Kobato. at Tokyo Anime Fair 2009

Here are some pictures I was able to find displaying the Kobato. TV Anime at this year’s Tokyo Anime Fair, that took place during this weekend.

Click to enlarge it.

Click to enlarge it.

And this one that I was not able to find in bigger size:

The only new illustration seems to be the one used for Kobato paper doll, which was displayed in more than one place, it seems xD

Apparently there were some goods too:

One thing worth mentioning is that Kobato. was part of both Kadokawa and KLOCKWORX booths. Could this mean that KLOCKWORX is going to be the distributor of the Kobato. TV anime? Stay tuned for any confirmations =)

Aaaaand, I noticed the other day that I broke the inspiring mark of 1000 friends! Waaaah~! *0*

That’s a big achievement for me, I’m very happy and grateful. Thank you so much everyone who has “subscribed” to this journal, thank you for allowing me in your friends lists! *bows*

And please continue your favors towards this journal! ^__^

29 thoughts on “Kobato. at Tokyo Anime Fair 2009

    • I’m having so much faith in this anime. I don’t remember this sort of early promotion for neither Tsubasa nor XXXHOLiC animes, hopefully this will be a high-budget production =D


  1. Kobato looks so cute! X3

    Huzzah for 1000 friends! Thank you for your hard work in bringing such regular, detailed updates about the CLAMP world. I really enjoy reading your comments about new chapters and interviews ♥


  2. Congratulations on the 1000 friends!

    And thank you for the pictures of the event.

    Question, have we seen that image that is in the background of the 3rd photograph? I would love to see all of it if we have, because somewhere i do believe I missed it.


  3. wow!!!! 1000 friends!!
    No,Thank you!!, i’m happy to have on my friend list ^_^!!

    a kyaaaaaaaaaa KObatoooooo, when the anime comes out??, i want it already! :O


  4. Roger

    Thanks for the news, Ohh Im really exited about this anime, cant wait to see it
    And Conrats about the 1000 friends!


  5. *gasp* 1000?! you are like a CLAMP fan magnet! XD CONGRATS!

    …me want the paper doll… ;_; i wanna hug it! can i just at least poke it…? fjaekl! XD

    thanks for the news! this is totally worth telling my “not-an-anime-freak” friends at my place! XD


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