“Logic Lock Festival” key visual revealed

As previously announced, CLAMP will be in charge of drawing the illustrations for Nakamura Aki’s debut mystery novel called 〜Logic Lock Festival〜Tantei-goroshi Paradox.

Last weekend, the key visual of the novel’s main character was revealed on a poster signed by Nakamura Aki and CLAMP.

BWYwY4YCIAA12x8.jpg large BWYt76mCMAEI7sI.jpg large
814810650 BWWA6MECMAAxQHO.jpg large1012_CLAMP
The book will be released on November 14.I was hoping the characters would have a less teenager and more adult look.What did you think? =)


7 thoughts on ““Logic Lock Festival” key visual revealed

  1. Thanks for the news and all the photos!

    Clamp has been making many ‘single’ illustrations for tons of stuffs lately, I guess this is better than nothing at all! (since we get close to no new chapters of their on going series lately…)
    About the two characters for the novel, they both look good but, strangely, I don’t think I would have liked them if they has been announced as the protagonists of a clamp’s manga, weird feeling ^^;


    • The boy looks a lot like Syaoran and the girl has that Oni’s eyes (from GATE 7, the one that looks like Hinoto) LOL.

      I like the fact that it’s Mokona for a change (usually it’s Nekoi) and that they didn’t use CG this time.


  2. Is it just my imagination or is Clamp losing their touch? Seems nobody cares about them anymore since they finished xxHolic the first time, or is it just me? I cant even bother reading the new holic after the first 3-4 chaps…


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