• Artbook:

Already posted this over at twitter but in case anyone doesn’t know yet, the Kobato. artbook release date has been postponed to October 19.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/04 – Jump SQ #10 – Chapter 7 – Last chapter of tankoubon 2 (on sale).
10/04 – Jump SQ #11 – Chapter 8 – Beginning of tankoubon 3.
11/04 – Jump SQ #12 – Chapter 9 – Color page(s), GATE 7 will feature the front cover.

CLAMP-NET.COM also mentions a “comic cover replacement” (特別付録 コミックス替えカバー) in Jump SQ #12. Maybe an additional cover for volume 1? Not really sure of what that means…

• Comics:

GATE 7 #2 is coming out on November 4.


The BLOOD-C TV Anime ended its main broadcast on TBS channel with 12 episodes. The movie will be released on June 6, 2012 with the same staff and cast .

I really liked the final episode, in fact the final 2 episodes were good and a lot better than the rest. I wish that instead of dragging the plot for 10 whole episodes they could have worked better in building tension for the big revelations, in other words, I think the series’ composition was flawed (and CLAMP’s Ohkawa was in charge of that). The episodes were too repetitive, always following the same formula. I’m glad the mood changed in the final episode, I hope the movie will follow the same atmosphere. The animation was overall very poor, characters were too shallow and creatures too bizarre. I’ll give a 3/10 rate for this since I wasn’t hooked by most of it.

• The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit::

Here is the cover for The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit, CLAMP drew the cover and inside illustrations.

The book is coming out on October 9. You can play a puzzle with the cover illustration here.


14 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. >The animation was overall very poor

    Are you kidding me? The story may have gone off the deep end, but Blood-C’s greatest strength by far was its action animation. And it wasn’t even particularly off-model in the non-action parts.


  2. I… am still not sure how I felt about Blood-C. I do’t know if I really liked the genre overall, which is a factor. But I agree that the beginning could have been compacted. I expected the first episode to be boring, really. But I think most of the stuff up until episode 7 or 8 could have been compacted into about.. 2-3 episodes, tops, and the pacing would have been a lot better. Especially since there was hardly any buildup in the first half of the series, and then suddenly, halfway through, a plot appeared.

    I was okay with the animation quality myself, but I can see your point. I wasn’t a fan of the excessive gore, really. It was okay in the first couple episodes, then it just got gross and excessive, in my opinion. But at least the plot was moving? Idk. The whole series to me was kind of meh, I think. :/


  3. I too feel like meh towards the entirety of Blood-C. While the last two episodes seemed to grasp the plot and tried to explain why we had to endure 10 episodes of boredom and nothing-is-happening-at-all, and though that last image of Saya with the cloth over her eye looked killerly cool, I’m not sure if I feel like I want to watch the movie. Besides I was grossed by the ridiculous amount of massacre going on (well, I guess that’s what the show was about, but being unfamiliar with the franchise, seeing a handful of people being impaled and devoured is not really pleasant) and the characters overall were so shallow that I couldn’t get really attached to any of them (thus I was totally unmoved by the “sacrifice” of Yukito-guy whose name I never got to memorize). I think the only kind of touching moment was that scene with Saya holding the dying Tadayoshi, but not really a tear-jerker. Though I’ll give it to them that at least in the finale, people were actually running for their lives instead of stupidly gawking at the monster and waiting for it to devour them.

    On another note, I went and took the time to do the puzzle and kind of enjoyed it, but it was harder than I expected XD


  4. Urgh…

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who thoroughly enjoys watching/reading some of the recent CLAMP series, like Blood-C and Gate 7. So many people have complained about how boring they are and all I can do is gawk at how creative and exciting they are. But then, with Gate 7, I study Japanese folklore and history, so I can follow along with what’s going on very well… and with Blood-C, I love slice-of-life series, so I was surprised and intrigued by the way it started out. I mean, who knew it would start out so calmly when the Blood franchise has always been more about suspense and drama?

    Not everyone has to agree with me, nor do they have to be some of CLAMP’s “best” series… but it’s still upsetting sometimes when I’m the only one who doesn’t have any personal complaints about them. :/

    On that note, at least most people I know have complemented the animation and art. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard say it was bad. >.>;;;


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