CLAMP exposition to be held in Paris

In addition to CLAMP’s appearance in this year’s edition of Japan Expo in France, there’s going to be a CLAMP exposition in Paris at La Galerie des Bibliothèques.

The exhibition will run from July 3 to September 27 and will feature CLAMP’s original art (colored and black and white) sorted by themes. Screening of CLAMP’s animes and discussion groups are also scheduled.

For more details (such as address and prices) check here.

The exhibition is said to be an extension of the one that happened last year at the Bande Dessinée festival, with Julien Bastide and Nathalie Bougon repeating their roles as curators.

14 thoughts on “CLAMP exposition to be held in Paris

  1. Can’t believe i’ll be in paris when clamp are there. But i’ll be in Disneyland and no one i’m going with will even think about going anywhere else whilst we’re there. *cries*


  2. Oh my god ! I’ll definitely go ! Plus it’s so close to my appartement, like 15/20minutes far from it. That’s very good news ! No doubt I’ll take pictures (well, let’s hope I can XD I will even if I can’t =X) and share them !


  3. I just envy those who can go soooooo much, I am much closer to Japan than Europe, but Clamp they just don’t have this kind of public appearance and exhibition back in Japan >.<

    Hopefully, there will be people who can go and I put my hopes on some photos and pics of these events…


  4. The most amazing is the way you are informed of this sort of thing before we, who live in Paris, are! lol!

    Well, I’ll make sure to go and to take pictures if you are allowed to. People coming to Paris for Japan Expo might be able to go too!


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