CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: Magic Knight Rayearth #2 & #3 covers (Updated)

The covers of Magic Knight Rayearth #2 and #3 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

Pre-orders are available at CD Japan: Volume 2 | Volume 3

As expected, they follow the same logic as the original series’ covers, with one of the girls being in the foreground, with the other two girls at the background. The circle ornamental piece is the fixed element for all covers, with the jewel color changing its position to follow each girl’s main color.

Umi looks so sassy in her cover, as she should xD And Fuu has her glasses only on the cover of volume 3.

Both volumes are coming out on November 11.

UPDATE: Here’s the complete release schedule for Magic Knight Rayearth in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION:

December 13, 2022: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 volume 1
January 13, 2023: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 volumes 2 & 3

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