Kamigami no Utatane cover

Here is the cover (drawn by CLAMP) of the book version of Kamigami no Utatane, the fantasy novel by Atsuko Asano serialized in Animedia magazine:

I think it’s beautiful! Just a reminder that the final two chapters of the book also have illustrations by CLAMP.

The book will be released on September 29.

Kobato. TV Anime PV

A 30-seconds preview of the Kobato. TV Anime is up at Kadokawa’s YouTube channel!

And I can’t watch it right now XDDD Is it pretty, tell me, is it pretty? LOL! Okay, I watched it now! The animation looks good! LOVED Kobato’s voice =D Can’t say the same for Ioryogi’s (sounds just like Kurogane).

The anime starts on October 6.

Thanks clamp_now for the info!

Download: Shiritsu Holitsuba Gakuen #4 Drama CD (Updated)

The audio of the 4th Shiritsu Holitsuba Gakuen Drama CD has been posted over at the clamp_now community =D

The post is f-locked so I’ll be posting the download link here (special thanks to la_vie_noire for finding the audio and sei_mikoto for MP3 conversion).

Update: Rough translation can be found here.