Gouhou Drug gets new title “Drug & Drop” (Updated)

The new series of Gouhou Drug will be getting a new title and it’s called “Drug & Drop” (ドラッグ&ドロップ). The information comes from the next issue line up of Young Ace #11.

ドラッグ&ドロップ could also mean “drag and drop”, as used in computer language, but given the context, I am assuming it stands for “Drug & Drop”.

I’m not sure why the change in the title, will it be restarted from the beginning? Maybe the former title Legal Drug was too daring? I remember CLAMP said they had some troubles with the marijuana in the logo.

We’ll have to wait and see.

I like “Drug & Drop” as well, but “Gouhou Drug” ❤

The new series of Gouhou Drug, now called "Drug & Drop", begins on November 4!

Update: The title change is confirmed by website Comic Natalie.

According to the website, the first chapter will come with color page(s) and Drug & Drop will feature the magazine cover.

A textless version of the new promotional illustration can be also found in the article:

With this, CLAMP will be on the cover of two manga magazines on the same day! Young Ace #12 with Drug & Drop and Jump SQ #12 with GATE 7 =)


37 thoughts on “Gouhou Drug gets new title “Drug & Drop” (Updated)

  1. censorship

    I’m not surprised by that change, I think Japan censored more and more mangas to sell it easier, especially since a deputy proposed a law to censore them.


  2. new direction ?

    Maybe Clamp chose a new direction for the story, or its a new part, like XXX Holic and XXX Holic kai, by the way I would have preferred a new manga than the restart of an old ones, i find Clamp more skilled when they create a story around Clow Reed


  3. Nuuuuuu, I liked ‘Gouhou Drug’ Dx Feeling kinda antsy about any change to this series. I hope they don’t restart from the beginning either, it just won’t be the same. Still hopeful though~


  4. I don’t mind the change in the name as long as they keep loyal to the previous “script” let’s say… (anyway, gohou drug was a hell of a name).
    and… does anyone know if someone is going to provide for scans? I hope someone does… 😦


  5. Makes me think of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    Pfft, so the poor thing will now be known as Gohou Drug, Legal Drug, Lawful Drug and Drug and Drop… It’ll be a nightmare to tag/list/search for |DDD

    Actually, considering it used to be known by the other three names, having a single new one might actually help with that.


  6. Omg, I’m so pleased this serie’s back, even though it has a new title! But I hope that won’t mean no more BL! Cuz i love it, and anyway it’s part of the story!!! I hope they start it from where it was. Or if they restart it from scratch, at least keep the BL!


  7. So what was right then? “Lawful Drug” (official in Germany), “Legal Drug” or “Gohou Drug”? XDDDD

    Drug & Drop sounds so dumpy….XDD
    And i don´t like Rikuos new hairstyle…somehowstrange…


    • Unless I’m mistaken… the title in Japanese is “Gohou Drug”. When translating “Gohou” into English, it approximates to “Lawful” and “Legal.” I don’t think any of the titles are more right or wrong per say.

      There was an interview or something out there that said that the English publisher asked CLAMP when they thought of the title if they meant “Lawful” (relating to the law, its institutions) or “Legal” (relating more to legitimacy of the the law). It’s a very subtle distinction, but CLAMP ended up telling the publisher to translate “Gohou” as “Legal” instead of “Lawful” because it was closer to the meaning they wanted to convey.

      But Drug & Drop does sound sorta odd to me.


  8. Urg, bloody censorship! I hates it I do! >______<
    Also, I'm going to be an old grump and complain about how the old title was better. Lawful Drug with the marijuana leaf was edgy, Drug and Drop just sounds like a bad pun (since when was computer jargon related to a chemist store in any way?!)

    If there is a complete plot and genre change I may just flip a table. -___-;;


  9. I’m thinking that the title is for the new arc. The first announcement maintained the original name, and it doesn’t seem logical to change the name of the series unless CLAMP is hoping to target a new audience.

    Perhaps it would make sense for the name-change, if it’s truly a name-change. After all, how many of the original fans of Gohou Drug (outside of this community, of course) will run to buy the magazine?

    I love Gohou Drug, but I’m a tiny bit concerned about this new series. I will withhold judgement until I’ve read the first couple of chapters. ^_^


  10. new print ?

    I wonder if this change of name will lead to a new print of the old tnakoubon, if it’s the case we can see that change as a marleting choice from both Clamp and the editor to relaunch the series and aim a new public


  11. I don’t mind the change of tittle from Gohou Drug to Drug & Drop, but I’m a bit anxious if they’re going to re-write some of the stuff, or simply pick up when they left off.

    Oh well, no matter what I’m very exited about having it picked up from the loooong hiatus 😀


  12. I think (and hope) it’s a continuation… otherwise,the reprint of the first three volumes would be just useless…
    I don’t care much about the title ( even if I liked “Gouhou Drug” very much) the important thing is that both plot and Boy’s love theme don’t change!
    Please, Clamp don’t kill this story…


  13. Gouhou Drug gets new title "Drug & Drop" (Updated)

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  14. Here wishing all the best to CLAMP and a satisfactory recuperation. Everyone can wait but taking care of health can’t be postponed.


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