Onmyoji x CLAMP collaboration announced

It been announced today during NetEase Connect 2021 event that the RPG game Onmyoji will have a collaboration event with CLAMP.

At this moment, only this teaser image was shared, where we can get a hint of the collor pallete:

Judging from the copyright information having Kodansha in it, we can assume this could be related to Kodansha works. It’s also interesting to notice the font choice for CLAMP’s name. Where have I seen it before?

More information to be announced!


3 thoughts on “Onmyoji x CLAMP collaboration announced

  1. Aaaah! I only know Onmyogji through the beautiful scale figures, but I had a huge adrenaline rush when I saw the font of CLAMP! TRC of xxxHolic? Place your bets! Clamp seems to have a lot of collabs going on.


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