Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 67

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This month we got ourselves a stunning color illustration featuring the two Mirror cards. Their positions are, obviously, mirrored. Love the gradient in their hair. I might be wrong but I think this is the first time we see a card in its “original” form in a color illustration? Not counting the times Sakura is using a card such as The Fly or FLIGHT, given that those times the cards were being used and not on their “original” form. That’s how important these two cards are.

We are taken back to Syaoran and The Mirror, which seem to be in a different place than “Sakura” (or Alice), The Cat and Akiho (the Red Queen). Mirror tells Syaoran that they are at the “edge” of that world because Syaoran was able to realize that there was a spell in Mirror and that realization prevented him from being kicked out of that world. This part is still quite confusing to me, to be honest. I didn’t really understand how this all happened. The overall continuity of the last few chapters is quite confusing. I know sometimes it is meant to be confusing, but it’s not so nice when it affects the reading experience.

The FLIGHT card helps Syaoran to stay floating/flying mid-air and the explanation given is that Sakura once used MIRROR to make a copy of FLIGHT and since the card likes Sakura so much, it trusts Syaoran because it can sense how much he cares for its master, so it decided to help him.

Then, there is a nice nod from CLAMP which I really appreciate regarding Syaoran recognizing that if he was more experienced and skilled, he would have known that The Mirror was disguised as Sakura. I really appreciate that because when it happened, it came across as odd to me that Syaoran did not realize it beforehand. Sure, it was a situation where he was under a lot of stress, but that did not sit well with me and here, a few chapters later, we have CLAMP making an additional statement to that and I think suffices. I like to know that had Syaoran been more experienced and skilled, this trick would probably not have worked. I can move on from that now.

Syaoran reveals that all the other Sakura cards are gone and Mirror tells him they are not allowed in this word. “She” could only get inside it because Kaito made it possible.

Then, Syaoran and Mirror are set to go after Sakura (Mirror personally asked to go with him).

Then we are shown to the scene where Chapter 66 ended, at the Red Queen castle. Here, “Alice” goes a little off character and screams “Aki-” in surprise after seeing Akiho as the Red Queen. It seems like a stream of memories hit her, but it goes away as quick as it came, and she is quickly back in character as “Alice”, prompted by The Cat, that reminds her that she is Alice.

The Red Queen invites Alice to come with her as she will show her Clockland. Their first stop is a Botanical Garden, much similar to the one where Sakura and Syaoran and Akiho and Kaito once went.

The Cat watches everything from a privileged seat, from a distance. We learn from Momo, who is speaking through the book, that this world is a combination of memories from Sakura, Akiho and Kaito, and it’s revealed that Kaito had been playing the Cat role for a little while. The “switch” happened moments before Syaoran grabbed The Mirror’s hand and realized it wasn’t Sakura. More precisely: after the “blackness” that took over in Chapter 65, Syaoran was given The Mirror as a copy of Sakura and the real Sakura was sent to Kaito, who had used MIRROR (Clear Card) to copy Syaoran’s appearance.

Sooooo, that’s why Kaito stole the two Mirror cards: he used one (The Mirror) to make a copy of Sakura and the other one (MIRROR) to make a copy of Syaoran — but still being Kaito. This is a bit confusing to me as well. We know The Mirror has its own personality and even when it’s a copy of something, The Mirror is still the “personality” behind it. However, what we are seeing here is that it’s Kaito behind the copy of MIRROR. This is a significantly different behavior.

Anyway, we can scratch off yet another item from the list of mysteries to be solved!

Outside, Yukito decides to switch places with Yue, whom then asks Nakuru to do the same with Ruby Moon, so as to potentialize Yukito’s power. Once again, CLAMP are making sure that every single character becomes relevant to this arc.

The chapter ends with a milestone: Touya calling Syaoran by his full name for the very first time! Talk about character development… It only took him 12 + 13 volumes ˆˆ”

We’re getting there! Only a few more chapters left before the conclusion!

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

28 pages for the second chapter of volume 14! 57 pages for volume 14 (the last one) so far!

Chapter 68 will come out on November 29th!


5 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 67

  1. Hmm…very interesting color spread. The crystal stat in the middle of the color spread reminds me of Kamui in Kakyo’s vision. The world is a mirror, what we saw is only a self reflection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s definitely not just you… I’m finding a bit boring as well. Well, it’s almost over so maybe now we will be getting the big revelations.


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