XXXHOLiC OAD to be released with volume 17

According to this blog, this week’s issue of Young Magazine is announcing that the upcoming new XXXHOLiC OAD will be released along with volume 17 in the Spring of 2010.

Thanks xsayukix for letting me know about this!

So the schedule goes as following:

December 22, 2009 – XXXHOLiC #16.
Spring 2010 – XXXHOLiC #17 with limited edition OAD.

Seems like XXXHOLiC will go on for a little longer. Personally I don’t like that, but oh well xD

I’m starting to think the series has been extended beyond CLAMP’s original plan due to its popularity.


48 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC OAD to be released with volume 17

  1. well i hope that Holic gets a propor ending, i am very egar to see what is with the cat thing. i also wanna know what the other characters like himawari, well, what happened to them?

    i dont mind for the OAD to come out later, than maaaybe they’ll cover yuuko’s death and what not. as long as it is AWESOME i dont care.


  2. I’m actually very happy that xxxHolic is continuing. It doesn’t feel like it’s ready to end. I’d like Watanuki become a good shop-owner, and then come to a final conclusion (I don’t feel like he’s done growing), unlike Tsubasa that keeps continuing even after the end.

    I’d like a Tsubasa 2 to come one day (after they finish all their other stuff), and I’m more than happy with waiting for awhile. But I don’t think xxxHolic can go down that road. I really want Kimihiro to grow up into a wonderful adult and while he’s old enough, someone 21 years old can’t really be called “a kid”, I don’t think he’s really that mature yet. I want him to be either happy or dead, or something along those lines. So I’m more than happy with Holic going on for another years or so if we can have that conclusion.

    Besides, Yuko left Kimihiro all that really cool stuff, so I’m looking forward to seeing him use it (to grant wishes?)


  3. YES YES YES!!! Not only do we finally hear some news of the OAD (meager news, but at least they haven’t forgotten about it), but xxxHOLiC may last a bit longer! There’s still so much I want to see in this series and I don’t think CLAMP can give it a nice, conclusive ending in such a short amount of time. And Watanuki needs a few ‘normal’ clients before I can fully trust that he’s a good replacement for Yuuko. The longer it goes on, the happier I’ll be!


  4. I guess you’re one of few, chibiyuuto. If we’re speaking in terms of popularity, it’s obviously TRC who would have dragged on forever, not Holic (who can, finally, move forward without TRC). So yes, so happy for this ♥


  5. Heh. I think if it would end now it would be too sudden and nothing would be resolved, really. I’m glad that there’s more chapters 🙂
    And I really like this arc. I think it’s interesting.
    As for the OAD, I would really like to see Yuuko’s death animated. It better be pretty. xD


    • Yeah, because CLAMP keep opening new arcs with new clients, it would indeed look rushed xD If they focus on the ending, they can do it in one volume. But I trust them, they know what they are doing =)


  6. obviously xxxholic is really popular,,is that the reason for the extension…I hv no idea,,but I am happy to have more xxxholic ^^ and the OAD as well,,,I hv high hopes for that~~xxxholic animation is always done much better than the Tsubasa ones ^^


  7. Neko

    Je,je,je. Yes, I’m the same of the other day chibiyuuto. I’m glad starlady agrees with me (I used to like her, now I love her). Not, seriously, I understood your reasons but I don’t agree with your analogy of the cd, mainly because when you buy a cd you have the whole thing from the beging. I see it more like a sticker album, which you don’t leave until it’s complete. And I think this series it’s not complete at all, so it’s good that it continues. Otherwise, contrary to what you might think XD, I really apreciate your work in this web of yours and I want to give you my most sincere congratulations for your effort.


    • Re: Neko

      Hey Neko-san! XD

      This is just my opinion, CLAMP will end the story when they feel like it’s time to end it, and I will certainly keep reading XXXHOLiC =) The fact that I want it to end doesn’t mean I don’t like it, at all.

      I’m very happy for everyone who wanted to see more of XXXHOLiC, of course!

      Thanks for your comment, thank you for reading my journal ^_~


  8. Well, I like xxxHOLiC…


    It’s just so profound… maybe they’ve got something else to say, and I’m eager to live in that world for a little longer to see it. XDDDDDDDDDD



    • I don’t think it will have a rush ending because we will have at least 17 volumes. Maybe even more xD

      I don’t know anymore what’s in store for XXXHOLiC. Before I used to think it would end shortly after TRC, but clearly that’s not the case, so I can’t tell for how long it could last.

      XXXHOLiC could be this always-present series, Watanuki could go on granting people’s wishes forever, and the series could cross over with the other ongoing CLAMP series. This COULD happen, even if I don’t see it happening, it COULD happen.


  9. I’m glad Holic goes on, but I understand why you’re growing tired XD

    In the end of the day, I’ve always liked Holic more than Tsubasa…

    We can’t know for sure, but I always thought that Tsubasa felt like a “side story” of Holic, so I’m not that surprised that Holic will last longer. (And here’s hoping they’ll fill some of Tsubasa holes in it)


      • Interesting, I didn’t know that… But since Holic started before and will end later, it still feels like Tsubasa is a “side story”.

        Well, I just hope Holic doesn’t last TOO long… and may they release something new soon!


        • I know what you mean! =) But I remember reading on interviews how they needed someone who lived in “our” dimension who knew about the other dimensions, and a work that would “unify” all their other works. That’s how XXXHOLiC was created =)

          Well, I just hope Holic doesn’t last TOO long… and may they release something new soon!

          That’s what I mean! ._.


  10. CLAMP has shown they are fully capable of managing at least 6 series at one time. So I don’t see any problem with them doing xxxHolic, Kobato, Gate 7, and some of their other manga (Clover, X, Legal Drug, etc.) at the same time as well. I think it’s faulty thinking to say that we want xxxholic to end just to get some of their other amazing stuff. CLAMP told us, once upon a time, that we COULD get our cake and eat it too, and I’m confident that they’ll deliver this time as well.


  11. Hmm…

    According to 2 different にchannel arguments I found, some Japanese fans are also frustrated at xxxHOLiC continuing only because it’s lost its original charm.
    From what it looks like, people liked xxxHOLiC for the separate story and now that Tsubasa has ended, they want xxxHOLiC to become its own series again in order to continue or just end here with Tsubasa’s ending.
    But this is にchannel we’re talking about.

    In my opinion, though, I agree.
    If they spend more time on xxxHOLiC, either let them use it to clear up some plotholes in Tsubasa, or turn it into its own series with its old charm again.
    From the name change, it looks like they may be doing the latter. ^^


  12. Having one more volume of xxxHOLiC is fine with me. It would be only 16 more chapters. There’s still the egg to be useful, Himawari-chan, the Zashiki-warashi, the Ame-warashi and Syaoran & Co, and maybe the vampire twins to show up. But I know exactly how you’re feeling, since I was hoping TRC would end up much sooner than it did. ^_~

    But I’m wondering : what is Mokona doing now? I mean, she still has to draw Holic’s storyboard and draw the girls in 5 or 6 pages of the weekly chapters, but 1 day and a half should be enough for her. So what is she doing the rest of her week? Some new color pictures for the TRC artbook, new holitsuba drawing, some Kobato chapters? But next month, what will she be doing? She need a new series soon! Or is she suppose to join Ohkawa with the Kobato anime crew? ^_~

    Well, one last thing to say, when is Gouhou Drug coming back? I waited 6 years, enough already, cruel Nanase. T_T


    • It is true that Mokona is having a lot of free time now. Unless she’s been working on Gate 7 and we don’t know yet.

      Tell me about Gouhou Drug! The waiting is killing me =_= The fact that XXXHOLiC will last longer makes me wonder if GD’s return won’t be delayed alongside…


      • Well, I don’t think having xxxHOLiC can compromise Gouhou Drug return. CLAMP did published these two series back in 2003 for 4 months, plus X for 2 months. It’s just when Tsubasa RESERVOir CHRoNiCLE began that they stopped GD. But having Gate 7 starting could compromise GH return. -_-


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