XXXHOLiC Movie Torrent + CLAMP on the rankingS

For those who still don’t know, XXXHOLiC’s movie torrent has showed up and you can download it here (Thank you hiragizawa-san ^_~)

This is NOT a rip from the DVD (which is gonna be released tomorrow), this is a cam-rip, good quality though. I’m downloading mine so expect comments later ^^

CLAMP kicked some ass in the rankings now that Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC comics are out. This time I’ve got 3 rankings:

1st: Tsubasa #13 (normal edition)
2nd: XXXHOLiC #8
3rd: Tsubasa #13 (deluxe edition)

And thanks to , we’ve got 2 more rankings:


1st: XXXHOLiC #8
2nd: Tsubasa #13
3rd: Detective Connan #53


1st: Detective Conan #53
2nd: XXXHOLiC #8
3rd: Tsubasa #13

Whoa ! CLAMP is surely on the track ! And yey for XXXHOLiC, it won higher positions than Tsubasa in 2 rankings !

37 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Movie Torrent + CLAMP on the rankingS

  1. About the XXXHOlic Movie

    How can we download the movie XXXHolic using BitTorrent
    I just download BitTorrent to download the movie
    But the problem is, I don’t know how to use BitTorrent
    Can you tell me how ?


  2. We had finished downloading right now, but it’s very late =_= so we will watch the movie tomorrow morning. We have “tested it” and looks great, but rip quality really sucks xD (Kimihiro is the best, he’s even more crazy in movement XD).
    After all, will be tomorrow oficial DVD releases? I’ve heard there’s a delay to March O_o but in the official site it says it’s tomorrow.
    Anyways, good night everyone =_=


  3. naaa… o arkuvo do torrent do movie de holic ta .net… eu nao sei abrir este o.o’ melhor esperar sair um dvd rip ne =p aaa yuuto-san, ja q nao tem problema o “chan” no meu nome, eu resolvi deixar mesmo… preguiça de criar uma conta nova XD


  4. Sugoi Sugoi !!!!! XXXholic movie is really great ^^ background, musics and motion….Evrything is great ^^ Thought I don’t understand what they are saying, but I still love to see the pictures.
    I really hope that someone would sub it -____- I can’t buy XXXholic movie at my place, neither Tsubasa -____-


  5. YAY!!! xxxHOLIC movie. Yuuko is so cool, Mokona’s cute and Watanuki with a lot of funny-weird movements ^_^

    Production I.G. Rocks!!! But it’s me or the music reminds me a little to Harry Potter O_o

    OMG!!! I can’t wait to see the anime ^o^


  6. Consegui baixar e já assisti ^______^ O som está ruim mas deu pra entender… Uma amiga minha assistiu no cinema e ela tinha comentado sobre não ter gostado do character design na época. Eu achei que algumas partes estavam um pouco deformadas… Mas de modo geral, gostei… Pra mim, lembrou um pouco as animações do Tim Burton em certas partes e a trilha tb. Os cenários ficaram incríveis… Só fiquei um pouco decepcionada com o figurino u.u Deveria ser mais glamuroso, a altura de Yuuko…
    Vou baixar dvd rip tb, por enquanto ainda não apareceu…


  7. Bonjourà tous^^ Hello hello!
    Download stopped on yesterday so I’ve watched late on evening ¤_¤
    Thank you very very veeeeeeeeeeeeery much *-*
    1. Really enjoy voices^^ Good choice!
    2. Draws anime are very closed to draws manga. That’s great!
    3. 3D effects seem simples but they create a strange atmosfear like a video game (as Tenshu says Frederico^^)
    4. Good scenario. Efficacity!
    5. Lot of sens of humour (really laugh with watanuki’s scary face XDDD)
    6. I like the idea of the pathological collection… With spiral effect… He collects people who collects things Oo”’… So crazy.
    Sorry for my poor english =_=… In french I could say so more. Anyway^^.


  8. Ne, that same site your link is to has the raw Tsubasa Movie torrent too. I just clicked ‘search’ at the top of the page and searched for Tsubasa.



  9. SUBS??

    woww!! thx for the link I’ve downloaded and I like sooo much.. nut I don’t understnad nothing u_u anyone have a subs file plz!!! >_<




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