Kobato. TV Anime #05

RAW by [Leopard-Raws] (1280×720) Torrent
RAW by [Zero-Raws] (1280×720) Torrent

Subbed version by [ES] Torrent

I missed this show! I totally love it =D

From last week’s preview, I thought this episode would be completely original, but it had a few manga elements. I really like how they blend original and manga elements in one episode, it makes the episode less original (and makes the series longer).

The story about the fireflies was cute xD The animation was a little odd in this episode, though.

Next episode we finally get to see the other creatures! Can’t wait for it =)


6 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #05

  1. I missed it too. πŸ™‚

    Toshihiko is still ridiculously cute.
    The original material seems a bit silly. It would have been better if the girl had been dead right away, and didn’t have the time to spew last words, but oh well. I still like the story though. It’s nice that the original stuff fits with the themes of the manga.
    There was also less “ganbarimasu”, and less fire-breathing. I was getting kind of tired of that. ^^;

    Ginsei and Genko next episode! πŸ˜€ And a new costume. Thank God.


  2. Kobato. TV Anime #05

    I really liked this episode. The author/firefly thing was sweet, if a little simple.

    I loved the little manga based things. Its good to finally see the yazuka. And Kobato now knows that Fujimoto is her neighbour.

    I look forward to next week, though. Ginsei!


  3. this episode is really sweet! at first, i thought the story about a firefly would have deep meaning for Kobato, like Chobits’ “City With No People” or something. XD y’know wat i mean?

    i can’t get enough of the ending song… i like it. πŸ™‚ i thought ginsei would be red instead of gray. XD my bad…

    > The animation was a little odd in this episode, though.
    hmm… i guess you can say that… ._.


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