Tsubasa CARACTere CHRoNiCLE, ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE covers announced

Here are the covers of Tsubasa CARACTere CHRoNiCLE and the mini-artbook Tsubasa ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE:

They go on sale simultaneously on December 2, along with Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc #1 (cover to be announced).

You can pre-order them from CD Japan and Amazon Japan.

CD Japan:

Amazon Japan:

Syaoran and Sakura look particularly young! I guess it must be hard for Mokona to switch styles ^^” And I was certainly not expecting an Alice in Wonderland theme for the mini-artbook cover. Mokona is the Queen of Hearts =)

I’m looking forward to these!



27 thoughts on “Tsubasa CARACTere CHRoNiCLE, ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE covers announced

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by the Alice in Wonderland cover, almost enough to forget it was a MINI artbook, almost…

    They also looked both young to me, but ultimately, after looking more, they are still both clearly teenagers, around 15-16 years old, which is supposed to be their ages in the manga (though, its not too clear how old they are by the end of the series, even if they were definitely 14 in volume 1, so I just assumed that by vol27 they should be 1-2 years older…). Their CCS counterparts who are already past 13 are at least 2 heads smaller than them in spite of the little difference in age ^^;

    I will receive the illustration book in the first week of december, but I won’t get the caracter book/story book/CCS vol01 until the first weeks of January since they are part of another order…

    I will see in the 2 weeks just how ‘mini’ this artbook is!! 😀


    • No matter how much or in which angle I see it, Sakura looks very much like her CCS counterpart in the mini-artbook cover ^^”

      Above all, it’s a huge departure from the Artbook 2 cover where Syaoran and Sakura look very grown.

      I don’t know when I’ll be getting my copies. I ordered them from Amazon so they should be here fast since they take care of custom affairs. Whoever gets it first will let the other know about the details xD The dimensions remain a mystery………


      • You are right: her face indeed looks a lot like CCS Sakura on that picture, although she is obviously taller.
        They totally nailed Fay and Kurogane though 🙂

        If it’s amazon japan, I usually get it in 4 days from the moment they send it, in this case december 2d, which is I told you it would be the first week of december, almost certainly December 6th, or the 7th at worst.

        Whoever gets it first will let the other know about the details xD


          • gah, so frustrating!
            The package with Tsubasa illustration book has arrived by DHL to the distribution center in my city hours ago, but they won’t deliver it today even though they have the whole afternoon to do so, and not tomorrow either because it’s a holiday and they are obviously not working, and then I won’t be home wednesday morning…so that leaves us to wednesday afternoon! >.<
            What about you, will you be receiving it soon? ^_^


                • I got the package from Amazon yesterday, it was like Xmas arrived earlier this year xD CCS Clear Card volume 1 special edition + Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle + Tsubasa Illustration Chronicle , I was sooo excited! xD
                  Anyway I posted some pictures and some comments here:

                  but I’m still reading Caractere Chronicle, it doesn’t *really* say anything new for now but it’s nice to get a recap of the characters from Tokyo onwards! Every relevant character has some pages dedicated to the most memorable moments (the clones got their own pages), one small box with the question “We asked to CLAMP! What is [character name]’s favorite time?” and a very short reply, one box with a fashion comment by Tomoyo-chan on the outfits worn by the character in the last part of the series and one box with a comment on what Mokona thinks of every character and their connection to other characters!
                  Later in the book there are rankings for various topics, one of which just made me go WTF : the “best singer” was won by Fei Wang Reed and I have to translate WHY… O_O; then we have the best scenes collection, Miyuki-chan’s appearances, all the minor characters appeared in the background, a list of all the crossover characters appeared from chapter 1 till Recourt country, one chapter of Holitsuba (old) and some pages from Nirai kanai and their relative storyboards!
                  Chibiyuuto asked me about CLAMP’s interview and I still have to get there!


                  • Thank you for review and the details! 😀
                    And it indeed feels like xmas has come early, uh? XD
                    In my case, I will only be receiving the Tsubasa artbook: everything else (CCS vol01 and Caracter book) will be sent on December 31st, together with the Story chronicle book: so in my case, those will be New Year presents!! 😉

                    As for the mini artbook, well, I believe this will very likely be the complain on every mouth: the dimensions of the book. It would have been great if they had made it at least a little big bigger, like at least A5 for example? …

                    And a question: does it include the illustration from the TWC vol 03 special edition: the one related to the oneshot (syaoran, fay and kuro in winter clothing surrounded with sweets falling from the sky)


                  • I received my Tsubasa illustration chronicle book yesterday, but there is no such thing as a “mini poster with the art of the cover included!” inside. Is there a need for me to contact amazon.co.jp about it? Could you show me a picture of said mini poster?


              • I was disappointed that that one didn’t get a 2-page spread. The illustration had to be heavily resized in order to fit in one page and it’s such a nice one!

                Really? That’s such a shame D:
                Considering that even in the limited edition volume, that illustration was really tiny + cropped in both the cover of the box and the cover of the case (+text on it!), there is now no official good version of this artwork in existence ;_;

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  2. love love love the alice in wonderland illustration! but for a second there i rally thought it was ccs sakura in that one. they look younger…


    • I also think that her face is shockingly similar to CCS Sakura, but all in all, I believe that what is misleading our senses is the fact that most of her legs are either covered in text or out of the picture all together.
      She definitely looks young, but if we could clearly see her full height, it might not be so curious.


  3. yeah i think its her hair too. and dont quote me on this, but i somehow remember tc sakura hair being a bit longer…? well either way they all look gorgeous as usual!


  4. also most likely her outfit thats tricking me. it is very like ccs costume produced by tomoyo. and her cute pose is more ccs- esque too 😀


  5. A lot of people are saying Sakura and Syaoran look particularly young but, my first thought was that they’re supposed to be in their younger forms, on the CARACTere CHRoNiCLE cover at least. Even with that, CLAMP’s art just has been like that lately, even with the promotional illustration for Kabukibu. Everyone looks really young in general.


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