XXXHOLiC #13 is out today in Japan and thereby the Original Drama CD is out as well.

The script was written in a never before done collaboration between Nanase Ohkawa and Ryuukishi07, the story of the Drama CD slightly crosses over with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Yuuko receives a call from Rika of Higurashi).

Someone uploaded the Drama CD to NicoNico and I managed to rip and make an MP3 of it, which can be downloaded after the cut.

XXXHOLiC Original Drama CD (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 50 MB.
File type: MP3 – 128 Kbps.
Running time: 55 minutes.

I thought there would be two versions? But it seems like they sort of did a collaboration and wrote together? Or there’s one more track? Don’t think so, though…

This was long! I’m sure that if I knew japanese enough to understand it, listening to it would be much better (I barely understood the general idea). Himawari’s story was looong xD They can only do this kind of thing in a Drama CD. But I think it was very monotonous, I don’t know, what I like about Drama CDs are the sound effects, and this one lacked in those.

I hope someone will get hold of the script book and be courageous enough to translate it.

This version was ripped from Nico Nico so it’s not top-quality, but it’s still quite good. I might change the file later for a proper, higher-quality version if someone else rips it and gives me the permission to do it =)

Oh my god, I liked Fonogenico’s song! xD Now THAT’s a surprise!

EDIT: For those who downloaded the file before reading this message, there was a typo in the file name, it’s Shiminuki, not Shiminiku.

Please fix it if you already downloaded. I apologize for the mistake *bows*

The file name has been corrected in my server now.

EDIT 2: You can read a summary of the Drama CD plot here.

43 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: XXXHOLiC Original Drama CD

  1. I found something on youtube of a horitsuba gauken CD that had been taken and added english subs. Do you think anyone might do that again?


  2. My version of the summary

    Rika as a girl who met Watanuki-kun and know Yuuko-san. They were talking about how kind Watanuki-kun is when someone is in need. Then the story began.

    Wow, Himawari-chan’s doll story is long! It’s about a girl who died from accident who likes a panda toy. There’s a girl who sounded like the soul from Himawari-chan’s story wanted panda toy back from Doumeki-kun. She’s a kindergardener whose body is weak. She had a panda toy who’s like the story.

    Doumeki-kun indeed had the toy, for Watanuki-kun he can see something, which the story is according to the girl’s toy. He wanted Yuuko-san’s help to give toy back t0 her. Yuuko-san said it had full of people’s grudges in the toy. She suggested them to burn it, but Watanuki-kun insisted they want to pay the price. Yuuko-san said let the toy to pay the price, too.

    Panda-san (the panda toy) wanted to be with Sayuri-san (the girl), but he (he said “boku”) knows that she being with him will be bad for her. Still he wanted to go back to her.

    Yuuko-san said the toy’s price is to be burned so the grudge will be disappeared, and he can freely go back to her.

    Panda-san asked about the purpose of him living. Yuuko-san said he pull the grudge into himself. The grudges/unhealthy things might be from the people in kindergarden. He helped them from getting sick. Watanuki-kun still didn’t understand why only this toy pull those bad things. Yuuko-san repeated what she said.

    After burning the toy, Yuuko-san gave something (Panda-san’s wish, which is the leftover of Panda-san) to Watanuki-kun to give it to Sayuri-chan.

    After going back home, she put two black buttons (Panda-san’s eyes) on the white plate. Sayuri-chan knew that it was Panda-san.

    Himawari-chan said that being the same situation as Panda-san, she knows that he and Sayuri-chan are happy now. Yuuko-san said that the dolls who can speak are those who were loved deeply.

    Then, the conversation were back to Rika (boku ??) and Yuuko-san. Watanuki-kun just finished making something. Then Yuuko-san teased him about saying “Yoroshiku nano desu~~” (copying Rika’s way of talking)

    By the way, I think シミヌキ is Shiminuki.


    • Re: My version of the summary

      Thanks for the summary! Pretty confusing story, I didn’t get the whole point of it, did you? O.o

      >By the way, I think シミヌキ is Shiminuki.

      And you’re totally right, that was a typo, sorry! ^^;


  3. thank you so much. *is listening off of NicoNico right now*
    i wished i knew what they were saying but thanks for the summary!!! hopefully somebody can do the script too. ^^


  4. thank u so much for sharing!!
    I wish I could say other thing other than this about the whole cd drama but I loved the ending song!!
    I guess I need a script or something, the summary kinda confused me -w-U


  5. Many thanks and many ♥ for it!

    Downloading already.

    And now I see it, do you happen to know where I can get the covers for TRC 23 and Holic 13? Somehow I can’t find them in good quality.


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