Newtype #11 scans

Here and here are two scans from this month’s issue of Newtype magazine, one of them featuring a brand new illustration by CLAMP!

Click on the “Original image” link to check the scan on its original size =)

Special thanks to Aurelia for uploading them and letting me know!


11 thoughts on “Newtype #11 scans

  1. *o*

    They are too pretty *O* And Kobato is too kawaii *O* I love Kobatoooo *O* Ah! Yesterday I watched the first episode of Kobato and it was very good! I think Kobato is a best at the animes of CLAMP, because Kobato and all the characters have something important to teach us, in other words, Kobato. is a life lesson! ^-^

    Ahhh! ChibiYuuto-san! Could you answer two questions to me? When the second episode wiil be released on Japan? (’cause I really want to see *O*) And, are the episodes weekly?

    Byeee ~


  2. oh who’s gonna eat that loaf of baguette that just had a bird perching on it? XD but that picture is cute though. 🙂

    okay so they change the clothes for kobato. 🙂 that’s good! it looks adorable! i love what everyone looks in that magazine scan, especially ioryogi and the kids. XD i just wanna cuddle them!


  3. ** VAChE **
    Hi chibi Yuuto! ^^

    wow! the images are gorgeous! *O* thanks for sharing ^^

    mmmm…well…I don’t know japanese…so I don’t know if I’m right or wrong (I think most probably wrong u__u)…but I think you named 4 seiyuus in your previous post and in the image there are 6 names…I’m really sorry if I’m saying something stupid O///O maybe they’re just already known seiyuus…it just caught my eye u___u…

    Thank you as always for the news! ^___^


    • You’re right! One of the names is Nakajima Megumi, whom we already know, but the other is Takashi’s seiyuu, who’s Kamiya Hiroshi.

      Thank you for pointing that out, I didn’t realize before! So Takashi’s appearing too o.o!!


      • ** VAChE **

        oh thank you very much! I’m glad I didn’t say something stupid ^.^ so Takashi is also appearing…wow that’s great…it means the series won’t be too different from the manga.
        I like Kamiya Hiroshi…he played Natsume Yuujinchoo’s lead role, Takashi Natsume ^_____^

        Muchas gracias 😀


    • yeah,,I am so happy to see that Hiroshi Kamiya will also appear in Kobato,,as Takashi Doumoto >///< I noticed that only when reading Newtype too…Now the cast is much stronger than before and my love for Kobato anime has increased much!!!! *fangirling*


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