Satsuki Igarashi Q&A – CLAMP NEWS 2 (December/1990)



Q1 : What do other CLAMP members usually call you?

A : Satsuki, Sarusaru, Rasshii (somehow they morphed ‘Igarashi’ into that before I knew what was happening…) and sometimes I’m also given seasonal nicknames. There’s a lot of them.

Q2 : What sort of club activities did you do in junior high and high school?

A : I was with the reputedly ‘gloomy’ table tennis club in junior high, but I had some issues with it and quit after a while. Then I became one of those students who just went home after classes. I got into the astronomy club in high school, which was a bit odd for a club in an all-girls’ school (or so I’d like to think). I joined them because I sincerely loved the stars, but as it happens, that was where I had my fated meeting with several other CLAMP members (Mick Nekoi and Mokona Apapa)…

Q3 : What do you recall when you think of your birthplace, the Shiga prefecture?

A : Lake Biwa, the Michigan (a famous cruise ship on Lake Biwa), black bass.

Q4 : Any recent books, TV series or video releases you want to recommend?

A : I haven’t read anything I can recommend lately… so I’ll go with my all-time favourite books instead. I’d like everyone to read Michael Ende’s Momo and Neverending Story if they have the time! (Both have been films, but I prefer the book version.)

Q5 : Which of CLAMP’s commercialized works is your favourite?

A : Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon and Tokyo Babylon.

Q6 : What has captured your interest the most lately?

A : Winter skiing and those Shanghai crabs they showed on TV recently.

Q7 : Can you write us something for each of the other 5 CLAMP members?

A :

Tama-sensei : Are you doing well? It must be tough to be by yourself in Osaka, but please do your best. And take care of your health, okay?

Nanase-chan : Are you getting enough sleep at night? Please make sure that you eat properly. Don’t pile so much work on yourself that you’d get sick.

Leeza-san : The weather is still so chilly and I heard that you caught a cold… please, take care of yourself.

Mii-san : You’re becoming so beautiful lately, we’re getting left behind in the dust. Don’t you dare forget to call us to your wedding when you become a bride ahead of us all. (I shall expose all your dirty deeds, just wait for it.)

Mo-san : Let me grant thee a mission, thou of no exercise. From this day henceforth thou shall venture out to retrieve thine evening papers every day! Look, I know it’s difficult for you to find the time to go out because of the manuscript work, but try to get some outside air sometimes, okay?

Q8 : Are there any restaurants or dishes you’d recommend in the Kansai area?

A : I… um, haven’t gone back home much lately, so… first, there’s the omurice they sell in the cafeteria on the B1 floor of the Nakanoshima City Hall. And in Doujima… there’s a place called Mujika on the B1 floor of I guess the Yomiuri Hall (?) that has some really great cocoa. For tea, there’s also the Hakutoukyo[1] on the B1 floor of the Hilton Hotel.

Q9 : Any places you can recommend in Tokyo?

A : The tea shop on (I think) the 6th floor of the Seibu department store at Ikebukuro (…I forgot what the shop’s name is). A restaurant called NESPA on the east exit of Ikebukuro JR Station, on the second floor by the View Plaza service counter. I love their rice & steak bowl and their shrimp gyouza.

Q10 : Can you tell us any favourite brands of cosmetics, perfume, or shampoo?

A : As far as cosmetics go, I was using the Tifa series before but I’ve largely turned into a secret agent for IPSA since. No special favourites for perfume but I do like a lot of scents, like Chanel’s Coco, Shiseido’s SASO and Tentatrice, or Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit. I also like the ‘incense’ that the readers sent to us (to CLAMP members, that is) and I’ve been using them a lot. As for shampoo, I’m using FAY right now but there’s no brand that I ‘can’t live without’, so to speak. (The main reason I bought FAY was because I liked the package, you see…)

Q11 : You’re the only one who regularly wears piercings in CLAMP. Why did you decide get your ears pierced?

A : It just sort of happened. (The thought crossed my mind one day, and I went to see the doctor for it right on that same day.)

Q12 : Which Shoten original character do you like more, Okiya Shougo-kun or Motohashi Yuu-kun?

A : Shougo, absolutely. I can’t say I usually ‘like’ my own characters that much, but strangely enough, I adore Shougo. It’s the way he always seeks out his own happiness, and nothing else. (The other CLAMP members say that Yuu is like my rational self, while Shougo is my true self… b-but I’m not as off my rockers as he is! …Or so I think…)

Q13 : You seem to enjoy sports. Which sport are you the best at? Anything you want to try out in the future?

A : I can’t say I’m especially good at it, but I have some years’ worth of experience with skiing, at least (10 years). I enjoy skating, too. As far as the future goes, I’d like to try out paragliding, horseback riding and skydiving. I also went scuba diving once last year, and would love to try it again if I could.

Q14 : What do you want to wear at your wedding, a wedding dress or a bridal kimono?

A : Both seem uncomfortable, so I’d wear my everyday clothes if I could… but if I really have to pick, then I guess the wedding dress. (Depending on the design, it looks like it could be a bit more comfortable than a kimono…)

Q15 : What word processor[2] do you use?

A : Toshiba’s Rupo. Its name is ‘Shougo’. It’s been misbehaving lately, and I don’t know if the fault lies with the name or with me…

Q16 : Please tell us the best dishes you make.

A : Curry, potato salad… I can make most of the stuff our members want to eat (kind of, at least). I hate vegetables, though, so I don’t have many of those dishes in my repertoire. (You can survive to 20 without eating any vegetables at all!)

Q17 : What is your favourite brand of clothing?

A : I’ll wear anything if I like the design. Going by what I have on hand, here’s Nicole, there’s Comme Ca Du Mode, there’s Nice Clup[3] [sic]… most of my things just have no brands at all. Right now I also find things like Junior GAULTIER, Tsumori Chisato and Viva You pretty attractive, I guess.

 Q18 : Your favourite color?

A : Black, white, dark green, crimson tones of red.

Q19 : Favourite flower?

A : Showy Baby’s Breath. Tulip. Sakura and wisteria, too. Oh… and I also love thistles.

Q20 : What kind of present makes you happy?

A : Things that have a real use (seasonings for cooking, canned food… wow, my brain really just revolves around food…)

Q21 : What have you been emotionally moved by lately?

A : My brain has turned into complete mush, so like the ‘idiot’ that I am, I… can’t remember. Maybe the lightning I saw in the summer. It happened at night, but I was dazedly watching it for a long, long time.

Q22 : If you could pick one CLAMP character for a husband, who would you choose?

A : Bishamonten. A good husband is one that is healthy, and away often.

Q23 : If you could pick one CLAMP character for a boyfriend, who would you choose?

A : Sakurazukamori Seishirou. I like how mean-spirited he seems. (Am I the only one who thinks that he looks kind of intimidating when you pose him solo?) He looks like the sort to spend time clowning around with me, too…

Q24 : If you could become one CLAMP character, who would you choose?

A : Sumeragi Hokuto. She doesn’t look like she’ll ever lose to anyone. For the same reason, I think Ohkawa Utako, her sister or the Ijuuin mothers might be nice, too.

Q25 : Please tell us who your most beloved fictional character is up to now.

A : 009 from Cyborg 009 and Kid from Ginga Senpuu Baiger. (I have a bias for Kid, though.)

Q26 : What would you call your ‘treasure’?

A : It feels like I have one and don’t have one at the same time… I guess you could say that my family, my friends and my relationships are ‘precious’ to me.

Q27 : What did you want to be when you were young?

A : Like most other kids, I think I wanted to be a stewardess or a ballerina when I was young… then when I reached a certain age, I wanted to be a schoolteacher. For math or social studies, even.

Q28 : Can you tell us what kind of person your ideal man is?

A : This is less ‘ideal’ than ‘it’d be nice if this happens’, but… someone who’s taller than me, someone who would spend time doing fun things with me and let me do things that I enjoy. Someone who could catch up to my impulsive fancies. If someone like that exists, I wouldn’t want anything more.

Q29 : What comes to mind when you think of CLAMP?

A : The first time I met the other CLAMP members as a student. (I was in high school…) The whirlwind of running around attending vocational schools.

Q30 : Please give us a message for the readers of CLAMP Newspaper!

A : Hello, this is Igarashi Satsuki. I’ve made quite a bit of a ruckus in the pages lately. I’m not that ‘weird’, though, so please don’t get the wrong idea… and please continue to support us here at CLAMP from now on, too.


Translated from Japanese by ET.



[1] I’m actually not sure if I’ve got the reading for that Hilton Hotel restaurant correctly. It’s a bit of an unconventional name.

[2] Word processor in this case doesn’t refer to word processing software as we know it, but word processor machines used solely for the task in the 1980’s. This was before computers got capable enough or affordable enough for modern word processing software to make its mark on the market.

[3] It’s actually Nice Claup.



This Q&A was originally published in CLAMP NEWS 2, released in December 1990. Original scans available upon request.


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