Tsubasa will take a rest on this next Shonen Magazine issue (number 21, out on April 20th), but it’ll return on the next edition, which is double (number 22 & 23, out on April 27th) and it’ll keep on track for the following issue (number 24th, out on May 11th). That’s it for Tsubasa.

XXXHOLiC‘s new chapter has finally been announced ! I was worried before but now I get that this is because volume 6 has just ended, and this break was the “normal” rest between volumes. May 9th is the actual date and it’ll feature 2 color pages (beginning of volume 7, big chapter, yey!)

My most-waited CLAMP No Kiseki issue is finally getting close to it’s release date, and the cover has been announced! But you do know how CLAMP-NET is evil and won’t show scans bigger than one inch. Here’s the cover:

It’s featuring Kamui and Fuuma wearing King costumes (as their chess pieces represent the Kings). Kamui is above wearing this big, fancy cloak (a King’s one) and Fuuma is on the downside. This cover is THE good because while Kamui’s cloak is black and it’s furry is white, Fuuma’s one is white and it’s furry is black *loves paradoxes >..< *steps down*).

One thing I just didn't… "catch", was the use of the green… o.o I mean, X's main colors are red and black… this green seem a bit weird, doesn't it?

And now I wonder… next issue has Miyuki-chan, Shirahime Syo and the second part of X. But X can't feature the cover again… and Shirahime Syo is not one of the pieces… will Miyuki-chan be all by herself on the cover o.O

Changing to Sweet Valerian, CLAMP will draw the 1st DVD BOX’s cover and here’s a tiny sample:

They DO look AWESOME, don’t they? They are so cool ! All big o.o Please if someone find a better picture of this, please let me know ^^

That’s it for April ^^ I’ll see you in May!

33 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS!!

  1. The X cover looks good, from what little can be seen of it. ^_^ I’m so glad Kamui and Fuuma are on the cover. Wonder who’ll be on the next Kiseki cover?


      • ditto on that. but it seems rather strange that miyuki’s going to be all by herself. maybe someone else from the manga will keep her company ^_^. After all, they had Lan with Suu and Hokuto instead of Seishirou.

        a black cover, i didn’t see that coming.


  2. Sweet Valerian info

    I have 12 episodes of Sweet Valerian and…it’s…mmhh…a “special” kind of anime…^^;; the episodes are more or less 3-4 minutes long.

    I will resume you the three first eps :

    01_ep:introduction of the…”story”…and the characters in bunny form.

    02_ep:”Cell phone stress” –> peoples(young ones in general) make tooooo much noise with their cell phones and an old man who was walking his dog in the park snaps and evils who were passing by O_o take advantage of the old man stress and transforms him into a giant cell phone monster. So the three heroines Kanoko, Pop and Kate transforms into Valerians, cute bunny warriors appearing at times of troubles to defeat him.

    03_ep:”Bargain sale stress” –> again a stress case with a little girl (Mina-chan) being a victim of an overflowing commercial center. In the end, Mina-chan was able to buy the one piece dress she wanted…

    note : The transformation items are: a flower bracelet, digital-clock wristband, and compact.

    oficial site :
    sites :
    –>pics of ep_02 and review.

    ps to chibiyuuto : if you want me to describe all 12 eps + screenshots for everyone to be able to have some info about this serie in your journal, just ask me ^^


    • Re: Sweet Valerian info

      Thank you for your effort… but I wouldn’t want to ask you this, I mean, it is something to do review and screenshots for something like Sweet Valerian… But if you do I wouldn’t mind reading them, though, since I’ve only watched 3 episodes, I guess…


      • Re: Sweet Valerian info

        12 episodes!… U_U I only could find 9 TTT_TTT.
        It’s an unusual anime, but I think the designs are absolutely kawaii *___________* like 60’s popart drawings.
        I would like to see the big dvd box’s cover too.


        • Re: Sweet Valerian info

          The thing is I have them fansubbed in french…it’s no problem for me since it’s my first language but…I guess most of you need english if I’m not mistaken ^^;; Personnaly,I almost NEVER download french fansub(don’t ask me why…)but I could only find ’till ep04 in english so…no other choice ;__;
          SweeT Valerian was never released before in dvd,wasn’t it?


          • Re: Sweet Valerian info

            I saw french fansub in emule, but I don’t speak french U_U. Anyway if nobody fansub more episodes in english, I downolad french ones ^^UUUUU .

            I’m not sure, but I think there are few episodes to release a DVD… 0ô, and they are so little time… U_U


  3. on the clamp anniversary site, it shows Kamui is the black king. will Fuuma be the white king? If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean Syaoran will also be black (since there are two white queens and one black)


    • Re: TSUBASA 02 raw

      The anime is starting to look different from the manga, don’t you think?
      No Sorata, no Arashi, they encountered the gangs and the boy before anything, no change of clothes, Shaoran use his kudan right here right now *almost* as if nothing…But I like TRC so much that I just can’t honestly complain about it ;____; It’s a well done anime and all, if the only thing is that they don’t exactly follow the manga, I guess it’s no big deal…for the time being that is; because if they start having fun making significative changes…


  4. Kamui and Fuuma

    I can´t wait about this release!!! >00-0-0<
    I want to see the "Bishop-Picture" from Subaru und Seishiro! *–* Yeeeeeeeeeeees… that will be good! But, it´s only a to good dream, right? *ahaha* -_-"""
    So i sit here and wait for new news. *rofl*


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