Kobato. TV Anime PV

A 30-seconds preview of the Kobato. TV Anime is up at Kadokawa’s YouTube channel!

And I can’t watch it right now XDDD Is it pretty, tell me, is it pretty? LOL! Okay, I watched it now! The animation looks good! LOVED Kobato’s voice =D Can’t say the same for Ioryogi’s (sounds just like Kurogane).

The anime starts on October 6.

Thanks clamp_now for the info!


73 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime PV

      • Everyone is like Blah Kurogane sounds like he’s talking Igiroshi’a lines (which i can’t spell) and I agree it does, but I think we’ll grow to accept the voice with time. I NEVER thought he’d have a deep voice from reading the manga…except when he was blowing fire and looking GRRRR I EAT YOU. And Kobato sounds really young, but I’m here for the animation aspect which is the first thing I ever look at with anything anime/manga related. Are the characters and their surroundings well put together and it looks like it is. I can’t say ANYTHING about the song, it’s too short of a clip. But like i said this looks like a good anime with better work put into it than Tsubasa.

        For some reason beyond my current understanding it reminded me of CCS. >.>;;; no clue why.


  1. Oh god I hate the voices. The animation is good and it LOOKS awesome, but jesus christ Ioryogi sounds nothing like I’d imagined him and Kobato sounds way too high-pitched ;;; fjdsgkl

    ahhh I hope it’ll be better in the actual series orz


  2. This is truly everything i dreamed it would be. The adaptation looks so colorful and alive, i love it. As expected, Hanazawa Kana fits Kobato nicely, and Inada Tetsu for Ioryogi is just genius. =P

    Oh god i can’t wait for this.


  3. Kobato´s voice is WAY too high pitched!!
    Animation is very pretty though. Song looks decent but nothing amazing.
    We´ll see 😉


  4. The animation is the prettiest thing EVER!! B- but Ioryogi’s voice… It’s too Kurogane for me, it feels like he’s dubbing it ;;;

    Kobato sounded a bit too hysterical, maybe? I like her voice, but I don’t want her to sound like that in the series, I want her to be calmer… she never gave me a hysterical feeling in the manga, except for a few moments (in which I still imagined it to sound different).

    I hope it’ll be better when we can see the chapter though, I still keep my hopes high!


    • Ioryogi as Kurogane is ewwww to me. I was hoping Inada Tetsu would sound a little different. (I haven’t watched the video yet, btw).

      I’m worried about the cast now….

      And Chitose, I’m fearing she will have such a DEEP and depressive voice (I mean, her voice actress dubbed X!Satsuki and Chobits!Minoru !!!)


  5. The colors and backgrounds are beaaaautiful. All of the preview looks like it’s taken place in the Exams, by the way. No shots of Fujimoto or Sayaka. 8(

    Ioryogi-san’s voice makes me giggle uncontrollably. I actually think Hanazawa fits Kobato’s well. She’s kind of screeching in the beginning and talks very fast (it is only thirty seconds to say it all in, after all) but about halfway through you start hearing her in a more normal voice. XD I’ll save my real impression for her when we see the full episodes.

    Actually, now that I’ve watched it about twenty times in a row both voices have grown on me quite a bit. 8D;


    • Everybody is saying good things about the animation quality =)

      Actually, now that I’ve watched it about twenty times in a row both voices have grown on me quite a bit. 8D;

      Glad to hear that! =D


  6. I’ve heard Inada Tetsu in a lot of roles, though i don’t think really Kurogane straight away when hearing him in this preview. I can’t blame you guys for thinking that though, i mean it doesn’t help that he is using his angry Kurogane voice, and Ioryogi is angry about 80% of the time. :3


  7. The animation is great, but Kobato’s voice is kind of screechy. More optimistically, though, I think it could turn out to be a hilarious contrast with her normal voice (provided that Kana Hanazawa manages to calm herself down).

    If only Ms. Ohkawa was able to get her yoga teacher signed up for the anime!


  8. Aww, I think she sounds cute! ^^

    She does sound a liiitle too high-pitched, and I agree with whoever said that I imagine her to sound calmer (she sounds like she’s freaking out o-o), but this could just be the clips they chose. Hopefully the VA can pick up her calmer side too. ^^

    I DO hear Kurogane a bit too. XD


    • Yeah, it is the clips they chose. They are all the flaillll-get-points-clips, that lol, sound a little over-pitched, but i think the seiyuu herself is not bad at all.


  9. I read all of the previous comments, and while I agree her voice is a little high pitched it is a thirty second video. VAs tend to speed through them and don’t always sound the way they should. I’m going to hold off judgment on the voices until I see an episode. :3 Can’t wait to hear Fujimoto.

    The animation, though, looks absolutely beautiful. *__* I can’t wait!


  10. Olá, Chibiyuuto! :D/

    As far as I can see, the animation is lovely, but as I’m at work, I can’t turn on the volume, so I don’t know what to say about the seiyuus. XD;;;

    But yes, I can’t wait!!!

    Thanks for linking!


  11. its the prettiest preview i ever watched… until now.
    I want this anime sooo bad!!!
    Well with the voices, i didin’t liked kobato’s voice at the begginning, but, when she said “hai” i started to like it =O, and with ioryogi’s voice, well, i like it =O

    thanks chibiyuuto-san!


  12. Oh, sooooooo pretty!!!

    Ioryogi sounds…weird. I don’t think he sounds too much like Kurogane, though. I think he’s trying too much to put a growl into his voice.

    Kobato’s VA sounds overexcited. But then this is basically an advert, so of course she sounds like she’s trying to sell a pitch. I’m sure she’ll be a little calmer in the show. Although, it’s a good voice for her panicky spaz attacks!

    I can’t wait for this anime!!!


  13. The characters are drawn beautifully ! Although I’m not a Kobato fan, but when the series out, I’ll give it a shot as it’s from CLAMP !

    Anyway, that blue plushie-dog’s (dont know the name) voice sounds strange, even though I know its the same as Kurogane of Tsubasa ! If the voice actor is the same of Kon from Bleach then it should be funny. ^_^


  14. *O*

    Simply cute and wonderful! *O* Kobato’s voice is really kawaii *O* But, as you said, the Ioryogi’s voice wasn’t very good >.< Even so, it will be great!!! *O*


  15. Totally love it! But I think that Kurogane’s voice is just a liiiittle too low for Ioryogi. Kobato’s reminds me of Sakura’s! I’m so glad that this actually LOOKS like it was from CLAMP coughtsubasacough.


  16. Gah, I’m not too happy with the voices but I suppose it’ll grow on me. It’s like how I never liked Sakura’s voice in TRC, but it eventually grew on me.

    Can’t wait for the anime


  17. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD *jumps around uncontrollably*

    sorry for the overreaction. XD i was watching a horror tv show while watching this. 😛 that is awesome! i can’t wait! >.< at first, i thought Kobato's voice is lil screechy and raspy, but then when her normal voice showed up, i quickly let that pass. XD (but i still wanna know wat that yoga teacher sounds like…) ioryogi's voice is starting to grow on me and he's becoming satisfying, to me. ^^

    yay! i can hear Sakamoto-san's song in the back. it sound so upbeat and lively. 😀 very much like kobato. the animation looks so cute and beautiful.


  18. omg your right. He sounds like Kurogane… o.o Not sure if it’s good or bad though…except everytime I hear it in the clip I imagine Kuro=pon in Tokyo in that scene where he talks to Fai XD

    LOVED the song in the background ^^ The animation looks great, too! 😀 Can’t wait! I’m so gona watch it without subs ^^


  19. thanks for upload video!
    But the voice of Ioryogi it not like I image, i think it will be more like “cute” voice of stuff animals and kobato’s voice too
    Although, I still look forward about it


    • He’s an actor you cant say that just because you saw him before

      LOVE IT

      I hope the anime doesn’t end up like in tsubasa where they just made up stuff just because they didnt know what happened next – I hope they do it like they did X.

      Cant wait to see the episodes



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