Kobato. TV Anime #03 RAW (Updated)

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I didn’t like very much the fact that Chitose’s introduction was made in such a moody episode (due to all the rain xD). I had pictured a sunny xD

I was concerned about Chitose’s voice, but I think it fits =D

Nice to see Ueda there! (and his lost umbrella xD) I guess we will have that Christmas episode on Christmas time. He looked rather weird though (not good-looking enough xD)

As I thought, they replaced Hinata for the look-alike girl (only in appearance xD). I believe this change was made so that they could focus on the girl and make Kobato heal her. In terms of writing an anime episode, it would be better than just put there a cameo appearance and let the episode feeling incomplete.

I do hope on another rainy episode we get to see Hinata sharing her umbrella with Asou xD

But yey Piffle Princess store is there! ♥

I LOVED the scene with Kobato arriving late at Yomogi Nursery School, the pinching was so cuuuuute XD

Yay for Chise and Chiho! They look adorable and their cheeks look pinchable. I noticed, however, that they didn’t mention their “papa” as in the manga. I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Icchan (I had hopes for the anime).

Surprised to see Kohaku and Shuuichirou making such an early appearance! And looks like they will appear some more in the next episode.

Clearly Kobato.’s anime adaptation will be very similar to CCS in terms of series composition. We all saw this coming with only 4 volumes out and 24 episodes scheduled. Not only I think Kobato will heal more people (just like the CCS anime had more Clow cards) but also some events will happen in a different order.

But so far so great! I’m enjoying even though it’s different from the manga. It’s a different kind of “different”, it’s like CCS if you know what I mean XD


51 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #03 RAW (Updated)

  1. Kobato episode 03

    The new episode was so adorable! Though I was also a bit sad, that they didn’t show Hina-chan…
    I had to laugh so badly when Ioryogi-san was angry with Kobato! The Szene in the Appartment…for a moment it was like a horror-film XD I was really scared of Ioryogi-san for this short sequence!
    And Kohakus early appeareance surprised me completely! But I’m so happy


    • Re: Kobato episode 03

      I hope Kobato and Kohaku will sing a duett together! That would be awesome 🙂

      I think that might happen! =)

      I also love Madhouse, it’s no secret xD I think they have what it takes to animate CLAMP =)


      • Re: Kobato episode 03

        I can’t wait for it *o* The music up until now truely amazed me 🙂 “Ashita kuru hi” was already wonderful and to think of a song for Kobato and Kohaku…Hopefully, we’re goinging to hear that song soon


  2. I liked the episode except for everything related to the random girl and her random non-boyfriend (=w=U I’ve never been fond of fillers with random characters, and that’s one thing I loved about Kobato manga: even though they could add tons of normal people Kobato could heal, they go straight to the plot + steady characters’ feelings and sub-plots.

    I really hope episodes like this won’t happen very often ;;;

    My favourite was indeed Kobato arriving late and being abused by Fujimoto *laughs* And it’s not because I’m a Fujibato fan, the scene was super cute and Kobato’s voice sounded lovely.

    I’m satisfied with Chitose, I think she looked super pretty! Chiho and Chise’s voices bugged me a bit though o.o;


    • I didn’t feel too much sympathy for the random characters either…

      I really hope episodes like this won’t happen very often ;;;

      I hope I’m wrong but something tells me that we will see more of those xD

      I couldn’t agree more about the scene where she is late. The cuteness was at the right level!


  3. But it isn’t OMG BAD FILLER like the god-awful BeeTrain Wreck Tsubasa Chronicle was

    Exactly… and Ohkawa is on the staff, which wasn’t the case for Tsubasa ¬¬

    I never thought CCS had filler

    I know! Because they blend original manga elements so the episode doesn’t look like a filler =)


    • neither do i, i never thinked of fillers when i was watching CCS, i loved every single episode. And Ohkawa was in the cast
      Really? ohkawa-sama wasn’t with tsubasa’s stuff? o_o i see…
      I loved this episode, i was screaming when i saw kohaku, it was great! and the fujibato’s scene is pure love *O*


  4. I liked the episode. I think Kobato’s meeting with Hinata-lookalike happened too early though, because Kobato compared boyfriend-kun with Fujimoto, but so far there was zero development between Fujibato. It’s kind of weird that we had two episodes of Fujimoto acting like a jerk, but now the anime basically tells you “But he’s only mean to her because he loves her!”. I would have liked Hinata-lookalike’s story much better if it had happened later.

    I like Hinata-lookalike though, dunno why. I wouldn’t mind if she stuck around.
    And the pinching scene was adorable. And Mihara family, yay! 😀


  5. ** VAChE **


    OMG! fanservice episode!!…so many crossovers *-*
    I think watching CCS anime first was a big advantage, even though the anime adaptation of the series was great, I think we would have watched it and analyze it as we do with Kobato.’s one. I know what you mean with the different kind of “different” I think if I had watched Kobato.’s anime series before the manga’s one I’d loved the series as much as I did with CCS (GOD this sounds a bit confusing…I’m sorry u__u)

    Madhouse please add Icchan to the series…even if it’s just a family picture!!! let’s hope we’ll see them together maybe on a Christmas episode *-*…I wanted to see the Mihara family since Chobits…and that picture with his hiden face doesn’t count for me u__ú

    And finally…why is Kobato. wearing the pink dress AGAIN in the next episode? ¬¬

    Lovely episode, it’s a pleasure watching the series ^^


  6. This episode was adorable!

    It’s a shame the filler girl wasn’t Hinata, but I didn’t mind the random insertion of a new character to heal. It was a bit strange to see the matchmaking plot, but it wasn’t horrendous!

    I like the way Kobato found her way to Chitose’s apartment block. It makes sense that Sakaya takes her there. And it’s never explained how she pays for anything in the manga…I assume Chitose is letting her lodge in return for working at the Nursery from this episode (which wouldn’t work in the manga since she was at the apartment first)?

    I like Chitose’s voice (and the Chii twins!). Fujimoto seemed to…fit more this week, too. I think his voice is settling into my head!

    I love the use of the Wisteria Frame in the park. It makes me wonder how much Wish we’ll actually GET in this anime. (COME ON ANGEL MASTERS!!! I WANT TOUKI AND RANSHOU!!!)


    • I agree that Sayaka taking her to Chitose’s apartment complex looked more logical, but I love the manga version as well xD

      And it’s never explained how she pays for anything in the manga…I assume Chitose is letting her lodge in return for working at the Nursery from this episode

      LOL Word on never explainig how she pays the bills. We will probably find out in the end of the manga that it was a debt that Chitose had with Yuuko or something XDDD

      And I think we will be getting a LOT of Wish in this anime o.o


  7. waiiii Kohaku-chan *-*¡¡¡¡ Shuichiro-san¡¡¡¡ you made my day much better¡¡¡¡ *hugs*

    Kobato face expressions so cute *-*

    Chise, Chiho and Chitose-san looks so adorable (specialy twin sisters)

    I can’t wait for the next episode (i would like to hear Kobato and Kohaku sing Together *-*)

    see you



  8. I noticed, however, that they didn’t mention their “papa” as in the manga. I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Icchan (I had hopes for the anime).

    >Gack! So did I! He must be inside Piffle Princess, throwing octopi at employees as penalties and making impossibly cute things inspired by his impossibly cute daughters working hard. XDD


  9. Loving it so far, but the Wish cameo threw me off since I wasn’t expecting it this soon. But as I was reading the comments someone was mentioning how they would love to see the angel masters in there and to which I say BRING ON THE CROSSOVERS! I wonder why Wish never was made into an anime, it’s short, slightly BL, a decent story, I guess CLAMP wasn’t such a big thing back then?
    Hmm, think I need a new Kobato avatar soon…


  10. I also thought this ep showed that Kobato’s looking like CCS, with the semi-filler episodes. Still as has been said they don’t feel as obviously filler as TRC so I’m happy =)

    I thought Chise/Chiho looked a bit strange but maybe I’m just not used to normal ears..

    I was surprised they had the Wish crossover so soon too! Hopefully the next ep will have more to do with them as well ^^


  11. THAT was unexpected.

    I didn’t really expected to see Shuuichirou in this series. Let me elaborate . . . I didn’t expect to see THIS Shuuichirou in this series. Now that I know how that part of the plot ends, I’m really depressed. (Unless that’s Suuichirou number 2 all grown up and looking manly, then I’m squealing, which I was anyway since he has such a sexy voice!)

    Still, as happy as I am to see Kohaku (a huge favorite, doesn’t she/he look absolutely ADORABLE?), I’m somewhat disappointed that they’re making filler and they STILL haven’t introduced plot-important characters like Okiura and his yakuza goons and Ginsei (and Genko, but he shows up later).

    I mean, we get hints about one an episode about Sayaka-sensei’s problem, but there’s NOTHING there. One of the reasons Fujimoto warms up to Kobato is because she defends Sayaka, tries her hardest for the school (like with the gazebo), and bonds well with the kids.

    Still, I’m curious about ep 4. The previews show a lot of Kohaku (YAY!) But I’m very curious to see Ioryogi’s reaction, since it’s clear that he knows her. Is it next week yet?


  12. I do hope on another rainy episode we get to see Hinata sharing her umbrella with Asou xD

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I was kind of annoyed they didn’t have Hinata and Asou in this episode, but seeing Kohaku and Shuichiro at the end kinda made up for it 😀 I wonder how the crossover between the two series will pan out~


  13. I really love this anime and the manga! but rereading kobato and watching it makes me think about kobato’s wish. I wonder where she wants to go, but she doesn’t mention really staying in this mysterious place… she just wants to go there…


  14. I’ve tried to read this and now I’ve been trying to watch it… hoping I would like it better than the manga (which I don’t like) but unfotunately I felt no improvement. And that seiyuu who plays Kobato made my ears hurt.

    Why, CLAMP? Why? It’s not that I’m annoyed by the overdose of moe, I loved CCS and Wish which had a huge amount of MOE, but I seriously don’t get this manga, its story, its characters, nothing.

    So this was a filler? It felt like something out of the manga, to me. However, it was worth watching because of the 10 seconds where Kohaku appears. So well, I will force myself to watch it just to see Kohaku, but I’m a bit a annoyed about this series getting a 24 ep anime series o_o I seriously don’t get it. Oh well, I guess it has its public.


    • I’m sad to read this, I really am xD You know how I want you to get back to the fandom, but oh well.

      At least wait for the episode where the Green Drugstore will show up!!!

      And this wasn’t really a total filler. It had both original elements and manga elements =)


      • I thought it was not a total filler because I remembered some of the elements.

        And I will go back to the fandom someday… when CLAMP releases something that I find interesting! In the meantime I will just read xxxHOLiC (never stopped liking that one) and watch the scenes from Kobato where Kohaku appears, hehehe. I’m also looking forward to the ep with the Green Drugstore of course XD


  15. Next episode…

    Cool, seeing Kohaku and Seichirou in the of 3rd episode was a great surprise!
    Next episode, Kobato meets Kohaku again but she doesn’t understand why Kohaku cry when the tree’s leafs fall with the wind… Kobato will become friend of Kohaku to try heal his heart (I know in USA Kohaku receive the “she” but Kohaku is treated like a boy and he dress like boy, his relation with Shuichirou is a autentic “shonen ai” of CLAMP).


    • Re: Next episode…

      Well, actually, Kohaku is treated as a neutral gender character. Neither a boy nor a girl since angels have no sex. Its hairdo and clothing is somewhere between a girl’s and a boy’s, like every other angels. It got manly hips, but girly shoulder. So it’s not authentic “shonen ai”, but they’re cute none the less. ^_~


  16. I’m loving this anime so much… It’s so alike CCS, all the cuteness, all these nice things. I’m in love with the anime. Actually I’m liking the anime better than manga’s, much, much more.
    Well, I hope they’ll find out a way to tell us Wish’s story. I don’t believe Wish or Suki will get an anime anyway so it’s better if they could blend the mangas’ stories into only one. Maybe in the next season we may have Suki story so It’d be perfect, having these stories animated in another manga’s anime xD.
    I love Suki and Wish much more than other Clamp famous, I prefer them to CCS, TRC, Angelic Layer and many others.


  17. Really cute episode! ^_^

    Really enjoying this anime so far. Ioryogi is the best! Kobato is hilarious, but her “plushie” is so stealing the show. ^_^

    I hope we’ll see the nepharious Kouryuu in the next episode. Love that demon. ^_^


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