CLAMP to illustrate mystery novel & more


CLAMP will be in charge of drawing the illustrations for Nakamura Aki’s debut mystery novel called 〜Logic Lock Festival〜Tantei-goroshi Paradox.

The book will be released on November 14 by publisher Seikaisha, under its Seikaisha FICTIONS label. On October 12, the book’s key visual will be revealed in a special poster signed by CLAMP and Nakamura Aki to be on display at Machi Asobi.

More info at

• XXXHOLiC Rei/Drug & Drop

On other surprising news, Drug & Drop #2 will be released on October 23, on a simultaneous release with XXXHOLiC Rei #1. Check the covers below:

dd2 xxxholic_rei1
To celebrate the simultaneous release of both works, there will be a special campaign held at the Animate shops where postcards featuring the cover illustrations will be given as a bonus to purchasers.

• Card Captor Sakura

ARIKA announced today on its Facebook page that the Card Captor Sakura and the Mysterious Card mobile game will terminate its services on December 12 of this year. The game was first introduced in December 2012 and CLAMP has been providing monthly new illustrations for this it. You can check the new illustrations that CLAMP did for the game so far in this gallery.


4 thoughts on “CLAMP to illustrate mystery novel & more

  1. Thanks for all the news! And glad seeing you posting something on your LJ account, I hope you won’t abandon it! >.<

    I was surprised to see volumes for both series, somehow, I had the feeling there weren't enough chapters for it.

    A new CCS illustration was revealed today, Halloween themed, it really looks great ^__^ I posted the pics on my LJ page, and you can also see them HERE
    Even while knowing it would all be coming to an end soon enough, I was still sad to hear about the end of the game 😦 These new artworks were the only thing always being released on time, unlike their other 3 on going series…I think Clamp should have done it one a time if the releases were going to be so messed up!


    • I don’t plan on dropping LJ anytime soon =) It’s just that lately there aren’t many news to begin with =(

      Thanks for the Halloween pic!

      I think it was your post I saw the other day wondering how long the contract would last and if it would be a 1-year contract — and it really was!

      It was fun while it lasted. It was nice to get the new pics, even if they are all cropped !


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