CLAMP-NET.COM re-opens!

CLAMP’s official website, CLAMP-NET.COM, has officially re-opened today!

The website has a “Schedule” section, listing the upcoming events and releases, and a “Blog” section, with posts from the CLAMP members.It looks very simple, content-wise, and it doesn’t fully cover all of CLAMP’s vast portfolio, focusing mainly on their main list of works. I hope the website will grow with time.

CLAMP has also launched their official Facebook page, hurray!

The new website was designed by vanillate. The clay dolls that appear throughout the website were designed by Miro-san.

So it’s finally open!! I’m looking forward to see what the website will offer us =)


17 thoughts on “CLAMP-NET.COM re-opens!

  1. It seems like CLOVER is OVER!! (They showed it as 1997-1999.)
    Only X doesn’t has the finished year…(1992-)
    How sad, I remember they said there’ll be vol. 5, a story for ιŠ€ζœˆ!


  2. Thanks for the head up!
    I’ve noticed in the book page X and Gate 7 aren’t given an ‘ending year’ which imply they’re unfinished, I guess, but Clover is. I fear we’ve no chance now for it to be continued. Pity.
    Also sad is how Gate 7 isn’t among the ongoing series if Google translate translated it correctly.


  3. Thanks for the news ^^

    The new website is indeed unbelievably simplistic compared to the previous one, which makes me wonder what did they change it at all to start with…
    That aside, there is still very little information, I was expecting at least that they would show off all the covers of the released books of their series, but there are only a few words about each one of their works…
    I hope they will expand it with time!
    And about the polymer clay figures…what a surprise! I actually downloaded a tutorial vid from youtube years ago of something designed by the same person, I thought it was just a random person doing it as a hobby, but now I know her name thanks to you ^^ Her figures are adorable~ I will try making one of the same style when I have time! (…is what I’ve been telling myself for the past years…)


    • I was disappointed with the “Database” too… I often need to check the date when a book was released, and I can’t do that anymore… oh well, let’s hope it’ll expand with time.

      The person who did the clay figures seem to be somewhat popular =)


  4. Hi there , thank you so much for the update and such an amazing journal πŸ™‚ . I have a question, have you seen the new twitter that clamp news post ? … I don’t understand anything because is in Japanese @-@ but I can tell they are talking about clover :O … Hopefully It will means good news , have you seen that post ? … Do you know what is it about ? …


      • :O ! , thanks for the information … I got excited , for a moment I thought that they will start to do clover and hopefully afterwards X … But well , fingers crossed that happens anytime soon @-@ … I’m pretty sure I will read it first on your journal anyway πŸ˜‰ , thanks a lot


  5. I think Gate 7 has more chance in being revived…I think X would be transferred to a Seinen magazine if they should continue X.


    • Theorically Clover too should have had chances to be continued as it was very close to its ending and the new chapters could have likely worked separately from the others… but CLAMP decided to declare it ended…. ;_;

      I wouldn’t really care where they would print X as long as they continue it.
      But I fear CLAMP is just waiting for an excuse to declare it will stay unfinished like they did with Clover and with many other of their works… ;_;


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