Kobato. TV Anime #02 RAW (Updated)

Online streaming here.

Additional torrents and fansubbed links shall be added later in this post.

Update 1: RAW by uRAWs (1280×720)

Update 2: Fansubbed by ES Fansubs (MKV)

I liked this episode as much as I liked the first one, actually I think I even like this one a bit more. I was relieved that the animation quality was similar to episode 1 (we know how usually the first and last episodes get the prettiest animation). I guess you can’t expect less from Madhouse ^_~

I’m very fond of the soundtrack, I think it fits, it’s very easy-going and it’s well-used.

Not sure I liked the Punk dude addition, that dude is so not “Kobato.” if you know what I mean xD

The kids are adorable, but I think they are more adorable in the manga xD It’s very nice to see Yomogi Nursery School all colored =)

I’m still getting used to Sayaka’s voice. Sometimes I think it fits sometimes I think it doesn’t, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. But I like it more than I don’t.

I told this before but I must say it again. I’m extremely happy with Kobato’s character and seiyuu, her faces are priceless, they crack me up!

I was worried about Toshihiko’s scene too, but it was as cute and sad as the manga xD I am glad he was also the first person she healed =) I’m not too sure about Toshihiko’s voice either… but the voice of the girl with the pigtails is very cute.

I wish they would introduce Chitose already! And I wish Kobato would move to a real place and not live in that playground tube XD

It seems like the next episode will be the one with the rain, but I don’t see Hinata there… I see a different look-alike girl. Are they making adaptations? D=


26 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #02 RAW (Updated)

  1. I liked this episode more than the first one, it felt more “Kobatoish” in general (^^) Adding Toshihiko’s memories was a good choice, I think! It made the scene more touching.

    I think Chitose will appear in next episode, according to the information in the anime site. They don’t talk about her, but they do talk about Kobato moving there, so she has to appear.

    I’m so glad Kobato’s changing clothes for next episode, hahaha ;;;;

    Fav scene: Ioryogi dragging himself towards Kobato with that angry face *LAUGHS*


    • Adding Toshihiko’s memories was a good choice, I think! It made the scene more touching.

      I agree! It was a nice emotional appeal ^_~

      You’re right about Chitose, I just checked the website! =D Apparently she will be introduced by Sayaka.

      I’m so glad Kobato’s changing clothes for next episode, hahaha ;;;;

      RIGHT? Finally! XD

      I liked the walking bag before the commercial break! XD


    • ** VAChE **


      I had the same problem and I thought I was the only one .___.
      I watched it here…hope it works for you too:

      It was a lovely episode!…I really enjoyed watching it…

      Just one thing I didn’t say in the first episode:
      1) Ushagi scares me O___O I mean…at least for me…in that “middle scene” he’s everything BUT cute

      Everything else was great! :]


  2. Oh god, this episode was so cute! I was making little squealing noises whilst watching it!

    This anime is giving me the same warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I read the manga, so I’m really happy with it.

    Kobato’s voice is perfect for her. And Ioryogi is sounding more like Ioryogi to me and less like Kurogane (maybe it’s just cause I’m getting used to him or maybe it’s because he spent so much time shouting and breathing fire this episode!).

    I liked Sakaya-sensei’s voice but I’m still not used to Fujimoto. He just doesn’t sound right to me, yet.

    The kids are adorable! And Toshihiko was lovely!

    One thing that does seem different about the anime in comparison to the manga is that, although Kobato is a klutz, she feels a little more elegant in the manga. Maybe it’s just me but she seems a little too hyperactive in the anime. But the scenes of her singing in the park and when she said ‘Gosh, your mother sounds lovely’ and when she’s a little more introspective seemed really pretty and elegant in the manga and I think that feeling has been lost a bit in the anime. But it could just be my reaction to CLAMP’s art!


    • Yeah, CLAMP’s art is so magnificent that animating it can be hard. I was worried about the clapping scene too (when she praises Toshihiko’s mom). While I think the manga looks prettier and more elegant as well, I think they did a good job in the anime =)

      I have the same feeling when I’m watching it too! I get so upset when the episode is ending xD

      I agree on Ioryogi, he sounds better when he’s utterly mad >D


  3. THIS EPISODE IS PURE GOLD! I cried a lot, because it was just like the manga, i cried so much when toshihiko was healed! Im glad watching this anime. πŸ™‚ The animation was lovely, but i miss chitose and twins… i wanna see them!
    as selenity-san, im so agree with her: kobato’s voice is really lovely, its soo kobatoish, and tetsu is sounding like ioryogi, definetly, and, i liked sayaka’s voice… but fujimoto’s voice… well, i must watch the anime i think XD i wanted tomokazu seki or toshihiko seki for fujimoto… but well.

    and, as selenity-san, yep you’re right, but, nanase-sama is writing the scripts for the anime, so she knows very well, why kobato is “less elegant” than manga.


  4. Toshihiko-kun… Yokatta… ;~;
    Wow, this episode was filled with lots of mumbo-jumbo, but it made me cry in the end… >~>;;;

    lol The kids sound like most kids in anime, where female voice actors play them instead of actual kids, but on a few instances, it was less obvious and it made me remember helping out at the Japanese preschool I went to. X3
    I just love kids, so maybe that’s what hit me in the end…

    Ioryogi-san’s voice is starting to convince me, but if I heard a Drama CD (or if I simply close me eyes), I would still see Kurogane…
    Kobato-chan’s voice is still perfect (thank you, Hanazawa-san, for using such a sweet voice for your slice-of-life characters!).
    I can’t wait to see Chii~


  5. Thanks so much for posting the links ^^ I think the soundtrack was well used also =] Match the anime so much, the soft music,,I am used to most seiyuus now,,,but not yet get over the Kuropuu as Ioryogi one =____= I love the cast really…it’s so attractive as new casts are announced ^_^


  6. this episode is very adorable. i always have a warm feeling after watching the episodes. πŸ˜€

    the animation is very well done, the characters are awesome (except this random punk dude o.O), the soundtracks fit in the scenes, and i love the storyboard here. the scene with Toshihiko is heart-warming. i know, call me a baby, but i almost got teary-eyed in that scene. i guess it’s becuz i’ve been through a similar situation. πŸ™‚ gak! i just love those kids. XD

    the girl in the preview looks like Yuzuriha-chan to me. o.O can’t wait for the next episode! πŸ™‚


  7. The episode was amazingly cute! =)

    Not sure I liked the Punk dude addition, that dude is so not “Kobato.” if you know what I mean xD
    I didn’t really like it either.. like, what was the point of that O___O

    Mm, the music they use is sweet and very Kobato-ish, if you know what I mean. My fave’s probably the OP right now though ^^


  8. I’m halfway (I hope I catch up by next week)…

    I’m watching it raw, and I’m starting to understand some stuff (makes me wanna go back to Japanese classes). I must say that altough the visuals are SO AWESOME for a TV series, and character design is so carefully done, and it’s such a festival of CUTENESS (melts), I was kinda disappointed with episode one… It seemed kinda… dumber than the manga (don’t kill me, my student watched and said the same, and I promise I didn’t influence her opinion).

    Episode 2 is really making me think again about watching the rest. I like the way Kobato was introduced to the nursery school, and it was really poignant the way the scriptwriter portrayed children, asking questions about parents (and identifying with her since they also have no father and no mother, or at least CLAMP hasn’t said anything about angels having parents).

    Well, I may have got it wrong, since my Japanese is monosyllabic. XDDDDDD

    See ya next episode



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