Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 63

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Such a pretty color spread with Syaoran and Sakura touching hands. It’s been a while since the last one, hasn’t it? Sakura with her element (star) and Syaoran with his (the Moon).

The play has finally and at long last arrived!!! (It’s been 84 years…) This is it, ladies and gentlemen, all the players are in place (even Sonomi!). The only ones missing are Eriol and Kaho? Unless they are around and we don’t know…?

I always love to be treated with some Sonomi, even better when it’s Sonomi and Fujitaka. And so many flashbacks to The Sealed Card movie with Sonomi’s bodyguards as the filming crew!

Interesting choice for CLAMP to keep all the signs bilingual in English and Japanese to keep all things under theme. However, I don’t really understand why the Kodansha USA version erased all of CLAMP’s beautiful lettering to replace with some cold type font that say the exact same text as the original… (what’s the point?)

So nice that we even got to see all the teachers together!

It seems there will be several costume changes during the play. We had three changes in these first few moments alone xD This is all of course in order to build anticipation for when Sakura is wearing that dress.

Interesting how the play title has changed to Alice in Clockland… I wonder if CLAMP intended this since the beginning or if, just like Naoko, it’s something that they changed along the way…? I know they plan all the major things in advance, but the things that happen in-between can change depending or are decided along the way.

Even though I know that in the next panel we see Momo asking Kaito if he had anything to do with the title change, to which they reply that it’s a coincidence. And then of course, we have Momo and Kaito quoting Yuuko’s famous line “There is no coincidence in this world, only the inevitable”, between quotations and all. So, even though there is this scene, I do wonder if CLAMP changed the play title on the spot.

Of course Momo and Kaito are casually watching the whole thing from above the school roof. Not weird at all.

We have to talk about Kaito’s robe in that scene, of course, in which we can clearly see a dragon-like creature on it very similar to the dragon-like creature that appeared in the first chapters of Clear Card and several of Sakura’s dreams with the Mysterious Cloaked Figure. Even the horn is there in the creature’s head. It also looks similar to the dragon-like creature that appears on the corner of the pages used to tell Kaito’s backstory. There has always been speculations whether the dragon was Kaito himself or some kind of magic conjured by him. Kaito only took 63 chapters to wear that robe, lol.

This robe doesn’t seem to be something that he picked randomly from his wardrobe, no no no. He chose to wear that robe specifically for this moment. This looks like a ceremonial robe akin to those clothes Yuuko would wear every time she was doing her Dimensional Witch errands.

And if they are indeed some sort of ceremonial clothes, it is interesting how very Asian they look. We know Kaito is always associated to non-Asian countries when it comes to his backstory, but he has consistently appeared wearing Asian (I would say specifically Chinese) clothes when he is not wearing his butler/valet uniform. This adds up strongly to my friend Sakura84’s theory that Kaito is part of the Li family.

Some readers have pointed out the brooch that is part of Sakura’s third costume as being of significance. It could be, but we have to keep in mind that the overall theme of the play is Clockland, so it’s only normal that the clothes will have some clock motifs. Even Syaoran’s costume has a nod to clocks and gears.

Which brings us to the last page: Syaoran as the (Cheshire?) cat! Wasn’t he just going to do the voice? Or did they manage to convince him to actually portray it? Now, Syaoran looks way too comfortable here… not at all what I would expect from him. No way he is that confident as an actor! He looks super cool and comfortable in that skin… not at all nervous. This makes me think that something is up… is that really Syaoran? Are you sure it’s not, you know, a copy of him? Mirror, is that you?

Before I end my review, I just wanted to comment on the fact that I thought this chapter was very heavy on the digital work. Maybe it’s just about the same amount as any previous chapter, but for some reason that jumped up more in this chapter for me. I am not a big fan of digital, but it seems CLAMP are going more and more in that direction…. I hope they will stay true to what the work asks for in terms of art and not let the tools dictate the art, but instead let the art dictate the tools, as they always did.

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

26 pages for the third chapter of volume 13. 112 pages for that volume so far — buckle-up because we still have one chapter left for volume 13!

Chapter 64 will come out on June 29th!


One thought on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 63

  1. ‘Yuuko’s famous line “There is no coincidence in this world, only the inevitable’

    I think they both have met Watanuki or maybe even Yuuko before her time moved on… It’s not too crazy to think that Kaito has looked everywhere for a way to save Akiho and thus, stumbled upon the store, just to be told by a sad Watanuki, that the price would be too steep and he does not have enough power to grant it, thus making the wish ungrantable…

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