Angelic Layer gets new DVD and Blu-Ray releases

The anime adaptation of Angelic Layer (originally aired in 2001) will get a new DVD Box release and, for the first time, a Blu-Ray release.

According to CD Japan, they will be released on March 26 and will feature pictured-label and digipack. Each release also include an original card.

The DVD Box will cost 25.200 yens and the Blu-Ray Box 47.000 yens.


12 thoughts on “Angelic Layer gets new DVD and Blu-Ray releases

  1. OMG unnexpected totally XD
    I love Angelic Layer and I liked so much the anime (my first BONES anime xD). In fact, for me, anime’s ending has more sense than manga’s O_o

    Great for AL and hope we would be able to watch it in HQ now ;D


  2. I wouldn’t mind buying that blu-ray set sometime down the line. I love the adaptation, and would enjoy watching it again on my PS3. I just hope there’s a good amount of copies being produced, and not a limited number.


  3. I wish the box cover gave more light to the main character and not her doll (their names escape me for the moment) She’s so tiny down there XD I was hesitant to pick up Angelic Layer at first because it didn’t seem like it would interest me, but it was CLAMP, they ca never go wrong XD I was right, I really liked the anime, but it’s been a while since I watched it. But sorry, not enough to spend that much money on the blu-ray set XD


  4. With all the things I have to do, I come back to write here once again because I couldn’t resist XD

    As an Angelic Layer fan due to many things, I’m really happy for it. It was time for this series!!!. Also, personally I like more the anime than the manga, the dramatic part is better than the funny part. So I’m really delighted with the idea.


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