“Kobato. Museum” report, Romantic World 31 pictures

Just a heads up that the official website of the Kobato. TV Anime added a report from the Kobato. Museum that is being held at the Ikebukuro Animate store until November 1st.

Check it out here. I like that new anime illustration right at the museum’s entrance with Kobato and Ushagi =)

Update: Jun Fukuyama updated his blog to include some pictures of his upcoming album Romantic World 31.

Among the pictures, it’s possible to see a new illustration drawn by CLAMP:

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.
So XXXHOLiC-ish! I like it =D

Romantic World 31 will be released on November 26.

Special thanks to clstmk-san for letting me know about this!!


13 thoughts on ““Kobato. Museum” report, Romantic World 31 pictures

    • Hummm I can’t really tell the exact number. They always draw their editors (although most of the times in SD format). But they have done a few celebrities like Nagakawa Shouko (Shouko-tan), ALI PROJECT, themselves (LOL).

      My memory isn’t helping me right now xD


  1. Are those the original illustrations for the manga on the walls? 😮 The Kobato museum has so much content in it, I’m surprised that it’s only being run until the 1st.

    I like how similar and dissimilar the Romantic World album illustrations are to CLAMP’s work for xxxHOLiC–it’d be amazing if CLAMP used that more realistic style for a future work.


  2. No prob. I was shocked to see the new illustration that might be done by CLAMP (reversible cover). I just happened to check on his special site and blog.

    Also thanks for Kobato. news.


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