Tsubasa Chronicle #2 Review

“So weird”… that phrase was in my head during the whole episode. Okay, I do know that 1st episodes tends to have prettier animation and also that the staff is not composed by only one animator, but man, in this episode the difference is so evident… it’s not just one scene or another, is weird from the beginning to the end…

The big review at the beginning of the episode was good for the people who are watching the anime (only), so that they can remember who are them and what they are doing there. But it was a bit too long and I hope Tsubasa doesn’t follow the same path as Rayearth (to have big reviews at the beginning of every episode).

The weirdness starts right on the 2nd scene, where we see Yuuko greeting Syaoran and co.

This is not Yuuko… >.<

I mean, look at those two… His eyes are not as great as in the previous episode (they seem so tiny), his nose is absolutely weird and his hair is so spiky, big and messy >.<

Mainly her nose… her nose surely doesn’t fit… the rest of the head is okay.

This scene is one if the weirdest, look at: Yuuko’s hand (if is what we can call “hand”), Yuuko and Syaoran’s profile >.__<

Yey! They showed her asking for Watanuki to pick the Mokonas ^__^ And Maru and Moro carrying him ^o^

As you already have noticed, I was affected most of all with Yuuko… she’s different in each new angle.

Okay, what’s with the 5 sec pause? o.o

That scene, spite of Yuuko been weird again, she’s not funny enough… not “grinny” enough.

She’s looking like a snake in here, beware, she’s going to bite you XD

Okay, why Maru and Moro and here and Watanuki is not? o.O This is weird… in the manga they all came together…

Here !!! This is one of the FEW caps Yuuko is good… she has the perfect “mood” in her face, eyes and her hair is also good.

This is one thing I noticed, that she changes her expression when talking about Syaoran’s price, showing her kindness. Good work, Bee Train!

This is like (until now) totally made up by Bee Train. Could it be after Clow’s death, Touya assuming the power? It could be the birds scene… it was so pretty.

Here, again, this is a gooood cap of Yuuko… she’s perfect in here… the right nose/mouth/hair/eyes.

And here’s Watanuki ! He’s a bit weird too… but at least he’s with his “whatthiscrazywitchisdoingnow?” face. Also, his glasses are not round. He only said two “Hai” in the whole episode but I think I liked his seiyuu ^^

Mokona jumping reminded me of Pikachu jumping XDDDD and I loved the little sound they made ^0^

This scene is very cool because Yuuko’s seiyuu is sooo strong, just like how I imagined… proving that she can be a good Yuuko

VERY good! I’m happy they showed it ^_^

I’m also happy they’ve kept that scene ^_^

No, you are not watching Loop XDDD 3D effects, 3D effects… they were good, though.

Okay, this happened in the whole episode as well… what’s with the big piece of hair in his face? >.<

Masayoshi is just great… of course, he’s easy to draw XD

Shougo looks very good!

Enough of caps, I’ll talk about the episode now… Well… you may say I’m a freaky with those chara designs things… but well, I am. I like a good well-draw thing (that’s why I love CLAMP, ne?). A bad trace just bugs me… and it doesn’t necessarily needs to be THAT faithful to the original author, but at least it should be pretty. And I didn’t feel that during the whole episode… it seemed that the animators wanted to go home and have s*x with their wives ¬¬ Really… as I said above, I know the staff is composed by a lot of people but it doesn’t need to look THAT ugly… I hope it’s only on that episode (right on the one that Yuuko shows up the most). I don’t remember seeing AL with that big change of styles, nor X or Chobits >.< (I remember one in CCS in the 3rd season where she's seeing her grandpa again, but that was only that).

If I hated the chara design, I loved the script, on the other hand… because the scenes and phrases AGAIN were MUCH like the ones in the manga. And I really appreciatte that. Some changes happened, mainly from the Hanshin part and on, I believe the most noticed was Sorata and Arashi absence.
I was so pissed when I saw that, but now that I know that they WILL appear later, I'm much relieved.

I also don’t remember seeing the city a bit destroyed as it is in the manga. But the scenario is really faithful to the original one (you can see the dragon and the crab ^^ I’m still looking for CCD’s mascot, though).

I’m surprised by having Yuuko in the commercial break image o.o since I guess everybody else thought it was gonna be Sakura.

The seiyuus and very good indeed, IMO. Now that Yuuko spoke more, I do think she’s great (as I said, she can look strong if she wants). Masayoshi and Shougo’s ones are just perfect! I’m not THAT used to Mokona’s one… but I’ll get used to (sometimes she’s funny XD).

They should indeed do something with the lack of humor… is something that is missing, really.

With some weird change of script (all in the Hanshin country part. On the other hand I liked they’ve kept the script on the 1st part), and a bad chara design, I’ll give to this episode a 6 out of 10 grade.

Seeing the preview for the next episode, apparently, they are looking a bit better (with the exception of Kurogane >.< What's that head?), and I'm happy that they are gonna add Kurogane's flashback on it.

35 thoughts on “Tsubasa Chronicle #2 Review

  1. I recognized Masayoshi’s seiyuu and knew Shougo’s too, I’m happy ^_^ The animation looked weird to me, too, I hope it’s only this episode. xP But otherwise, I liked it, even the script changes were nice – even though I was cracking during the ‘gasp, Sakura’s feather flew away, I gotta catch iiiiit’-scene xD But, there are six groups subbing TRC. Hard.


  2. They were stoned, man. That explains everything. That’s why the aura was all rainbow-ish, they had some LSD when they were drawing and painting.

    I still don’t know about Yuuko’s seiyuu, though. Maybe because she had to dub a stick figure instead of a character, and that repulsed me so much I’m starting to be nauseous about everything about it and didn’t pay attention. I mean, she wasn’t that bad, but I need to see her in the movie, with a good character design, to make a judgement.

    Watanuki’s seiyuu is a heck of an actor. I just finished watching Gankutsuou, where he did one of the main characters, and he’s awesome in drama. He also can do funny, too, since he did a minor character in Bleach and he gets to scream once and… XD I’m really glad he’s voicing him, after all. Have you downloaded the ripped sound clips I made a while back? I can give you the link, if you want.

    it seemed that the animators wanted to go home and have s*x with their wives ¬¬
    XDDD No, they needed their fixes of crack. Because nobody can make those psychodelic aurora rainbows while sober.


  3. “First episode is over, bring in the Second String Animators and Interns!”

    I’ve seen worse off-modelness (*coughsaiyukicough*) but still, yeah, it’s never a pretty site. Ever. I just wanted to take a pair of scissors to Fai’s hair and snip off that dangling peice…

    So if episode 3 is Kuro-chan, then that means episode 4 is Fai?



    • “First episode is over, bring in the Second String Animators and Interns!”

      *nods a thousand times*

      This is soooo true… it’s just the perfect phrase to discrib this episode T__T

      >So if episode 3 is Kuro-chan, then that means episode 4 is Fai?
      It seems so ^__^


  4. Umm, hai ^^;; As a CLAMP obsessee I usually pop here once in a while to read you, but I’m too shy to comment most of the time.

    I think the problem with character designs are that BeeTrain is sometimes unable to mix their usual style (as seen in .hack, Noir, Arc the Lad, Avenger, Madlax…), which is actually pretty -at least I think so- with CLAMP’s unique style. BeeTrain’s style is much less shoujo, so drawing bigger eyes, pointed faces and rather skinny bodies (but certainly not as skinny as they made them >_


    • Very nice to meet you! Always good to know CLAMP fans ^__^

      >but I’m too shy to comment most of the time.
      please don’t worry about ut ^__^

      Yeah, it’s all Bee Train’s fault and their stupid animators…
      I’m not against the change of staff… just, don’t screw it up so hard >.<
      And I do agree with the lack of emotions as well… I wish it could have a lot more of humor, irony and also blushness

      And no I wouldn't mind if you friend me at all ^_^


  5. so that explains why i’ve been hearing “noir”-like music lately! it’s beeTrain’s fault! -__-;; the only thing really bugging me about the anime is the way they messed up yuuko (i don’t like the seiyuu much either *don’t kill me*) and the music. *shudder* i respect kajiura yuki but i don’t think the church choir-like songs fit with tsubasa.


    • I didn’t like the church choir that much too! I also think it doesn’t fit that much… but the ones of episode 1 were good. Only in this episode that they added a MUCH choir music


  6. is it just me…or is mokona abnomrally HUGE in the anime?
    There are some scenes, where mokona is soo big..i get scared.O_O I looked through my Tsubasa book, and mokona is soo much smaller in the manga, which i really liked O_O


  7. I like the way Shougo looks. ^^ If Sorata and Arashi will be showing up later, then I’m not so irritated with the second episode…but I wish Yuuko had been portrayed better.


    • That’s just my opinion ^__^ I was much more pissed off when I thought Sorashi wouldn’t be there… but now that I know that they will, I’m only unconfortable with the chara design *sigh*


  8. Tsubasa

    I believe that they would have to accept the errors in the design of Characters and the adaptation of history, and “to enjoy” the anime of Tsubasa, since still they lack many episodes to see.

    Nobody is perfect, all world commits errors.


    • Re: Tsubasa

      its not a matter of the animation i guess. it is a darn good manga. clamps drawing style is hard to mimic. but this. is total mockery. episode one was okay. chibi you missed out on the screenshots of fye. even if u remove his hair he looks like a monkey. the only character they did okay was kurogane cos i guess its the easiest to draw among the 7 (including yuko and co).

      hope episode 3 will be better. this is such a letdown… and also. they did adapt the main points. but they missed out the X factor of the anime. the irony, the contrasts as well as the jokes and all the other things…

      would agree that the added scene is okay. but the pauses were so. so. (no word to put here, not only the kurogane one, the yuuko ones). its like they cut images left and right and its static. no change in expression. sad.


      • Re: Tsubasa

        Kurogane is the best looking………..yet…
        Wait and see episode 3… he’s small head is awfully bad…

        And I know that the studio changes the staff often, but that didn’t happen with X, AL or Chobits… you could well say “That’s a different staff”, but still, they had a parameter to follow, it didn’t look much different from the original one…

        But this one for tsubasa is just disappointing.


  9. I think that the problem of this serie is that the same studio is working in 2 proyects at the same time.

    When i watched the illustrations for the magazines i thought that it hasen’t a lot of work… they seem screenshots.

    I hope that, if the TV serie has audience and popularity, the animation and design become better.


    • Clamp fans?

      You do not seem fans of CLAMP…

      If they do not like Tsubasa, simply they do not see it.

      I recommend to them to GAINAX, is far better that CLAMP.


  10. Hey, you people don’t have to be so perfectionist. Many anime studios, depending on the budget they have, increase or decrese the animation in some scenes. Plus, Bee Train habitaul style uses to.. kind of deform people on different angles. I think lots of people put a lot of expectations in Bee Train making a PERFECT adaptation (notice the word adaptation of Tsubasa anime. I didn’t, and I’m enjoying it.

    What is more… Tsubasa itself isn’t CLAMP best series AT ALL! It’s just an “ohmygodwehavebecomefamousletsdosomethinghalfdecentandgetalotofmoney” work. Where’s their old-style stories? From X on, they have decreased in many aspects, increased in many others. I like CLAMP, and I’m critical enough to point this out.

    I also like Bee Train, and I’m critical too to point they use to change styles from angles to other angles, to put music way too loud or to use static scenes. Plus, we can’t force a character designer to copy millimetrically CLAMP’s style, since it’s impossible to do (greys, hair, effects…).

    Let’s remember the case of X anime. Mad House is also famous for its quality productions, but lots of people complained about the way they adapted the manga, the design certain character had, the fact some things were different form the manga, the ending, etc. I ENJOYED the anime. Of course it woul’ve great to see CLAMP Campus Detectives grown up, Fuuma’s frog, the teenager character’s life in CLAMP Campus (With the uniform, of course xD), but I liked the series altogether. X is my favourite CLAMP series, and I didn’t go all “ARGH!” when I saw the missed something, or when Kamui looked just “who is this boy?!”.

    My recommendation: Watch Tsubasa, Read Tsubasa, and enjoy both of them. Don’t go “OMG they did that” or “OMG they didn’t do that”, else you won’t enjoy the anime adaptation at all. Be critical, like chibiyuuto did, noticing “uh… this wasn’t exactly like that in the manga” or “hey, I liked that, good point!”, but don’t choose opposite opinions (“I hate Tsubasa anime/Bee Train” or “It’s CLAMP + Bee Train, then I MUST love it or else!”. ~_^

    PS: I’m scared if Tsubasa is 26 eps long and they have to make up an ending… I still remember hordes of X fans swearing at Mad House for the ending -which I kinda liked-… >____


    • hey hey hey, I’m sorry I’ll have to disagree with you.

      I hated the chara design and that’s in IN MY OPINION. period.

      I don’t care if the money is low or high… the thing is that it’s really screwed and that big change didn’t happen with studios like Madhouse.

      And a big NO, Tsubasa is not an “ohmygodwehavebecomefamousletsdosomethinghalfdecentandgetalotofmoney” work. Is something CLAMP always wanted to do and it has a story behind it (a good one).

      And, from X on CLAMP’s quality works decreased? What about Clover, MKR, CCS? No no no…

      And I’m not saying for them to copy CLAMP’s style… the 1st episode was absolutely great (with the exception of Yuuko) and it wasn’t a 100% CLAMP-esque.

      And thank you for the comment… I’m not that radical at all… to say OMG I HATE BEE TRAIN BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T MAKE YUUKO’S EYE RED ENOUGH….
      I mean, I know not everything will be the same since it’s an adaptation and I’m okay with that…. just… what REALLY bugs me is the art of the chara design… THAT’s what concearns me… it’s just really *yuck* to see a bad chara design. The script can even be somehow different from the manga, it’s okay, but pleeease, stick to the good Chara design of the 1st episode -__-


      • You would scare yourself if you read what some people around the net have written about Tsubasa anime ^^U Mainly I amuse myself with people who start to say they hate Bee Train (without even having watched Noir, nor .hack, their best series) because thet didn’t draw Sakura’s eyes CLAMP style, or because they imagined Fye white-haired ^^U

        Concerning the money, it sure matters: Naruto (Studio Pierrot), for example, depending on the episodes the animation goes up and down. Luckily enough, they reserve the good quality (so, more money) for the important scenes. Because, cruel reality, anime costs money and generates money. It’s just that. Of course people who work in animation studios like their work (it’s a VERY hard one, imagine drawing each frame >__


        • I know the Money MATTERS… it’s ALL about money… but when I said that I didn’t care if the money is high or low, I was meaning “It’s ugly and that’s it. Independent of having or not money, it’s ugly” (I was making an statement of the episode).

          I surely see CLAMP’s process of evolving in a totally different way. But i’s okay, you have your opinion and I have mine ^^

          As for your advice, thank you but you really didn’t need to give me that… I’ve watched all CLAMP animes (with the exception of CCD and Rayearth – INCOMPLETES) and I know very well that when it comes to anime, it’s MUCH likely that the final result will differ greatly from the manga and, most of the times, in a worse way than the original manga itself. ^^


  11. I can deal with almost all the weirdness…the only thing that angers me is what they did to Yuuko. She is one of my favorite characters and she deserves a better animation.


  12. Realmente, esta não é a Yuuko -__-‘ Ela está estranha… Mas como ainda não assisti… Só espero que a Yuuko do movie fique melhor que essa u.u
    Uma amiga me disse que o Touya não está parecendo o Touya ^^” O Shougo ficou bem bacana XD
    Não vejo a hora de assistir mas com essa conexão jurássica T__T

    Estou voltando depois do meu micro ter me deixado na mão por uma semana ¬¬


    • Yup, I was going to comment on that, too. Let’s hope in XXXHolic movie -movie animation quality!- they will make a OMGImsocynicallygorgeous!Yuuko *_*

      (I know it’s bad manners replying in another language, but I can’t speak Portuguese… >< just English and Spanish -of curse, I'm Spanish-, sorry ^^UUU)


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