Debut episode of Kobato. TV Anime scripted by Ohkawa

Nanase Ohkawa confirmed today through her latest message posted in CLAMP-NET.COM that the script for the debut episode of the Kobato. TV Anime was written by her.

As reported in my previous post, the title of Episode 1 will be Wishing Girl… (願う少女…).

The anime starts on October 6.

Great news! I just hope this won’t be the only episode she writes for.

15 thoughts on “Debut episode of Kobato. TV Anime scripted by Ohkawa

    • Me too!!! My expectations are very high =) My only disappointment so far is that Ohkawa is not writing as much scripts as I thought she would be XD

      I want her to work work work, poor woman XD


  1. that’s great! ohkawa’s always the best out the other directors. 😀 i don’t know how busy CLAMP-sama is, but since tsubasa’s ending soon and it looks like xxxholic is having a new arc, it should give them some time to go over the anime. 🙂


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