Tsubasa − ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2 − cover

Here’s the cover of the second Tsubasa artbook, taken from Kodansha‘s website:

Very pretty, if you ask me! =)

Tsubasa − ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2 − will be released on November 17, along with Tsubasa #28.

Angelic Layer gets new DVD and Blu-Ray releases

The anime adaptation of Angelic Layer (originally aired in 2001) will get a new DVD Box release and, for the first time, a Blu-Ray release.

According to CD Japan, they will be released on March 26 and will feature pictured-label and digipack. Each release also include an original card.

The DVD Box will cost 25.200 yens and the Blu-Ray Box 47.000 yens.