekoi want to continue Gohou drug, I’m glad to hear that. But in the end Ohkawa decide when that will happen probably.


  28. You know, it’s really funny that right after I did another re-read of Lawful Drug and thought about Clamp’s bad habit of not finishing series (let’s not forget Clover. Two volumes never got around to being done! ;_;) you write this post! ^_^

    I think it’s great of you to keep track, as I am madly in love with these two manga. I encourage you to write to Kadokawa again!



    • By the way, I think one of the biggest problems here is that a lot of X and LD fans have lost interest. None here, but out there in the world, there are a lot of lost sheep. With X it might be an economic problem: that there might not be enough buyers for the rest of the story (the LD readers have probably always been few compared to the readers of Clamp’s “blockbusters”). They’d have to finish it just for the “old” fans, as in fan-service.

      My personal opinion on the connection with xxxholic and Tsubasa is that it was *not* intended for X from the beginning. But it came in very handy when they had to stop X and started doing the crossover series. They did the tiny chapter with Kamui in Yuuko’s shop as to have us all hypothesize about the end of X while they are trying to figure it out themselves….

      Me? Frustrated? Never…



  29. Thank you so much for sending off the email! I always want to hear more, and while I have faith in them finishing it’s like holic. I have faith new chapters will come out, but no faith in when XD (Stop calling it weekly! Stop breaking my heart each week D:) …..unlike Clover, which I have written off like my fav comic series. If Bunny-sensei took that long a break for DNAngel which was doing well, why would she pick back up Megami Kōhosei? Why must I keep falling for the series which never finish…?

    I think they’ll do one series before the other, and I’m torn on my thoughts on that. On one hand I love GD like nothing else, it is my second favorite series. It’s also the one I think has more chance on being started first, with all the mention Nekoi gives it. X I guess since I came into the series after the cliffhanger had been around I was more accepting, and the fact I would almost put money on Subaru, my fave character’s ending…

    But on that other hand, X is so close and GD was just starting! Let your elders go first, or something like that XD While I realllllly want more GD (It was the reason I have such love for holic, it helps me with my fix in these long cold years without~) I do lean more towards letting X go first. But then GD is the one they have less issues with…..

    Either way, happy to hear this! The answer I expected, but to hear how Kadokawa has kept on them warms my heart. One step closer to when we finally see new chapters~


  30. gee whiz, has it already been 6 yrs? it just reminds me how quickly time flies by. i was a young adult when i picked up X, and now… i’m reaching 30!! CLAMP! finish all these titles, pls dun leave me hangin’. and my mom wants to read Legal Drug too. hehe.


  31. It’s good to hear that CLAMP is at least planning to continue X and GD. I haven’t started them yet because I don’t want to get to their current ends and spaz when I can’t continue them, it’s bad enough having to wait for holic and trc updates, and they’re on some kind of schedule…

    I really, really can’t wait for them to continue X though. I saw the OVA and it’s what awakened me to the world of anime, and I’ve really wanted to read it. PLEASE CLAMP! FINISH TRC AND HOLIC SOON!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting!


  32. Just stopping by to add my voice to the chorus here and say THANK YOU for both your determination and your kindness at trying to get some clear answers for us long-suffering fans.

    The fact that X remains an unfinished work, nearly six years after it’s last appearance in Asuka, is a tough burden to bear. But you have renewed my faith that it will be finished — hopefully sooner than later. (So what if my fingers get cramped from all this crossing? *wink*)



  33. I’m thrilled with alll this stuff… but Yuuto do you know anything about CLOVER? ’cause as far as I know it’s stuck on hiatus too right?


  34. someone should write clamp a letter concerning X
    a lot people have been waiting so long for 9 years
    there might be a lot of questions to ask
    and a lot of people want to know what happens next
    will clamp ever continue x?


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