Kobato. TV Anime news (Updated)

NHK-BS2 aired today a small segment introducing the anime of Kobato. Here are some screencaps of it (taken from 2ch. Most of them we saw from the PV but some are new).

I’m trying to find the video but so success so far xD

Also, the title of Episode 1 will be Wishing Girl… (願う少女…). Apparently, this episode’s script was written by Nanase Ohkawa, but I’m still checking on that. I really hope that turns out to be the case =)

The anime series debuts on October 6.

Update: The full video is up on YouTube!


15 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime news (Updated)

  1. *Wants video!*

    If everything from the CM was from the first episode, they’ll be mixing many of her exams in one chapter, right? I hope it’s true Ohkawa wrote the script, then we can be assured it’ll be great.


    • Yeah, I hope not! We’ve seen the story with the crows, the natto and grandma. She is wearing the same clothes in the natto and the grandma one, so I think they will be mixing these two into one =/

      But maybe we could have all 3 into one (part A, the crows and part B, natto + grandma)


      • I don’t mind if they mix the exams. I like them a lot, but I want them to move into the main plot soon ♥ It’s a bit sad we won’t get to see many of Kobato’s dresses though, I loved her coat for the Christmas chapter.


        • Yeah, they are like 14 pages, right? I don’t know if they can make 25-minutes episode out of them individually xD They will probably mix them, I just hope it won’t be too rushed or something.

          I wonder about the Christmas episode too, I think they will move it to Christmas time =)


  2. As i thought, looks like the first episode will go over the Exam material from the manga. Do wonder how long that will last, and how long it’ll take for the supporting cast to appear.


  3. I must say that it looks just way toooo nice *-*
    Makes me feel so haapy about it, Kobato’s voice is so cute and tender *-*
    But Kurogane’s voice is so like… Kurogane xD Seems like he didn’t try to make it fit for Ioryogi, too bad T_T
    Thanks for the news as allways Chibiyuuto-kun!!!



  4. Does anyone know what the cat-box and the low-fat milk carton are supposed to be? Kobato wants you to drink your milk, so you can grow up healthy, strong, and osteoporosis-free!

    Anyway, the screencaps we have thus far look great.


  5. The music sounds wonderful! I think they probably want to start on the main story quickly. Remember how during the natto story Fujimoto was introduced? I bet they’ll want him in almost every episode. The second episode will probably introduce Sayaka with the valentines story. I just hope they blend everything well so it doesn’t feel rushed.

    btw, what was with those… neko-mimi mode milk cartons…???


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