9 thoughts on “Blood-C Official Website open

  1. There’s also a very blurry illustration by CLAMP in the background at the end of the video, if you look for it! It’s a picture of the main character leaping over a fence with a katana in her hand.


    • No problem! It’s funny that, for all of the promotion for this project, the web designers couldn’t be bothered to upload a high-quality version of the image. XD


  2. I simply hope CLAMP DOES has a lot of part in the story line and not for the company to just use their name >_> (see what happened with Geass? CLAMP designed the characters and Sunrise just stretchered their mouth and face into something ugly which I cannot even fathom why they would put such excessive expression on poor Lelouch or Suzaku. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant lol)


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