Card Captor Sakura 25th Anniversary Special Site launched

The Card Captor Sakura official website has been renewed to accommodate the upcoming celebrations for the series’ 25th Anniversary.

The previous 20th Anniversary logo has been replaced by a new one for the 25th Anniversary — featuring a new illustration drawn by CLAMP — but other than that, the website looks the same as before.

In addition, a special website dedicated to the series’ 25th Anniversary was launched within the official website:

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

CLAMP have drawn a new illustration for the occasion (it’s the same illustration that is being used for the new logo) and it’s possible to see it in its entirely at this special website.

For the time being, this 25th Anniversary website only contains the special comic movie that was announced in this month’s Nakayoshi magazine and the first volume of a “Special Information” newspaper, which shows Card Captor Sakura news taken from this month’s Nakayoshi magazine. A new batch of goods is planned but hasn’t been announced yet.

The “special comic movie” is a 1:43 minutes long short video that does a quick recap of the series:


Somehow I knew this “comic movie” would not be anything big, but I was expecting something else (like some voice over from the voice actors).

At least we got ourselves a gorgeous new illustration by CLAMP! Let’s see what the new goods will look like =)

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