Tsubasa #28 covers

Here are the covers of Tsubasa #28, taken from Kodansha’s website (normal edition, deluxe edition):

No Fei Wang in the last Deluxe cover? O.O *SHOCK!*

Also, I think this is the first time that both covers feature the same situation (Syaoran’s costume is the same in both covers).

Both editions of Tsubasa #28 go on sale November 17, along with the series’ 2nd Artbook (its cover hasn’t been announced yet).


41 thoughts on “Tsubasa #28 covers

  1. Both the illustrations look amazing, and I think it’s fitting to have Syaoran on the final cover–but it really is a shame that Fei Wang never did show up. (I suppose CLAMP couldn’t bring themselves to publish his chin in full color.)


  2. O_o?!
    No Kyle, Xing Huo or Fei Wang colour cover? O_o I’m a little dissapointed about not a single Fei Wang colour illustration O_O

    Well, 4th Syaoran, but they are all “different”:
    #1: Clone Syaoran in Clow
    #23: Clone Syaoran after releasing the seal and losing own heart
    #27: Clone Syaoran as father when reincarnated
    #28: R!Syaoran

    Thanks for the scans indeed ^^


  3. Bah, Fei Wong is not pretty enough to be on a CLAMP cover XD

    Thanks for sharing this, I was curious as to who would be on the final one. Although they’ve already had Syaoran before, I guess it’s appropriate since it’s the last one.


  4. Oh,,,I really hope there are others on the other side of the cover =___= The artwork is surely beautiful,,,but Syaoran again? I know he is the protagonist…but I was expecting the whole gang here on the final cover,,,

    and I haven’t had a hope that FWR will be on the cover, too ugly to be on it XD and when you buy it you will feel kinda weird getting a cover with this guy =P


  5. I’m a little surprised that FWR didn’t get a cover, but not disappointed.

    I hope the other side has Fay and Kurogane (like the Mama and Papa cover only showed one character in previews).

    An ensemble cover would be great for the last one.


  6. Thanks for sharing!! And I’m still waiting for amazon.jp to list the deluxe edition but they sure take their sweet time ;__;

    I guess the Syaoran in the Deluxe edition cover must have been drawn in the exact same position as his father did in volume 1~
    As itzen said in clamp_now, we started with the father and ended with the son…
    We can say that we are back to square one but also, that the loop was closed off and a new future should be written from that point in the past and on.

    And it indeed is the very first time Clamp made matching normal/deluxe cover…laziness or was there some meaning to it? We can see that in the normal cover, Tsubasa is surrounded by Sakura petals (his mom?) and holding his father’s feather in his hand, is there something hidden in the deluxe one too?
    It might actually be interesting if, unlike what I am expecting, better then just having Tsubasa alone with the same pose as his dad in volume 1, how about having Syaoran in the other half of the cover, and father’s and son’s magic staffs crossing in the middle or something? Fine! Maybe not, too predictable…

    And if we are talking about hopes…I was hoping, till the very end, to see a deluxe cover with SxS as adults with chinese clothes and with some part from their house as a BG, with their baby boy in their arms…

    I can already hear all the fans complaining about FWR never getting a cover but…seriously, he ended up being such a pathetic character in the end that I really don’t want a cover, and definitely not the last one of the series, reminding me always just what a big FIASCO FWR’s character was and just how much Clamp failed =___= I do confess Clamp could have made the effort, during the series, of releasing at least one color picture of the guy though…


    • Tsubasa is surrounded by Sakura petals (his mom?) and holding his father’s feather in his hand, is there something hidden in the deluxe one too?

      hummm I like that! I didn’t notice it =)

      I also think the deluxe cover will match cover 1. Maybe the exact same position.


  7. personally, i am glad fei wang did not get a cover, and ESPECIALLY the last one, man, no, get out. it is the most fitting thing to do, having syaoran. it started like this, it “should” end like this. /though yeah, group image could be another wise option.


  8. Awwww! The last covers feature Syaoran in his final travel outfit. ^_^

    Really hope that Kurogane, Fye and, why not, Makona will be on the other side of the Deluxe cover wearing their own. Those outfits deserve to be drawn in color. ^_~

    And I totally agree with clow_shirow no Kyle, no Xing Huo nor Fei Wang colour cover = T_T


  9. Thank you for the covers!!!

    And yes, you’re right, it’s the first time the covers show the same costume. I wonder what they were thinking when they made it. And I also think the deluxe is holding something on his hand. Could it be important?


  10. …. Syaoran again. I know he is the main character, but. Okay.

    Fei Wong who? Just, you know, that main villain guy who was left out (backstory included) because he wasn’t attractive enough apparently. At this rate, I’m going to start to like the guy. I’m scaring myself.


  11. at least we found something colorful to cosplay Clow arc. XD now the cosplayers are looking forward to cosplay syaoran. 83 but i also wanna know what the rest look like…
    shame…. poor Uncle Butt-chin…


  12. *Buff*
    Syaoran again ¬¬.
    At least I prefer the Standard one… I was waiting for FWR cover… Clamp… Clamp… Clamp… I feel like quitting follow their works. Hopefully Kobato’s still pretty good. I hope they won’t mess up everything because of fanservice.


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