– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/10 – Newtype #11 – Drop. 16-B (on sale).
11/10 – Newtype #12 – Drop. 17 – possible last chapter of tankoubon 4.
12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 18.

Good to see Kobato. looks steady. Also, Drop. 17 will probably be the last chapter of the current volume.

• Museum:

To celebrate the launching of the Kobato. TV Anime, a “Kobato. Museum” will be held in an Animate store located in Ikebukuro.

The museum will be open from October 23 until November 1. Original goods will be on sale and reproduction art of Kobato. in exhibition.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

10/10 – Young Magazine #46 – Chapter 188 (on sale).
10/19 – Young Magazine #47 – Chapter 189.
10/26 – Young Magazine #48 – Chapter 190.
11/02 – Young Magazine #49 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

Not liking that one break there on November 2 xD

By the way, as you probably noticed from the last few chapters published in Young Magazine, CLAMP has decided to change XXXHOLiC’s title to XXXHOLiC Rou (XXXHOLiC・籠, or, translated in english, XXXHOLiC Cage). On today’s update, CLAMP-NET.COM officially changed the title as well.

I don’t know what CLAMP is planning here but if you want my opinion, I wouldn’t call that a “new series” and I still think this is the same XXXHOLiC that is about to end (that’s what I hope so, at least XD).

• Comics:

According to Kodansha, XXXHOLiC #16 will be released on December 26. What is strange is that so far they don’t list the OAD version.

Has it been postponed to a possible volume 17? xD Or maybe they will add it later?

50 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Not liking that one break there on November 2 xD

    I know, right? We’re so eager for weekly releases that the tiniest break would annoy us (and who can blame us). Though, do you really think CLAMP gave it an add-on and all if they were expecting to end it soon? It doesn’t seem that way to me. The whole “cage” is more of a makeover, or turn, like a Gaiden or a Very Very Long Epilogue.


    • Well, at least we know the release date of volume 16. So we know that until December this volume will be finished.

      I don’t consider XXXHOLiC Rou a new series because the chapters kept on counting from where “XXXHOLiC” left. I mean, I think that if it were a brand new series, it would probably start from Chapter 1.

      Right now, this seems like nothing more than an add-on to me, much like XXXHOLiC Kei.


      • I don’t consider it a new series, either, but I still don’t think that means its ending is that soon, you know? If it was, they wouldn’t have given it a name just to indicate Watanuki’s current self-cage. There are so many series out there that get an add-on at some point, and then span for 7 volumes or more.

        They did add Holic into their “lolz slowly ending this year!” list, no?

        (Then again, I never want Holic to end, at least not so soon; am that sort of a Holic fanatic ;p Do ignore.)


        • Yeah, Fujimoto said it would end until the end of this year. But we never know if they didn’t decide to make it longer. Personally I don’t think so. I can’t see it going for much longer. But that’s just my opinion ^^”


          • I’m surprised that there will be another xxxHolic book this year. That makes three for this year, the first time that’s happened since 2004. Last year had just one book…

            The last chapter for this book should be 11/30, if CLAMP doesn’t take any additional breaks and keeps the pages at 14 per chapter. Except volume 15, all books have been 178 pages, and this one might be slightly shorter too.

            I wonder why Kodansha is rushing to get books out. I’ve noticed that in the past they usually waited two months from the last chapter to release books, but lately it’s only a month.


            • I always love reading your comments! XD You make nice observations 😉

              Yes, you’re right, the last chapter should be out by 11/30 if CLAMP doesn’t take any additional breaks, which seems unlikely because as you said, usually Kodansha takes a month of interval between magazine and tankoubon.

              I wonder why Kodansha is rushing to get books out. I’ve noticed that in the past they usually waited two months from the last chapter to release books, but lately it’s only a month.

              I thought it was just a CLAMP thing. So it’s a general Kodansha thing?


              • From what I understand, usually book companies take their time to compile manga books since a series may be cancelled due to low popularity, or end at an uneven number so the book lengths can be played with. If you look at Shogakukan and Shueisha, their shonen series usually have enough extra stories to make two more books from the newest book release date (ie, in Naruto’s case Book 48 will come out on 11/4, but enough stories have been serialized to publish Book 50 by that date). Kadokawa is one of the few companies who publish a book the month after the last chapter of a volume is serialized.

                I don’t collect a lot of Kodansha series, but in the past, their releases generally fit the two-month rule. However, I noticed that Ah! My Goddess #40 is coming out in November, even though the stories have been shorter these past few months. It would only collect five months worth of manga (versus the standard six), so I’m suspecting it will be a tiny book at 120 pages or so…

                Yeah, I’m a dork for staring at these figures, but helps me figure out when I need to put aside some extra manga money every month.


                • No no, personally I think it’s brilliant! I love to figure out these sort of things too!

                  I too noticed that Kadokawa releases their book shortly after the original run in the magazine.


  2. Does anyone know what the OAD will be about???
    All I know for sure is it’s a separate story from Shunmuki. I HOPE it will be about Yuuko’s death and Watanuki’s choice… and that they’ll include at least a little of the Tsubasa side of things… and they really ought to explain Watanuki’s name/parents at some point in an animation… GAH there’s too much that needs to be animated!!!
    But, is there any other info released about it other than it being an independent story from Shunmuki?


  3. Thank you for the info~~

    I wonder when we’ll get the RAW for latest Holic chapter… So far, only the Chinese version was out, right? *Can’t read Chinese, so she didn’t even take a look*


  4. I’m surprised that there’s enough information about Kobato to have an exhibition about it! It still seems as though the series began last month.

    On another note, I really hope that xxxHOLiC is finished before the end of the year–it’s just dragging on at this point. :/


  5. Thanks for the news~

    As for XXXHolic, I also thought it was coming to an end this year, together with TRC but at the light of the latest ‘events’ I’m starting to doubt: 1-why add up a new subtitle at this point? 2-There is only 2 months left, is it really the time to start a new random story (with the blind lady) better then go on with all the mess about Dream, Egg, Reality, Existences blablabla and 3-there are endless plot holes in TRC and AT LEAST one or two of these should need some explanations, and only XXXHolic could do that = more chapters…


  6. >I don’t know what CLAMP is planning here but if you want my opinion, I wouldn’t call that a “new series”

    Probably new arc after Yuuko’s gone.

    OAD official site still has no info about the release of OAD, so I think they postponed it.

    Where can you find raw ver. of Kobato. drop 16B?


    • I just want to know in what way tsubasa is going to appear in the finale.
      I think Rhou is just Holic without Yuuko

      I wonder if this means that mangettes will start in december, though

      I cant wait to read that one

      Finally a teen girl dreamgazer as a main protegonist…not just the love interest


    • That was the title of the English volumes 7-12 for Cardcaptor Sakura only.
      This xxxHOLiC・籠 is from the Japanese version and probably only signifies the series after this 4-year time skip.


  7. I find it interesting how people are speculating the 籠 title.
    It’s not exactly “xxxHOLiC after Yuuko,” but they began putting the symbol above the title when the series skipped four years ahead.
    It’s as simple as that if you’re talking about the point at which the story changed due to the new title.

    As for the meaning of this 籠 arc, the kanji itself can mean “cage,” but if you use it in the context of a sentence, it can also mean, “to seclude (oneself),” and more importantly, “to devote (oneself).”
    It’s symbolic in that the main characters have finally settled down and found something they know they can/have to do.
    That’s how I look at it, at least.


      • Now, if I knew as much Chinese as I did Japanese, I would be full-throttle on reading chapter 188’s Chinese scanlations. >.>;
        I couldn’t get the magazines from this week or last week (same with the Tsubasa epilogue), so I’m getting quite frustrated, knowing I’m behind.
        But when you’ve been updated on everything since the beginning, it really hurts to miss the ending of one series and the new change in the story for another and have to wait like everyone else online. XD


  8. Neko

    I don’t want to seem unkind, but I really hate your position towards probably two of the best series of CLAMP (Holic and Tsubasa). You are doing now with Holic the same as in Tsubasa. It seems that you just want them to finish, as if they are a dammed torture for you. Fuck, let it continue man, there is still so much to tell. You are only focused in the release of things that, from my humble point of view, are secondary (clamp’s illustration for some magazine or the release of some cd with the opening of a series). And then we have Kobato… that’s another story XD. Well, I just had to tell you this.


    • Re: Neko

      I appreciate your comment, I really do! XD Everyone is free to express their opinion ^^

      I apologize if my rush to see the end of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC offended you somehow, I try to be careful with these jokes because I know how much loved they are, and you can bet that I would never ever offend CLAMP and their works in any way. I love both works =)

      However, because I’ve been following both works weekly for 6 years, I kinda grew tired of them. They are extremely long works (when it comes to CLAMP, at least) and I feel like I’m ready for something new.

      It’s like when you like a band and their album, so you listen to it over and over, but you really can’t wait for their next album. That’s similar to what I feel xD

      I’m sorry again! ^^”


      • Re: Neko

        ** VAChE **

        I know I have nothing to do here…I just want to say that nothing CLAMP is involved in can be called as “secondary”. Those magazine covers, those illustrations on certain publications or even those music cds of anime series are as important as any series CLAMP is working on… as chibi Yuuto said on the livejournal description, this livejournal is focused on ANY activities CLAMP takes part in. I really appreciate what chibi Yuuto does for all the CLAMP fans (like me) who are interested on everything CLAMP do…without this livejournal I wouldn’t know a f* thing about CLAMP activities ^^


        • Re: Neko

          I suppose the anon, meant with “secondary” the ones that are actually one-shot-stuff, compared to original works, that go on for a long time.


    • Re: Neko

      As far as this is his personal LJ he can give his own opinions and make as many jokes as he wants about the news he posts.


    • Re: Neko

      I normally lurk here silently, but like you, I “just had to tell you this” as well.

      It’s his journal, and he’s allowed to tackle news on whatever angle he wants. He’s allowed to voice his own thoughts regarding the current serialization of both series, and he’s most certainly allowed to do so in his own journal. Coming into the journal and swearing your point out does not, in any way, help push your point. You are free to voice your opinion, but please do so in a courteous way. Back up what you’re saying instead of generalizing stances, and we’ll see if this little discussion gets somewhere.

      (It’s common knowledge that people who usually start of with “I don’t want to seem…” are ones who do. :))


  9. chibiyuuto, you keep on announcing events the way you always do. in the end this is your journal and you can voice your opinions however you want 🙂

    Anyway, thanks so much for your updates! i recently became a clamp fan (CCS was the first Clamp work i watched/read) and i grew to love their work w/ Tsubasa and XXXholic. What you do for all of us is very much appreciated!
    I really wish they would put holic scans up, i’ve been waiting forever 🙂


  10. Hi everyone, is anyone aware of what’s going on about xxxHOLiC chapters 188 and 189, English translation? I’ve already seen the Chinese scans has been posted, and some Spanish and French ones for ch. 188 as well. Ch. 189 is understandable since it came out just recently, but it’s been a week for ch. 188, so the wondering.

    PS: Sorry for sounding pushy, if any scanning/translators groups are reading this.


  11. tsubasa is no longer here 😦

    i’m a little sad realizing that from now on, there will be no more TSUBASA section on your Clamp News updates. after it is finished now i really miss the story which had accompanied us for years T__T


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