A nice report in English of the 2nd presentation is available here by uzumaki-kairi, you can find the full set list there. The short anime was showed only on the first presentation, most likely because Miyu Irino (Syaoran) and Daisuke Namikawa (Fye) weren’t there for the second presentation and therefore, they couldn’t make the live dubbing.

Sayaka Ohara was wearing a kimono designed by Mokona =)

uzumaki_kairi also took pictures of the original comic drawn by CLAMP, you can download it here (password: festival). Such a nice comic!! xD

The festival will be released on DVD on December.

Running time:
180 min, with footage from both daytime and evening performances.

– Live dubbing of the Holitsuba short animation.
– Short animation full version.
– CLAMP Gakuen Festival footage.
– Original opening movie, background animation (for the festival).
– Rehearsal footage.

Bonus CD:
Card Captor Sakura 5 songs medley, performed by Sakura Tange (Sakura) and Junko Iwao (Tomoyo).

Bonus Goods:
– Replica of director Saitou Keiichi’s script for Holitsuba short animation.
– Post card with the festival’s original characters drawn by CLAMP.

Set list:

Hikari to Kage o Dakishimeta mama / Naomi Tamura (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Raison d’etre / Rie Tanaka (Chobits)
BLAZE / Kotani Kinya (Tsubasa Chronicle)
Yume no tsubasa / Yui Makino (Tsubasa Chronicle)
Synchronicity / Yui Makino (Tsubasa Chronicle)
IT’S / Kotani Kinya (Tsubasa Chronicle)
Let Me Be With You / Rie Tanaka (Chobits)
Platinum / Sakura Tange (Card Captor Sakura)
Anata to Ireba / Tange Sakura and Iwao Junko (Card Captor Sakura)
Junketsu Paradox / Nana Mizuki (BLOOD-C)
Yuzurenai Negai / Naomi Tamura (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Performances by Shouko-tan, Suga Shikao and DUSTZ will not be included on the DVD version.

To pre-order the DVD, go here (deadline is October 31).


31 thoughts on “CLAMP FESTIVAL 2011 TOKYO round-up

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think there are other options… and I also don’t know if the website will ship to other countries outside Japan.

    Maybe CD Japan will have it? They usually have DVDs.


  2. Thanks for the info ^^

    From what I could see in the product delivery info inside the order page of the DVD earlier this morning ( and on the flyer above, it seems like october 31th should be the pre-ordering limit, and then they will start sending the DVD in the end of December to the people who pre-ordered.
    At least, this is what I understood from heavy online translating and what I saw ^^;


  3. Nope, they don’t, they clearly wrote in their order page that they do not ship internationally ;__;
    –> ■ 海外発送
    申し訳ございませんが、海外への発送は行っておりません。 日本国内のみの発送とさせていただきます。
    I will not ship internationally. I will restrict to the dispatch in Japan.


  4. Here’s a rough translation (Part One). Hopefully it’s easy enough to follow.

    PAGE 1:
    I am Nekota Anzu.

    (Sign: Horitsuba Academy)

    Starting today, I’ll be going to Horitsuba Private Academy. As you can see, I’m a normal female transfer student.

    That’s right! I’m normal, NORMAL!!
    I’ll change myself here at Horitsuba Academy!!

    Forget everything that’s happened before Anzu!
    Normal, cute, small, and slightly clumsy!
    That’s the kind of girl I’ll become!

    Watch out!!!

    PAGE 2:
    Syaoran: Are you OK!? You’re not hurt are you?
    Anzu: I promised myself that, but… I DID IT!!!

    Syaoran: But that was an amazing kick. We don’t have a girls’ soccer club though.
    What club are you a part of?
    Syaoran: She’s a transfer student.

    Syaoran: What?
    Syaoran: I don’t recall her.
    Syaoran: That’s right, brother, you remember all students faces and names.

    Anzu: Then.
    He remembers me perfectly now?!

    PAGE 3:
    Syaoran: But, that was really amazing. What kind of club were you in?
    Please participate here at Horitsuba Academy…
    Anzu: This was just a coincidence!
    I really just happened to be lifting my leg when I hit the ball!

    Anzu: So, please forget this! Bye!

    Syaoran: … She’s fast.
    Syaoran: That’s not a coincidental speed she’s running at.

    Yuuko: There are no coincidences in this world.
    Only the inevitable.

    Syaon; WAAA!
    Syaoran: Good morning.
    Yuuko: Morning.

    Yuuko: Another interesting student has entered. (Fu fu fu..)

    PAGE 4:
    Fye: Looks like things will get fun!
    Syaoran: WAAA
    Yuuko: Right!

    Anzu: Why did I destroy that ball right off the bat!
    A cute girl at this school.
    Cute girl at this school.

    Anzu: So…
    Where is one? Where?

    T-Sakura: Excuse me.

    T-Sakura: Is there something I can help you with?

    PAGE 5:
    CC-Sakura: Could you be lost?
    Anzu: Th, that’s right! I just transferred to Horitsuba Academy today!

    CC-Sakura: Then you should go to the faculty room first.
    T-Sakura: Let’s go together.

    Anzu: That’s right!
    This is exactly what I want to become.

    PAGE 6:
    Tomoyo: You’re so cute! Sakura-chan and Sakura-san!!
    Anzu: Waah!!

    Both: Good morning Tomoyo-chan.

    T-Sakura: Then, I’ll guide the transfer student.
    CC-Sakura: OK. See you later!

    Tomoyo: A shot of both of them is so great!

    Chise/Chiho: Good morning.
    CC-Sakura: Ah! Chise-chan, Chiho-chan, good morning.
    Tomoyo: Good morning.

    PAGE 7:
    Chise: Sakura-chan, you’re reading out loud today in Japanese class, right?
    Chiho: Did you practice?
    CC-Sakura: Yes, but I’m worried if I’ll do well.

    Tomoyo: A worried Sakura-chan is also cute!

    Anzu: U, um, that girl looks like you. Are you sisters?
    T-Sakura: No, we’re cousins, umm, I think your uniform is for high school. What grade…

    Anzu: I’m a junior.
    T-Sakura: Same as me. Then you don’t need to be so formal.

    T-Sakura: I’m Sakura. I hope we’re in the same class.
    Anzu: Yes, ah, yeah!

    Anzu: I’ll aim to be like her!
    Then I’ll become cute!!!
    (Become Invincible!!)

    PAGE 8:
    Chii: Chi

    Naomasa: Watch out, Chii-chan.
    Chii: Chi?

    Naomasa: If you fall and hurt yourself, or rather if it’s your cute face, it would be worldly loss. OK?
    Watanuki: ……

    Chii: Chii?

    T-Sakura: Could you tell me your name?
    Chii: Chii learned worldly loss.

    PAGE 9:
    Anzu: Anzu!

    Anzu: Nekota An…

    Naomasa: Did you say Anzu!?

    Both: AH!!!!!!


    • Second part:

      PAGE 10:
      Watanuki: What did you scream out like that.
      Naomasa: No, well…

      Watanuki: Who’s she?
      T-Sakura: A transfer student.
      Junior like us.

      Mokona: Nice to meet you.
      Mokona: Nice to meet you.

      Anzu: Rabbits?!
      Why are they talking!!
      Mokona: Mokona is Mokona.
      Mokona: And Mokona is also Mokona.

      Anzu: What?!
      Watanuki: That’s what kind of creatures they are.
      It’s easier not to think too much about it.

      PAGE 11:
      T-Sakura: Do you know Goushi-kun?

      Naomasa: I… I guess you can say a long time ago.

      Anzu: F, from kindergarten.
      Until Middle school, we went to the same schools.

      Mokona: Then Naomasa should tell you a lot about (this place).
      T-Sakura: Goushi-kun is very kind.
      Mokona: And very popular.
      Anzu: What did you say?!

      Anzu: That crybaby Naomasa that was always crying?!

      Mokona: Old friends meet again!
      Watanuki: That’s good. That you get to see this cute girl again.
      Naomasa: What did you say?!

      Naomasa: That violent and tyrannical Violence Anzu?!

      PAGE 12:
      Anzu: Don’t cry over dogs!
      Anzu: You won’t be afraid if you get used to them!
      Anzu: You’re in middle school and you’re still afraid?!
      Naomasa: No! I’m afraid of thunder.
      Anzu: I’ll beat some courage into you!

      Both: ……

      Anzu: I’m going to become cute!
      Then, I’ll experience my high school life as a cute girl!

      Naomasa: After I graduated from being incompetent.
      I’ll be experiencing my high school life as a popular boy!

      Both: To achieve that, I can’t have my past revealed!

      PAGE 13:
      Naomasa: That’s right! Because we’re old friends! I’ll show you around!

      Both: I have to shut her/him up!

      Anzu: That’s right! Because we’re old friends! I guess I‘ll ask you!

      Both: OK! See you later!!

      Watanuki: Y, yeah.

      Kurogane: Heeyy! Did a transfer student come by here? It’s a girl.
      Mokona: What’s up?

      Kurogane: Seems like she left her schoolbag in the schoolyard, so I took it.
      And, she’s in my class, so that I thought it was perfect and I would come get her.

      PAGE 14:
      Kurogane: She sure is fast. Hey.

      Anzu: You better not say anything about the past!
      Naomasa: You neither!!

      Anzu: What’s cute about her?
      Naomasa: What’s popular about him?

      PAGE 15:
      Both: Just a delusion! (Hmph!)

      Yuuko: T-H-I-S

      Yuuko: Looks to be the start of a shojo manga.
      Fye: Horitsuba Academy is peaceful again today!
      Kazahaya: Chairman…
      Subaru: Fye-sensei…



        Hahaha, reading this, I can’t help but think, if a new student who didn’t know ANYTHING about Horitsuba and went to that school, they’ll be overwhelmed and a little freaked at the amount of twins there are in that school. x’3

        Watanuki looks awesome, esp with the Mokonas. while as Naomasa reminds me abit of Fye, does anyone else see the resemblance?

        And Kazahaya and Subaru are in the school?! 😀 😀 😀


  5. can’t download

    ;-; i can’t download it for some reason, my computer doesn’t support it’s file or whatever. cry. can someone else change the file or something ;__; ?


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