CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru #7 – 2015/11/12 (Updated)

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

© CLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD.

Episode 7 is up for download at CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru‘s official website.

This episode’s topic was RG Veda!

Here’s a brief summary:

  • They started the show reading an e-mail about something to do with the show’s opening theme (Kyoto Transit) and Chobits… but I have no idea of what relation they have xD Mokona then talked about the fact that she’s drawing the illustration for the Chobits Blu-ray box that will be released next month.
  • A listener sent an e-mail asking them to talk about RG Veda (I can’t wait for when someone asks about X).
  • Then they go into a very technical talk about drawing RG Veda in their debut days. They mention some of the materials used, Mokona talks about all she ever thought at that time was “must draw with all my heart” (or something like that), Nekoi talks about applying screentones (RG Veda has a lot of those).
  • Ohkawa asks Mokona to talk about how it is to draw Kujaku again (he is appearing in Tsubasa now) after so many years.

Overall, this seemed like a really interesting episode (just the 4 of them talking about their works are the best episodes). Sadly I can’t provide more precise info about it but as usual, if anyone would like to contribute with any input, that would be very much appreciated =)

Update: Below is a brief summary made by my friend Claudio.

They talked A LOT about mangaka’s circumstances instead of the RG Veda itself xD. They talked mainly about drawing, inking, etc techniques.

They started with a comment of a listener that happened to be a fan from the old doujinshi days and so they got into the subject of the RG VEDA drawing days. Theyr small department, the way they distributed all the tasks, when they starting drawing RG Veda drawing illustrations, and which kind of ink were they using those days.

They talked a lot about markers and inking, and that in those days they used to work without sleeping to respect the deadlines. Nekoi commented on the troubles of working with small shade screentones in bigger originals (they didn’t know about the existence of the big ones those days, and also it were really expensive).

Also commented about the technique of trimming (chopping) the screentones and how hard it was. Ohkawa said she hated that sound. Satsuki complained about having to get up at 5 to deliver the original to the editorials (it seems at those days editors didn’t come to pick it up)

Mokona commented of drawing using big markers or fude pen (it is like a pen with a brush as the tip of it) and just applying it randomly, and that she received compliments about this way of inking instead of complains. Apparently the editor said to her that the sharp and abrupt look was a nice touch (xD) So Ohkawa commented that in RG Veda they didn’t have to draw that much straight buildings so it was in comparison was kind of easy, not like it was for example in X having to draw the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office. They also mentioned having Okazaki Takeshi (a well-known illustrator) drawing it for them once (and they laughed xD)

They also mentioned about they going to draw the box illustration for the Blu-Ray edition of Chobits at the beginning.

What I found funny is that they had to split in two the final chapter of RG Veda in two (and that also added pages on the tankoubons hahaha), and that they have certain tendency to have story finals with too much pages (TRC was one of the examples given).

Weirdly they didn’t talk about alcohol this time xD

Mokona also commented that when drawing Kujaku on RG Veda, she didn’t know about the character (since Ohkawa didn’t speak a thing to them) so it was difficult to draw it at that time, but now in TWC she is enjoying it.

There were a lot a small talk about a lot of details: drawing eyelash bigger to make characters prettier (Mokona), and that they are intentionally restraining it on Tsubasa.

Mokona said that Ashura-papa was the prettiest male character on RG Veda xD Also they talked about if it were now, they would have wanted to draw more Ryu-oh, and to draw the some of the sub-stories or scenes more detailed (in more pages)

They wanted to draw Souma on a bathtub but didn’t have the time, neither could include it on the story, so it they draw it on a color illustration xD

Nekoi said that she wanted to see more detailed one of the battles of Kendappa (they mentioned the name of the character but I don’t remember who it was hahah, they said the daughter of “”””” hahah I’m sorry, I am such a bad fan hahah)


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