Kamigami no Utatane cover

Here is the cover (drawn by CLAMP) of the book version of Kamigami no Utatane, the fantasy novel by Atsuko Asano serialized in Animedia magazine:

I think it’s beautiful! Just a reminder that the final two chapters of the book also have illustrations by CLAMP.

The book will be released on September 29.


36 thoughts on “Kamigami no Utatane cover

  1. Gorgeous work. :wonders about the elf character: Yay purple eyes.

    Let’s see… Kamigami no utatane. I know that kamigami is gods and no is possessive. But what does utatane mean? :is very curious now:

    The obi says (I think): Asano Atsuko’s writings: The gods, on a whim, a little kindness.


  2. So Clampy yet so different, I loved the style… Sometimes I want that they make something with a different drawing lioke this one. Absolutely Gorgeous, loved this cover.


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