This huge music and visual festival will take place on September 24 at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo. It will gather singers, seiyuus and other artists related to the CLAMP works performing in a concert, talk shows, skits and short plays.

There will be two presentations on the same day.

The line up for the festival so far is:

Nana Mizuki (BLOOD-C)
Naomi Tamura (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Yui Makino (Tsubasa)
Megumi Nakajima (Kobato.)
Rie Tanaka (Chobits)
Mika Kikuchi (Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC)
Jun Fukuyama (XXXHOLiC/Code Geass)
Sakura Tange (Card Captor Sakura)
Junko Iwao (Card Captor Sakura)
Sayaka Ohara (Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC)
Kinya Kotani (Tsubasa)
Kamiya Hiroshi (Kobato.)

The audio and visuals for the festival will be in charge of Yoshihiro Ike, one of the biggest names in Japanese music industry.

Original goods will be sold exclusively at the event. Tickets go on sale August 27 (CLAMP@MOBiLE members have early purchase on July 22). An original comic will be given to those attending.

Check out the official website for the event:
A twitter account for the festival was launched, too:

If you look at the website, there is a LIVE VIEWING section (still unavailable). Hopefully the festival will be broadcast online (hopefully they won’t limit it for Japan residents only).

Also hopefully this festival will be later be released on home video (DVD & Blu-Ray), because this looks very huge. The last time we had a concert featuring several artists was in 2005 with the CLAMP Su event. But this festival is much bigger than that, the Ajinomoto Stadium supports 50.000 people (it IS a stadium after all!).

Wonder if the CLAMP members themselves will make an appearance (or are they too shy for that? =)

This looks very huge! I’m excited for what else they have planned for this!


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