CLAMP, I.G to Collaborate on Blood-C Original Anime

The May issue of Shonen Ace magazine is announcing that CLAMP will collaborate with Production IG on a new Blood original series called Blood-C, which will air this July.

According to ANN, CLAMP will be responsible for providing not only the original design concepts, but also the story.

Quoting ANN:

In addition, Ranmaru Kotone (Diasta of Ultima Thule, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo -Tokikake-) will adapt the project into a manga, which will launch in the July issue of Shōnen Ace. The official website for the project will open at the address.

Two weeks ago CLAMP were eating pizza with Production IG’s staff, they were probably discussing about the project =)

I wonder if the C in the Blood-C title stands for “CLAMP”?

What caught my attention was the fact that CLAMP is not only providing the character design, but also the story, which makes this project the first original anime series by CLAMP. This is the first time they create the story for an original anime series. I wonder if Ohkawa will actually write some scripts or just provide the main plot…

I’m very excited about this! Yay for CLAMP exploring new territories =)

Stay tuned for more news!


35 thoughts on “CLAMP, I.G to Collaborate on Blood-C Original Anime

  1. I’m really happy to have a new animation CLAMP is involve.
    but, since they’re doing the “story” too I’m kinda feel hopeless. I mean, I was expecting from them to do finish their unfinished works first. >_>

    Also, isn’t that girl looks a little like Hana?


    • But I don’t think this will take too much of CLAMP’s time. Only Ohkawa will be the busiest, writing the scripts (if she will indeed write them). The others won’t be drawing anything, so.


  2. Hope this series would be more darker than its predecessors (the movie and the series).

    I wish the OP/ED would be performed by any J-Pop artists (I wish they hire SCANDAL, FLOW and even Kalafina)


  3. OMFG!!!

    Saya is the best anime Character… and now NANASE OHKAWA is going to wirte her story!! It does not get any better than this!


  4. Uau, um anime escrito e desenhado (bom, o design dos personagens…) pelo CLAMP! Isso soa tão bem! 🙂 É como você disse, esse vai ser um anime original CLAMP – toda a parte de criação vai ficar sob responsabilidade delas, que só vão precisar ambientar a história no mundo de Blood+ Hmmm, e tendo em vista os gostos dessas mulheres, não vai ser muito difícil (vampiro-feiticeiro Fai, vampiros-gêmeos Subaru e Kamui, caçador de vampiros Seishirou, e isso sem falar em toodo o sangue e lutas sangrentas e trocas de órgãos e oh, o drama! do universo CLAMP que todos nós adoramos!).

    Mal posso esperar, com certeza vou assistir esse!

    (e, OMG, elas fazem reunião de negócios comendo pizza, isso é tão divertido!)


  5. OMG! I’m excited for this and I haven’t watch Blood+ yet! XD;;

    The girl looks so cool~ I love her uniform and her sword! XD;;

    CLAMP + Vampire anime = My dreams came true~! XD;;


  6. I don’t know this series but I’m DEFINETLY going to watch it x D It can only be pwnage since Clamp is doing some designs and (at least part ) the story ; )


  7. This made my day, really!!! I’m tired and a little sick

    As a fan of Blood series, this is awesome!!! *___* What surprises will CLAMP do in order to overcome Blood movie or Blood+? So much possibilities, for sure this will be amazing (if not, it will be a big twist xD).

    -I wonder if the C in the Blood-C title stands for “CLAMP”?

    I think, it’s too obvious but the announcement shouts “BLOODxCLAMP=BLOOD-C” XDDDDD Anyway, it could have another meaning but we will see until it starts.

    Now to wait until July *__*

    Thanks for the news.


  8. The Blood+ anime started out good, but the ending was disappointing, IMO. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what CLAMP comes up with in regards to a sword-wielding vampire story. XD


  9. If anyone can deliver a villain worthy of Blood+’s Diva it’s Ohkawa.I’m just worried about the length of the series (Blood+ had 51 episodes)and the characterization of the main character.


  10. Clamp did the plan of the story for Sweet Valerian too, even if you don’t want to admit it. XP

    Anyway, it sound cool. I only watched the blood movie, maybe I should watch the TV anime as well. Was there any other series than Blood+, I hope not. ^^;


      • You totally are in denial. XP

        The first credit in the opening credits is:


        According to my Kondansha’s Compact Kanji Guide, 原案 means:
        原案  ゲンアン  original bill/plan

        According to Jim Breed’s WWWJDIC:
        原案【げんあん】(n)original plan; original bill; motion; draft; draught.


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