Card Captor Sakura Exhibition – the Enchanted Museum



The Card Captor Sakura Exhibition – the Enchanted Museum officially opens tomorrow (Oct. 26) in Japan at the Mori Arts Center Gallery, in Tokyo.

It’s a fully immersive exhibition centered on the work, art and world of Card Captor Sakura as a whole. Although I haven’t been there myself, judging by the pictures, the exhibition was done with excellence.

Visitors can explore the exhibition through its many thematic rooms:

Beginning Archives – The first room of the exhibition which tells the history of Card Captor Sakura using huge book props. Comments from celebrities about Card Captor Sakura are also recorded here. There is also four “Tomoyo Finder” spots in which visitors can peek into peep holes to an original story drawn by CLAMP of what it appears to be a date between Sakura and Syaoran.

Flower Room – A collection of flower illustrations that appear in Card Captor Sakura manga. The walls of this room are covered with flower stickers and visitors can interact with it by sticking it themselves using the stickers specially available on the exhibit.

Tomoyo’s Atelier – This room mimics Tomoyo’s atelier and it’s made so as to look like it’s within the SIEGE card. The room is fully decorated with fabrics and tools for creating Sakura’s battle costumes. Four real size of very famous battle costumes worn by Sakura in the manga are on display on this room. In addition, there are three mini-dresses designed by CLAMP member Mokona herself on display for the first time.

Gallery Zone – Features originals of over 200 illustrations drawn by CLAMP on display.

Record Room – This room shows a timeline of Card Captor Sakura in Nakayoshi magazine since its original serialization in 1996. It shows all the issues in which Card Captor Sakura appeared on the front cover of Nakayoshi magazine and some of the original and exclusive goods (furoku) that came with Nakayoshi. Moreover, on this room visitors can take pictures with a 3 meters size Kero-chan, props and at a nice spot featuring a huge panel of the key visual illustration and a life-size display of Sakura drawn by CLAMP specifically for this exhibition.

Card Chamber – On this room all Clow Cards, Sakura Cards and Clear Cards are displayed. There is a huge Clear Card on the middle of the room showing a new Card drawn by CLAMP named “THANKS”. This same Clear Card will be given to all visitors who attend the exhibition. The designs for the first and second half of the exhibition will be different.

A goods shop and thematic cafe with a special menu are also available at the exhibition. It’s a very comprehensive and well made exhibition which I hope will be successful enough to travel the world. The first half of the exhibition will run from October 26 to November 30 and the second half will run from December 1st to January 3. Some contents and atractions are expected to change on the second half.

Really top quality and incredibly done exhibition!

I’ve selected some pictures that were taken by the Japanese press, who had early access to the exhibition:

Source: FASHION PRESS, MANTAN WEB, Comic Natalie, Animate Times.


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