“NET.COM Member” Pre-registration open!

CLAMP-NET.COM will start a new service called “NET.COM Member” this winter where users will be able to enjoy the special features offered for the members of CLAMP@MOBiLE service on PC and Smartphone as well.

The service promises to offer access to the currently restricted member’s are of CLAMP-NET.COM such as CLAMP’s Private Boards and other special contents in a new and enhanced way for both PC and Smartphone users.

Pre-registration is currently open and it’s free!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, submit a valid e-mail address and a password (minimum of 8 characters), click on the “次のSTEPへ” button and confirm on the next screen (click on the first button, the second will take you back to the previous step).

Check your mailbox for a confirmation e-mail that will come with an URL. Click on that URL and voilà, your pre-registration is completed! As a present for completing the pre-registration, they will give you wallpapers for your desktop or smartphone (depending from where you access it).

Attention: if the e-mail doesn’t arrive to your mailbox, check your SPAM folder. The e-mail is being sent via a different address than the actual sender and most e-mail providers will assume that as a SPAM. It happened to me and I use Gmail.

I am pretty sure this means that the member’s are of CLAMP-NET.COM will be no longer linked with the CLAMP@MOBiLE membership, meaning that everyone can access it after going through this registration process =)

I also believe that CLAMP-NET.COM itself will go through some major updates this winter along with the debut of this new service. Can’t wait!

Leave a comment if you have any troubles while going through the registering steps!

PS: being on the south hemisphere, it’s really weird for me to say “this winter” when it’s actually going to be summer here! xD


29 thoughts on ““NET.COM Member” Pre-registration open!

    • I’ve been getting that message too on many CLAMP-NET.COM pages since today, that isn’t happening with that link only.

      If you try to refresh the page, eventually it will work.

      I think they must be doing some sort of maintenance.


  1. This is really incredible!
    I can’t wait for this service to start 😀
    They finally are taking in consideration the fans worldwide ;__;
    I already registered and will be looking forward to it!!

    Thanks for sharing this precious info ^^


  2. Despite not being able to understand the vast majority of it (I can read hiragana/katakana, but I’m pretty much a beginner at the language), I’d like to thank you very much for this! I now have lots of pretty calendars to stare at! *A*


  3. Maybe it’s a reference to the shop? Don’t they work in a chemist? Or… was that just in Kobato…. You know, Drug & Drop, Cash & Carry, one of those type of things – a late night chemist? It’s called a “Drug Store” in some places, so I though maybe it’s that.


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