Romantic World 31 covers

As I reported previously, CLAMP would draw the art for voice actor Jun Fukuyama’s original album called Romantic World 31. The cover would be a collage between CLAMP’s art and Jun Fukuyama’s picture.

Today Jun Fukuyama posted on his official blog the album covers, check them out:

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.
The first cover is for the regular edition and the second one for the special limited edition.

I really like them! But my favorite is the second. I loved the flying fishes *loves CLAMP’s flying fishes xD*

This album will be released on November 26.


14 thoughts on “Romantic World 31 covers

  1. I’m amused at the fact that JunJun’s getting an album to start with, I love him as an actor but he should not be allowed to release an album XD His singing is… not good… at all XD


  2. So pretty! the cover arts are rly pretty! i didn’t expect them to be CLAMP-sama’s art to be so… Ancient Japanese? XD well it looks a lot like xxxholic’s art but it’s sooo colorful! *.* and tee hee, it’s kitsune! ♥ i also like the water detail and the crane. X] Fukuyama-san looks rly nice too! Glad that CLAMP-sama are doing him a favor.

    > *loves CLAMP’s flying fishes xD*
    agree! the fish are so detailed, comparing with Clamp Detective fish mascot. XD


  3. lol Wow, this is different, but it’s totally CLAMP.
    At first glance, you’re like, “Okay?”
    But if you just look at the strokes of the lines, you can see it so easily. X3

    Anyway, I love pop art… so this is just awesome! ^^


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