CLAMP posts letter, video for Touhoku earthquake victims (Update)

CLAMP wrote an open letter for the victims of the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11.

They also drew an illustration featuring Sakura from Card Captor Sakura, the illustration was made into a short video available at the japanese video-sharing website, Nico Nico Douga.

The video shows the illustration while playing Card Captor Sakura theme song, Platinum in the background. At the end of the video, Sakura’s original seiyuu, Sakura Tange, says “Zettai daijoubu dayo!” (Everything is gonna be alright!).

In the letter, CLAMP thanks Sakura Tange for lending her voice in the video, Flying Dog for giving them permission to use the song Platinum and Ichirou Mihara (from the ARIKA company), for making the animation and uploading it to Nico Nico Douga.

They said they chose Sakura because they thought it was appropriate for the message they wanted to pass on, which is to believe that everything is gonna be fine.

The letter also says that the illustration will become a wallpaper that will be available on April 6 for internet fundraising.

EDIT: You can download the video (FLV file) via MegaUpload and MediaFire (thanks syaoranmew)

Also available on YouTube now:


33 thoughts on “CLAMP posts letter, video for Touhoku earthquake victims (Update)

  1. I love this, it’s very very appropriate for Sakura to be used for this message. I wonder if people outside of Japan will be able to participate in the fundraiser with the wallpaper. Normally we dont get to do CLAMP stuff but it’d be nice.

    Thank you for sharing


  2. It’s so good of them to think of it! CLAMP is very nice to support the nation and gather efforts into cheering their fellowmen. And Sakura-chan is perfect for the message! The news warmed me up. Thanks!


  3. Aww, a Sakura e seu “daijoubu dayo”! Foi uma escolha muito acertada essa, ainda mais por ser a Cardcaptor!Sakura (depois de ler essa notícia eu tenho tido pesadelos diurnos com o Fuuma ou o Seishirou aparecendo pra dar essa mesma mensagem… :/).

    Muito bacana também a iniciativa de levantar fundos por meio do wallpaper. É muito bom ver parcerias (Sakura Tange, Flying Dog) que possibilitem estratégias de ajuda às vítimas da tragédia. Certamente seria interessante se pessoas de fora do Japão pudessem dar contribuições, como disse herm_nefer.


  4. I hope that Japan can recover fast, the choice of Sakura appropriate for the message :3

    And hey Yuutinho xD I will follow you on twitter now. I’m @esterulita but for now I haven’t been really using it. I hope that one day I can read some *good news* coming from you on my feed xDDD


  5. Thanks for sharing!
    It’s indeed true that I can’t think of a better character than CCS Sakura to illustrate their message of hope~
    The artwork is beautiful, tons of fanarts of her were created by many fans worldwide these past 10 years, but in the end, one sole picture of Clamp leave them all in shame ^^;

    I don’t know how familiar you are with other mangakas and series (I personally read thousand of other mangas 😉 ) but if you’re interested, this link is a thread full of artworks of mangakas who drew just like Clamp for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami on march 11th:
    It’s updated all the time, so I refresh it every day and see more and more pics with messages added each time!


  6. Te Amo!!! Te Amo!!!! Daisuki Desu!!! I love you, and I am so glad they still do this style for Sakura, it kind of sucks to see her in tsubasa style so much and not her own style which is much cuter.


  7. oh my God she’s so absolutely very adorable and that idea is just so simply epic! x3

    I’m sure it helped many fans a LOT! I know it would make me smile even if just for a second!


  8. Well, I have seen quite a few better montage on youtube by people who did pretend to be professionals, the blanks or too long, the fade off of the song seems so unprofessional. I know everybody is stuck in the earthquake chaos, but the victims deserved a much better tribute. ¬_¬

    On the other hand, the illustration is flawless. ^^


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