CLAMP to draw illustrations for two upcoming mystery novels by Aki Nakamura

Cover of "Logic Lock Festival" (2013). Aki Nakamura's debut novel illustrated by CLAMP. © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 星海社

Cover of “Logic Lock Festival” (2013). Aki Nakamura’s debut novel illustrated by CLAMP. © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 星海社

Newcomer writer Aki Nakamura is releasing two new mystery novels in November and December, both with illustrations drawn by CLAMP.

The first novel is entitled トリック・トリップ・バケーション ~Trick Trip Vacation~虹の館の殺人パーティー (Trick Trip Vacation ~ Murder Party of the Rainbow Mansion), or simply Trick Trip Vacation, and it will be released on November 17.

You can pre-order it on Amazon Japan.

The second novel is entitled ラスト・ロスト・ジュブナイル ~Last Lost Juvenile~ 交錯のパラレルワールド (Last Lost Juvenile ~ Crossing Parallel World), or simply Last Lost Juvenile, and it will be released on December 15.

You can pre-order it on Amazon Japan.

Both novels will be published by Seikaisha, under its Seikaisha FICTIONS label.

This is not the first time that CLAMP and author Aki Nakamura collaborated. Back in 2013, CLAMP drew the illustrations for Nakamura’s debut novel, Logic Lock Festival (cover on the right).

Thank you very much to Sakura84-chan for letting me know about this!

I’m excited about this! New CLAMP art is always welcome. I wonder if they will keep the same style used for Logic Lock Festival.


18 thoughts on “CLAMP to draw illustrations for two upcoming mystery novels by Aki Nakamura

  1. I actually saw them both a couple of weeks ago when I checked out CLAMP on amazon japan (that’s when I noticed that Cheerio!1 was being reprinted and sold this december~), but couldn’t tell which novels these were, thanks for the clarification ^_^

    Question: is it just the cover, or are there artworks inside the novel too?


  2. It’s not related to the above post, but I wanted to ask your opinion about something: I am aware that you usually only don’t get too involved with anime merch, but I wanted to ask you about a dilemma I have about the reprint of TV Animation Card Captor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! 1 >> I’ve actually owned it for a long time, think a decade (actually, I have all three Cheerio), but the version I have is very old (obviously…), from mid 1999, so I am doubting: reason is telling me buying twice the same thing is not a sensible thing to do, but I can’t help wondering if I might be loosing the opportunity to get a better printed version of the illustrations, considering I assume something made in 2017 should very likely be better than the one from 18 years ago @_@


    • And actually, while I was thinking of reasons to justify this purchase, you came to mind, I thought: “and yeah! the Cheerio!1-3 I have don’t have their Obi! Make sens! I was missing that!” XD

      Liked by 1 person

    • I am aware that you usually only don’t get too involved with anime merch
      LOL I love this xD

      I say buy it =) You are clearly fond of it and I think you deserve a nice copy. Even though I am not very fond of anime merch, the Cheerio artbooks are very pretty and I daresay I have thought about buying them in the past — for their quality, which is truly impressive.

      My intuition tells me you won’t regret buying it and also: who knows what kind of treatment this 2017 version will get?

      Liked by 1 person

      • hahaha You know me so well! XD

        I was trying to find someone to convince me not to do it but my mind was pretty much set already, the words “I want it!” have been dancing in my head all this time 😉

        And you are right, as you said, I really can’t imagine myself truly regretting it, the Cheerio! are truly pretty and so big! ^^
        Worst case scenario, I will either be disappointed and wonder why in the Hell is the 2017 worst than the 1999 XD XD (unlikely?), else it will be equivalent and I’ll be fine with it, or it will be better and I will be glad I took the chance ^^


        • HAHAHA I love that you came for someone who hates anime merch to try to make our mind out of it xD Maybe next time? For the Cherrio! I have to make an exception. I mean, it’s Cheerio!

          And you can always sell it if you don’t like it =) Or exchange it with another CLAMP fan for something else.


          • “hate”, I wasn’t aware it went that far ^^; I thought you preferred the original works from CLAMP and focused on that and made a conscious choice of leaving the anime goods aside haha

            Anyway! It shall all be decided in a month and a half, and I will be able to compare both versions! ^^
            Since it’s a reprint I assumed it would be the exact same, but who knows? They might change/ad something? Not artworks, I don’t think so, but an interview at the end for example? To be seen! 😀

            Thank you for talking with me about this and sharing your opinion, it was helpful! ^^


            • I don’t “hate” them, sorry. I couldn’t find a better word and went for “hate”. I “don’t care” would be better.

              And by a different treatment, I meant material-wise? Like the paper for the cover and inside pages. A lot of years have passed and technology has changed. Maybe the new print will look/feel different. But content wise it shall be the same, I think.


              • Ah sorry, it was wrong of me not to specify either: yes, when I said that a version made in 2017 should be better than one from 1999, I was indeed thinking, just like you, about how printing technology had definitely improved a lot in the past 18 years ^^


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