Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 17

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What a LOVELY title page! Ruby Moon is lately rocking every time she appears on a color illustration (remember the volume cover of the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary edition?). This is giving strong XXXHOLiC vibes for all the butterflies, except that if it were in XXXHOLiC, the butterflies would be a pattern in her dress, which doesn’t seem to be the case here. Very gorgeous.

Sakura is so cute talking about Rika, she sounds so excited. So, the book that she borrowed from Rika is a pop-up book of Alice in Wonderland. That’s very thoughtful of Sakura, thinking about Akiho like that. And Tomoyo as usual is so mature for not feeling jealous at all. Tomoyo’s maturity is my life goal.

Then something really bizarre happen and everyone’s roll cakes come to live. The roll cakes are friggin’ adorable, by the way. Sakura puts everyone to sleep using SNOOZE, except Tomoyo? I wonder if Sakura has such power that she can sort of *choose* who is going to be affected by the card.

Sakura uses SPIRAL for the first time to wrap all the crazy living roll cakes and secures the card, which is revealed to be called APPEAR and it’s the first card with human form. I wonder if we’ll be seeing more human-shaped cards from now on…

I am not quite sure what this card does but I’d think it life to unliving things?

Also, the fact that Sakura mentioned that she learned that word recently is very suspicious. It’s like something or someone are creating these cards on the go based on Sakura’s current life experiences.

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR

The talk between Momo and Yuna at the end of the chapter makes it look like Yuna is the one who are creating the cards. Specially how he reacted to the roll cake story that Akiho told him.

And they are trying to stop the time for the Alice in Clockland book…? Yuna can’t do it himself even though he’s a very powerful wizard (he’s ranked “D”) so he needs the cards for that. I guess it all comes down to what will happen when the book’s time runs down.

22 pages for this chapter. It’s sad but it looks like we are getting 20-pages chapters more and more recently — 97 pages for volume 4 so far.

Next chapter will be out next month!

43 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 17

  1. This chapter illustration is gorgeous !!
    I’m not a huge fan of Nakuru, but waoh ! A great Halloween treat 😉

    The chapters are half the size they were in the first manga, it’s a bit disappointing but oh well…
    At least Sakura is coming back world wide now, and that is the most exciting thing ever 😀

    I like what they do with the storyline tho…
    I hope that the book is not related to Akiho, if so, they could be trying to stop the book’s time so that Akiho won’t die or something like that 😮

    And for the cards, if Yuna is indeed creating them, maybe he wasn’t experimented enough to make human shape cards until now 🙂
    I’m hoping for more cards like this one 🙂


      • They seem on par with the Clow/Sakura Cards so far? GALE and AQUA were all violent cards, SIEGE, SPIRAL, and LABYRINTH trapped Sakura and her loved ones, and REFLECT, ACTION, and APPEAR made other things attack either themselves or Sakura. Then you’ve got RECORD and LUCID as completely passive cards, with FLIGHT being the only “friendly” card. I think Sakura had more Clow Cards that were initially violent out of her first 12, but she also had more cards that were openly friendly and helpful. The biggest difference here is that the Clow Cards’ violence was sometimes chalked up to their personalities: Sword and Shadow wanted to test Sakura, Jump was stupid and liked fighting, Flower just wanted to make flowers, etc.

        A member of the CCS Discord server mentioned that while APPEAR is the first Clear Card with a humanoid appearance, the fact that its eyes are wide open in its secured form makes it look like it’s a frozen statue. At this point, the only Clear Cards that have shown some capacity for thought are AQUA and FLIGHT, and AQUA’s “disobedience” during the REFLECT chapter might have just been a magic malfunction. This goes back to the idea that the Clear Cards aren’t really personalities unto themselves, but just magical functions. The extent to which they’re “violent” or “peaceful” might be entirely dependent on what the person making them wants to achieve. If we say Yuna’s making them, then we can see a pattern here:

        1) Cards can affect Sakura at home, or her friends’ homes, but only if they’re quiet, non-damaging cards (SIEGE, RECORD, FLIGHT, SNOOZE).
        2) Cards can affect Sakura in my home, but only the quietest, most non-damaging card of them all (LUCID), because god forbid I have to deal with any property damage.
        3) Cards can affect Sakura at school, but they need to cause enough of a commotion to take her away from class and her classmates (REFLECT, ACTION)…
        4) …until Sakura’s found a way to knock her classmates unconscious and erase their memories, in which case Cards can affect her at any time during school (APPEAR).
        5) Cards can attack Sakura while she’s in a public space at any time, provided she has somebody else with her (GALE, AQUA, SPIRAL, LABYRINTH).

        There are clearly limits to what the Clear Cards can do to Sakura, unlike the Clow Cards while they were running loose. On the other hand, the Clear Cards attack Sakura at home, during class, and in broad daylight, which was something Eriol almost never did in the comic. (I think the only time Eriol caused a daytime incident was during the school festival, and even then, he at least had the decency to let Sakura finish her conversation with Yukito first. SPIRAL just trashed Sakura’s first date before Syaoran could even finish his eggs.) It makes me wonder — if Yuna is responsible for the Clear Cards, and he really is a kind person with Sakura’s best interests at heart, how much control does he have over the situation?

        (I’m sorry for writing a whole essay, ahaha.)


        • Please, don’t apologize and essay away.

          It’s very well observed that APPEAR has its eyes wide open as opposed to the Clow Cards having all of their eyes shut. I’d bet this was intentional.

          I like the list you made pointing out to Yuna as being the creator of the cards. Out of all the characters that we know so far and that have been introduced, he is the most likely to have created them. He is powerful enough to do so (he has the “D” in his surname after all). Even if the cards seem dangerous, there is usually no one around when the card appears (ACTION) or when there are people around (like when APPEAR showed up), Sakura has enough cards to deal with them. Nobody, not even Sakura, has faced real danger with the Clear Cards up to this point.


            • Yeah, AQUA and GALE could’ve badly hurt Sakura, since she wasn’t with someone who could protect her either time (Tomoyo is a normal kid, and Kero is apparently determined to be as useless as possible this arc).

              On the other hand, while we know Sakura was never in any real danger during the Sakura Card arc, whoever’s responsible for the Clear Cards is throwing her some serious softballs here. RECORD, FLIGHT, and LUCID are her easiest captures since poor Glow back in the first arc.


              • Still, just how harmful are those cards? Some of them SEEM harmful, but we never got to see just how harmful they can be, because Sakura always secured them before that.

                Maybe they wouldn’t have cause any serious danger at all.


  2. yuna and momo are great plot devises. as soon as they appear the story moves faster, and we learn something new every time from them now too. this is definitely their story i feel.
    “I hope that the book is not related to Akiho, if so, they could be trying to stop the book’s time so that Akiho won’t die or something like that ”
    hm the stopping time for the sake of reminds me of tsubasa and holic. especially clow with yuuko.
    love love love that cover! red my all time favourite colour. and a nice little nod to Halloween.


    • The stopped time gave me strong TRC and XXXHOLiC vibes too! And I also love the scenes between Yuna and Momo. They are so short, though!


  3. 22 pages is better than 20! and somehow this chapter although short felt nicely paced . unlike with holic where it takes 3 months to finish a conversation about sake ^^;
    akiho got to make yuna something delicious. theres another small plot tied up neatly. nice going CLAMP! keep it coming.


    • 22 is definitely better than 20. I just hope they are delaying it on purpose because they want to tie the release of book 4 with something.


  4. and this the second holic style cover isnt it? the first being the one with eriol and clow. and now this one. i like how CLAMP are using darker themed covers every few chapters. it goes with the background threat of a potential really danger for sakura. which is indeed darker for ccs.

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  5. Nakuru’s looks here reminds me of the cover of the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition volume 8: red dress and black butterflies, so nice! ^^ And aww! Spinel wearing a costume, such a gentleman!

    Once again, a card capture happened at school, but I believe this is the very first time ever in which we actually see witnesses to magical events! Usually, one way or another, there was never anyone around, and they managed to avoid people, but this time around, their classmates saw everything! @_@
    I see this positively 🙂
    CLAMP are trying to diversify and make each card capture unique: one of them Syaoran helped sealing it, one of them we didn’t even know until 2 chapters later if it was a card or not, a few of them appeared inside enclosed places like Sakura’s home or Sakura’s classroom in this chapter, and most if not all appeared suddenly during the day unlike the Clow/Sakura cards which captures very often happened at night.

    Yuna appeared very likable in this chapter! From how we saw him in this few pages, it certainly doesn’t feel like he is the evil Last Boss out to kill Sakura ^^;
    Still, my original pov still prevails: him not being a ‘bad person’ doesn’t mean much if he is ultimately ready to do anything to get/protect what he wants/cherishes, even if it pains him to do so…
    But well!
    I won’t think about this right now, I just liked his reaction to Akiho and how he started laughing thinking about Sakura’s predicament haha~
    I’d usually try not to point fingers at Tomoyo, since she is such a darling character to me, which is why… I SHALL BLAME IT ALL ON OHKAWA! >> Please, mean Lady, stop interrupting SxS moments by having Tomoyo take a picture or video of them!
    It’s extremely frustrating, because us, the readers, don’t actually get to see anything, we see the ‘aftermath’ of the scene. In this chapter, Sakura and Syaoran were holding hands, but all we saw is the two of them letting go. Tomoyo is the only one who actually witnessed and recorded that moment.
    I would be deadly impressed if the publishers/editors/CLAMP ever decide to actually draw all these scenes that we ‘missed’ and which only Tomoyo’s camera has witnessed, that would be the greatest gift ever for the fans! Make that into the extra content of a special edition XD


    • Nakuru’s looks here reminds me of the cover of the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition volume 8: red dress and black butterflies, so nice! ^^ And aww! Spinel wearing a costume, such a gentleman!
      True. This is such a spin off of that illustration ^^

      Usually, one way or another, there was never anyone around, and they managed to avoid people, but this time around, their classmates saw everything! @_@
      Yeah, and I credit that to the fact that their original creator (Yuna <- my theory) is still around. He can manipulate when and where the cards ought to be appear. There was no one around when ACTION appeared, but Sakura was still short on cards back then. This time she had SNOOZE and plenty other cards to use in order to deal with this new card so I guess that's why APPEAR appeared during a class. It's not like the Clow cards where its creators was dead (or, say, too far like Eriol was) to control where they would appear. So they appeared at random times, with or without witnesses.

      I just liked his reaction to Akiho and how he started laughing thinking about Sakura’s predicament
      Right, he’s probably thinking “what have I done?”

      And I’m afraid Tomoyo is still going to be used as comic relief (or is it frustration builder?) for a while. Eventually Sakura and Syaoran will get their private moment, though.


  6. I second everyone, this title page is fabulous. ^_^
    It’s the first decent image of Nakuru for the whole new series, I hope we will see more of her and her partners in the coming chapters.

    So Rika’s book was about Alice in Wonderland, makes sense.

    The cakes look so good, I wish I was this good at it myself. ^^;

    About Tomoyo staying awake, even though Sakura explicitly said “mina”, everyone, is to fall asleep, I though it was weird too. But is it?
    We haven’t seen a lot of SNOOZE, there wasn’t this kind of card in the first manga series, but let’s give a quick look at the anime episode where Sakura use THE SLEEP;

    22 – Tomoyo fall asleep, even Kero-chan, but the card is acting on her own.
    35 – Tomoyo fall asleep, but not Kero-chan, Sakura just said “Sleep!”
    45 – Yukito fall asleep, but not Tomoyo, even though she’s standing next to him. Kaho doesn’t fall asleep either. Again Sakura just say “Sleep!”
    56 – When Sakura transform THE SLEEP, she just say “Sleep!”, both Tomoyo and Kero-chan stay awake.

    All these episodes were written by Ohkawa, except for the 22. There really may be something to it. Maybe Tomoyo is developing magic resistance, if not proper magic for herself. Or Sakura is unconsciously guiding the magic so Tomoyo stay awake. Or both could be happening together. Well, if Tomoyo manage to enter into SIEGE on her own, will know she is slowly developing magic power. ^^

    Anyway, here’s come the 12th card. At the end of tankoubon 4 of each first series, she would have 15 cards, she’s still 3 cards behind. But like you said, there may be another chapter in book 4, or else, a lot of new pages. Which remind me of Gate 7, where the first two tankoubon has 4 chapters each, while the third is made of 7 chapters which are make to look like 5, with some more pages here and there. Or it could be more like the final books of the first Sakura series, where it feels like Ohkawa made longer the last to chapter of tankoubon 11, so she could push the conclusion chapter to the 12th and fill with romance stuff all the way to the movie.

    If this new series was to have 6 books, with anime airing from January to June, maybe the vibe is so good, with the previous movies, re-airing of the old anime, selling of the new manga series, etc. that they are already planing for a movie this summer and Ohkawa is changing the pace instead of adding a 7th book. anyway, we’ll see in the coming months.

    Sakura just recently learn the name of the card, coincidence? Or maybe Momo reported it to Yuna. Is Akiho even attending the English classes, she must be far better than the teacher. ^^;

    Xiaolang who comes for the glorious final. And Tomoyo which is breaking the romantic vibe with her photos. ^^;

    Back home, Akiho gives the cake to Yuna, who seems to appreciate it. When he hear about Sakura apologizing over the the lost of cake decorations,
    even though her classmates had no clue she was behind it, Yuna genuinely laughed. Hard to tell whether he appreciate the absurd humor or if he enjoy messing with Sakura’s life… Akiho likes to see him laugh, anyway, and ask for more. It remind me of Fay who was asked to smile more.

    And Akiho left, so Momo get rid of the facade. Having just rewatched episode 56 of the anime series, I want to see an episode with Kero, Suppi and Momo together. xD

    The last page look straight out of X, with the gears, the dark color and heavy atmosphere. I want more X, I want more X now! T_T

    So the new cards were created, probably by Yuna, to stop the time from the book. Since he can’t do it himself, he probably want Sakura to do it. Are the cards carefully planned to help Sakura in the final fight? Or did he simply erase the Sakura Card and Sakura is creating new cards on her own?

    As for stopped time, it reminds of Tsubasa, but also Kobato, who had her time stopped to go on earth with Ioryogi. Is the book a timing bomb? Will Akiho be devoured by it? Who created the book?


    • Nakuru looks gorgeous but as everyone else in this new series, she looks a little younger xD

      Hummm I don’t think Tomoyo is developing magical powers. It would seem to me that Sakura can determine that Tomoyo won’t be affected by SNOOZE.

      There is going to be more chapters for book 4 for sure. We’re only slighly halfway over it.

      Or maybe Momo reported it to Yuna
      Yeah, good thinking! I was wondering how did Yuna spy on Sakura. Surely he is a powerful magician and could do it on his own, but Momo could be doing that role as spy as well!

      It remind me of Fay who was asked to smile more.
      Yuna and Fye are very similar!

      So the new cards were created, probably by Yuna, to stop the time from the book. Since he can’t do it himself, he probably want Sakura to do it.
      Yeah, possibly something EVIL will happen with the book that Sakura will have to stop its time and then Yuna’s plan is achieved.

      CLAMP have used a lot of that “stopped time” plot device for the past decade. It needs to go.


  7. I brought this up on the CCS server, but I thought I’d bring it up here too to get your opinion!

    You know how quartz clocks work? They use oscillators regulated by crystals. When voltage is applied to a quartz crystal and then removed, the crystal will generate its own voltage while oscillating at a precise frequency, allowing it to drive the motor powering the gears of the clock with regularly-timed electric pulses.

    We’ve been referring to the main Clear Card motif mostly as “ice” and “glass,” but what if it’s actually “crystals?” In this case, Sakura and the Clear Cards would be the crystals Yuna’s seeking to regulate time.


    • This is a very, very clever idea.

      However, as compelling as it is, I can’t brush away the fact that these Clear Card color illustrations, tankoubon cover 1 and 3, title page of chapters 5, 8, 9 and 11 look exactly like the title page of tankoubon 4, 7 and 12 and title page from chapters 117 and 150 from Tsubasa, which is undoubtedly, ice. Plus transparent quartz doesn’t a really have a hue, but ice sure a has blue hue.

      I would guess, in this world post Frozen, ice is a girly thing.


    • In the same line of thought, I compared the fragment in Sakura’s dreams and those floating around it the fight against Ashura-Oh in Tsubasa, they both have about the same design. So, it really seems like it’s the way Mokona draw ice…


      • But seriously speaking, though, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between Mokona’s depictions of crystals and ice? The key distinction here is that one theme has some relevance to what we’ve seen in Clear Card Arc so far, and even ties some of the other themes together. “Ice” doesn’t really fit in with “gears” and “clocks” (unless we take the idea of “freezing” time very literally, and that’s not even the word Momo uses in Japanese). Crystals, gears, and clocks *do* have a shared theme, and they even cast some of the stranger Clear Cards in a different light (AQUA as water clock, SNOOZE as snooze button, etc.).

        We could point to the D. in Yuna’s name as evidence for the idea that Celes will somehow be important in Clear Card, but Eriol and Momo’s mentions of the term cast it in a different light than TRC. The other problem is that if CLAMP hinges a major plot point in CCS on a (somewhat minor) concept from their 28-volume mega-series, a lot of *Nakayoshi* readers — the youngest of whom were *born* around the time TRC ended — are going to be left scratching their heads in confusion. I think Ohkawa is a more careful and capable writer than that.


        • You know what, that is a VERY interesting approach, the crystals, I mean.

          Marianne (ozakatomoe) does have a point that they look like ice when you take into account the previous illustrations in which ice was drawn. I can’t seem to remember illustrations where crystals were drawn. Did CLAMP ever draw them? I am not sure.

          HOWEVER, even when comparing to the Tsubasa illustrations, they look far more like ice than these CCS illustrations.

          In Tsubasa, the ice looks far more blue and of irregular shape (see and They look more like shards of glass and ice.

          In CCS, however, they look more transparent and more like crystals. The way the crystals sprout from the same “base”, and their shape are very much like a quartz crystal’s. They are not irregular as the ice shown in Tsubasa.

          Also, ice doesn’t really go with CCS. It’s too cold. It’s weird having a happy Sakura on the cover of volume 1 with a hair ornament made of ice, but it’s not weird at all if you think of it as crystal.

          It also bodes well with the Clear Cards being as transparent as crystals are.


          • I was really struggling to find a CLAMP illustration featuring crystals in order to give Marianne a better answer. I don’t think CLAMP ever has drawn giant crystals before, but for what it’s worth, they’ve always drawn giant chunks of ice like gypsum and quartz crystals, just shaded blue.

            Famous example of giant gypsum crystals:
            MKR’s Umi with giant ice crystals:

            Of course, considering that Sailor Moon Crystal was the last big anniversary revival for a Nakayoshi series, I wouldn’t put it past CLAMP to do a shout-out, ahaha!


            • Catching up on this since I have some time. First, let me clear up that I wasn’t trying to argue Clear Card is linked to the Celes world, it was only a graphic comparison between Clear card and Tsubasa art, since we know the Celes illustrations picture ice and not crystal. Clear card could be linked ice for some other reason as we know there is ice in Sakura’s world. A frozen heart could be more likely.

              I tried to find recent crystal illustrations, but so far I can’t find any. -_-

              They did draw plenty of crystal back in Magic Knight Rayearth, but that’s waaaaaay back…

              Looking through the artbooks, I found the three pictures with the heroines, their God beast and crystals, among which your Umi picture. It’s not ice, as Fuu and Hikaru has the same crystal, just in different colors, it should be magic crystal. There’s two Otozam pictures and two other with Cephiro in colors in the background. I notice they lack the little touch of black we see in CCSCC and Tsubasa illustrations, but it may just be maturation of Mokona’s skill.

              There is one tiny black and white illustration of former Cephiro in the Tokyo Tower omake in 2002, but even with the paper copy in hands, all I can see is little spikes and a bit of tone. Not little black touch either, but maybe it’s just too small. Hardly conclusive one way or another.

              As for glass in color, there’s the first chapter of Tsubasa where Sakura and Xiaolang are stuck in the tube. Not black touch, but these sheets of glass don’t really have the proper relief for the black touch.

              I have Chii on the Your Eyes Only tote bag, with jewelry, no little black touch, but it could be the very little contouring line from this series graphic style.

              I have Kobato with snowflakes on the black and white title page of Drop 19, there are these black touch, but there are none on the winter themed DVD box illustration’s snowflakes. Although both should be mere imitations pattern on clothes.


              • I’m sorry for misconstruing your argument!

                Re: “a frozen heart,” part of me wonders if Yuna (or whoever’s responsible for the Clear Cards) might inadvertently go too far and end up crystallizing Sakura, too.


                • I would love for a development like that! LOL I say this often so I might sound like I want something bad to happen to Sakura, but I’m actually only wanting it because I know that she’ll “definitely be alright” in the end! Now, if this was TRC/TWC, you would hear me screaming “GOD FORBID” from miles away…


                • Don’t worry, I understand the theory is around and it’s hard to disentangle who is buying into which theory and to what point or which nuances. I should have made myself clearer. ^_~

                  That being said, I do believe Sakura will have to pass her baton to reincarned clone!Sakura at some point in the series, not sure how Ohkawa is going to pull that one out.


                  • “That being said, I do believe Sakura will have to pass her baton to reincarned clone!Sakura at some point in the series, not sure how Ohkawa is going to pull that one out.”

                    mmm… yeah that is a hard one. but it also needs to be seen. it’l tie up so many loose ends with trc thats for sure. but theres two staffs that yuuko had. the real one and the fake toy (?) one in xxxholic. no doubt this is something tomoyo had made for sakura ^^
                    there has been a sort of background feel of trc and holic with the whole time theme for the sake of something. and also the “d” title. yuna is also similar to fai (not that im saying he is fai but they are definitely similar.)
                    anyways these background links could lead onto the meeting. so if CLAMP continue with these themes it wont feel so random or shoved in for the sake of continuing TRC/ TWC.
                    alternatively having sakura meet yuuko or eriol introducing sakura to yuuko would be a dream come true for me! my two favourite female CLAMP characters working together!!! ❤


            • I don’t know if it was a half-joke, but I seriously believe they would be capable to do a shout-out to Sailor Moon Crystal XD maybe it even was Nakayoshi’s editorial department idea.
              Ice or crystals? You guys all have good points there, and it’s really difficult to tell. I myself can’t discern one from the other in their CCS CC illustrations, the only thing I had a strong vibe about was the shards of glass related to the Cards (when they crash in her first dream, and when she secures them), that give me “first pages of Tsubasa Chapitre 1” vibes.
              I can’t believe we’re in volume 4 and we still can’t even discern what the leitmotif of Clear Card is, hahaha.


  8. Later than the latest, here I am leaving a small comment for this chapter, for posterity!
    It was very small, true! I could actually get quite mad thinking that 20 pages were the number of pages of Tsubasa in its best moments…the number of a weekly magazine..! BUT let’s not think about that for now! I have seen many of us frying their brain on the number of pages, but we have to take what they give us.
    Nakuru on the cover! So pretty, as everyone else has stated already!! I’m glad she appeared on a color illustration, who’s missing now?
    About the new card, Appear, I think CLAMP probably have chosen the wrong word for the use it appears (haha) to have…I can’t exactly link the thing it does (giving life to inanimate objects?) to the meaning of “appear”…someone said that the literal translation of the kanji on the upper part is “manifestation” (Pan, was it you?), I wonder if it could work better? I think here my limited knowledge of English is interfering as well…
    Furthermore, Spiral’s use is kinda similar to Siege….nobody explained the use of Spiral so I guess we’ll be “??” still for a while.
    And now, the highlight of the month, Yuna’s reaction to Akiho’s “report”…that smile surely elicits positive thoughts about him from me, we’ve seen him smiling in a very sweet way already so it *might* be safe to say that he means no wrong…or at least, he’s not evil just for the sake of it.
    Will his goal clash with Sakura’s safety? With this whole “book’s time”, “that time”, it is clear as day that time will be once again a very important topic in this story arc. Will Ohkawa find a way to tell yet another story revolving around time, without falling into her own clichès? To be seen!

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    • Yay for comments for posterity!

      The small amount of pages worries me too… specially since they are only working on CCS o_o

      Everybody calling Nakuru “Nakuru” and I called her “Ruby Moon”. Soooorry folks, I know Ruby Moon is her true form and her alter ego is Nakuru. I forgot for a sec that her name was Nakuru (shame on me).

      I agree that the name “APPEAR” is a little weird for a card that makes unliving things suddenly live. It wouldn’t be my name of choice. How would YOU call it?

      Will Ohkawa find a way to tell yet another story revolving around time, without falling into her own clichès? To be seen!
      I hope she doesnt get lost or creates plotholes. Dealing with time is very tricky.


    • the name spiral really does not seem to go with the cards functions. it sealed sakura in a cage (was it?) either way i found it the most interesting card, since she really needed help with it. and syaoran had to use his newly developed magic.


    • “It was very small, true! I could actually get quite mad thinking that 20 pages were the number of pages of Tsubasa in its best moments…the number of a weekly magazine..!”

      It’s not like it’s new anyway, one of the last chapters of Rg Veda has only 16 pages (from Wings December 95, the one where Ashura finally snap). I lovely ripped the chapter out of the magazine myself, so the count is good.

      “I’m glad she appeared on a color illustration, who’s missing now?”

      Kaho. And I would like a Fujitaka and Nadeshiko picture.

      “we’ve seen him smiling in a very sweet way already so it *might* be safe to say that he means no wrong…or at least, he’s not evil just for the sake of it.”

      I would guess it will turn out like Kaho, who Sakura appreciated while Xiaolang feared. Sakura has a good sense of what is dangerous and what is not. Xiaolang understand the harming potential of magics, but not their intends. So I trust Sakura’s sense, Yuna probably means no harm and know Sakura is strong enough to deal with the book.


  9. APPEAR also means “come into existence”, for example, “life forms appeared on earth”. I think Clamp means that the card can make objects come into life, which gives a distinction between APPEAR and ACTION (giving life to objects vs manipulating the objects). In a sense, APPEAR is more similar to THE CREATE, whereas ACTION is similar to THE MOVE. However, I do think that “alive” would be a better choice.


      • I think the reason Clamp doesn’t choose “animate” or “manifest” is because that would be similar to Action and doesn’t confer the idea of the objects are given life (instead of being controlled). I tried to think of another word which means “give life to”, “breathe life to” but couldn’t think of any. Perhaps that is why Clamp used an obscure meaning of “appear”.


    • Oh I see! Very interesting. I didn’t know about this meaning at all. When you put it that way, it does make sense. Thanks for the explanation 🙂


    • Yeah, it is clear that Appear is the counterpart of The Create, and Action is the counterpart of The Move.
      We’re still getting counterparts of the anime-only cards, this gets me more curious than ever…how many clear cards there’ll be in the end?


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