Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 27

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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Extreme close-up for the title page! The illustration is probably a match of Chapter 25’s title page. The flowers and Syaoran and Sakura’s costumes are very similar.

Super cute “DTR” (ie: Discuss The Relationship) moment between Syaoran, Yue and the cards. I like how we find out that Sakura wasn’t completely clueless in regards to Syaoran and that she sensed things as well. Syaoran’s behavior for the past 6 volumes has been completely riddled out, which means we’re crossing another mystery off the list.

I love how CLAMP draws The Light with little sparkles around it =)

SUPER CUTE SMILE Syaoran is giving here on page 12. I think this is the most genuine smile he has ever given in Clear Card arc.

And then, Syaoran uses The Fly to cast wings on his back and it looks very cool. He even wrote “Syaoran” on the cards so as they would obey to him. I didn’t think CLAMP would go as far as that but hey, they did.

Back to Fujitaka’s library/dream world where Sakura and Akiho are trapped. As it’s been pointed out by several people, different font types are used when Akiho is speaking, which may indicate that different voices from different people are speaking to her. My most obvious guess would be that the Magician Society are using Akiho as a proxy to speak via her.

The voices talk about absorbing Sakura’s power into a vessel, which could either be Akiho (most likely) or the book she is holding. Are they trying to create the most powerful being ever by combining powers from the most powerful magicians? And are they using Akiho’s powerless body as a vessel?

Did CLAMP make a mistake here when Sakura conjured “Fly” instead of FLIGHT?

Sakura manages to get out of her house with Akiho, only to find Syaoran and Yue, who came for her rescue after being warned by Kero. But there is Kaito and Momo too, and it sounds like time has halted or something, since the surroundings look clearly twisted.

We have all the major players gathered, the final (?) battle (?) may now begin. Phew!

As previous chapters have been indicating, the plot gears continue to move fast! It definitely looks like we are approaching some sort of closure, whether it’s the arc or the story altogether.

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR

Anime-only cards:

  2. HAIL
  5. SWING

28 pages for this chapter. 86 pages for volume 6 so far. We’re halfway or a little more than halfway there for volume 6. Still a few chapters before the volume is over so we may have a full closure on this volume, or the beginning of a new arc. We’ll see. Personally, I think this is it and we won’t be getting a new arc, but what do I know?

Next chapter is out next month!


6 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 27

  1. I like what Yue told Syaoran. I was like, “good job, Yue!” when reading it.

    I cannot wait for the next chapter, not sure if it’s the start of final battle (so you feel the same way, too, huh).


  2. That was one sweet chapter, I’ve completely forgotten Light and Dark can talk unlike most cards. And it’s nice to see they have agreed to ally with Syaoran in a point to let him become their new owner? Wow.
    Yeah guess in the end that makes sense, Syaoran was meant to own the cards though Kero has chosen Sakura to be wielder instead. So seeing him to finally become the rightful master may be sad but still pretty cool. And using FLY that was hardcore.
    Yue, honestly, he’s like Sakura’s most supportive friend of all. He came in great lengths to put some sense on Syaoran by pointing his noble sacrifice intent won’t save Sakura at all aftermaths. But in a sense we can now tell how much the kid just loves her so much.

    So yeah that pretty much seems like to be the final clash. Sakura now knows Akiho is being used against her somehow, Kaito finally shows himself as the mastermind….as if that will be pass as a trivial thing. Things will fully get settled.


    • No Syaoran was never meant to own the cards. Clow Reed always knew it would be Sakura which is why the original wand is really cute. In the words of Yuuko, it’s no coincidence that Sakura found the book.


  3. Dark and Light really shone (ehehehehehe) in this chapter. Their facial expressions and dialogue were seriously a delight — it’s leaps and bounds beyond what we got in the original series. The action scenes here were fluid and dramatic, too!

    I think it’s Akiho’s family that’s using her to gather power from other magicians, which makes her situation even creepier and more pitiful. We should most likely find out what kind of working relationship Kaito has with them next chapter, since it’s odd that they haven’t tried targeting him for his magic yet. You could argue that he’s just too strong and capable for them to handle, but you would think the same thing of Sakura, too.

    Kaito’s been portrayed as a very competent, very confident, and very powerful magician for a while now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets hit with a betrayal or a serious flaw in his plan next month. Either way, I don’t think this is going to be the same kind of “Everything is all right, now let’s sit down and discuss what happened” kind of moment that Eriol offered at the end of the Sakura Card arc.

    Did CLAMP make a mistake here when Sakura conjured “Fly” instead of FLIGHT?
    Sakura also summons the original Mirror instead of MIRROR, so it’s hard to say. She could be calling out for her own cards due to stress, or Ohkawa might have as little emotional attachment to these new cards as most of the readership. Given how animated and lovable Light, Dark and the other Sakura Cards are in this chapter, I think by this point it’s obvious that we’re not supposed to care that much about the Clear Cards, which could be a hint toward what’s going to happen to them in the end. (I.e., they’re probably going to disappear, and Sakura’s going to regain her rightful ownership over the “real” cards.)

    There’s a chance we might go into overtime and get a seventh volume for Clear Card, but I’m preparing myself for a rushed ending just in case, ahaha. I can see the story ending in 80 – 90 pages, but not necessarily 2-3 more chapters — CLAMP could release shorter chapters like this one to help stretch out the finale of the series for a few months longer.


  4. oh my goodness! that yue and syaoran scene give me so many feels!! ❤ ❤ ❤ syaoran and sakura both need yue guidance and protection equally. sakura has certainly matured. she isnt so naive thats for sure. she was onto syaoran the whole time, but she just knew somehow that she shouldn't pry any further. yue is so great for stepping in before both syaoran and sakura go too far and do something reckless. pure fabulousness from light and dark! the way those two were teasing yue reminded me a little of yuuko with watanuki XD
    sakura breaking the power stealing attempt with her new power was FREAKING AWESOME!! yes she is too powerful for them!! i wonder if sakura will maybe transfer her new cards power into akiho instead…? so she can re gain control over the clow cards.
    now, although im hyped for this showdown between sakura and kaito, i fear it'l be rushed. i also cant shake off the feeling that about 2 chapters have been skipped. i mean it would have been super interesting to see how sakura dealt with that vision of syaoran. like how she'd interact with him after seeing that, and also a little more of sakura and akiho having those intense moments between each other like in that chapter where their eyes met.
    instead its like CLAMP jumped ahead to sakura dreaming about alice and woke up crying. and so for me that akiho past story chapter was lovely and emotional but sudden.
    i am also feeling that this is the last series of ccs. however i am hoping we get one more series after this to cover that staff handover moment in TRC.


  5. On a totally different note, i am a bit surprised at LIGHT’s reaction on page 03, when it seemed that Syaoran is going to be hit by Yue (BLACK’s reaction at that moment is understandable, but LIGHT’s seems to be leaning towards a specific characteristic).


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