Kobato. TV Anime Opening Theme (Updated)

Here is Magic Number by Maaya Sakamoto, the opening theme song for the Kobato. TV Anime. It was taken from Maaya’s radio show.

Thank you haruko_chan1995 for letting me know about this! =D

I really liked the song and I think it suits Kobato. a lot =D

Update: MP3 download thanks to syaoranmew.


33 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime Opening Theme (Updated)

  1. Maaya will forever be associated with CLAMP now! I love this song, it’s fantastic. I only know bits of the Kobato storyline, but the sound of this song sure sounds like it fits!

    I can’t wait :3


  2. it’s soooo adorable! i’m looking forward to see how the opening is gonna look like. 😀 oh gawd, it’s gonna be so lively and adorable. X’D

    thankies for you and haruko_chan1995-san to post this~!


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