XXXHOLiC #19 cover

CLAMP-NET.COM updated with the cover of XXXHOLiC #19:

One of the best covers in my opinion!

XXXHOLiC #19 will be released within a month, on March 9.

(CLAMP-NET.COM didn’t post anything concerning the end of XXXHOLiC’s serialization… they did for Tsubasa. How unfair =/)


15 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #19 cover

  1. how completely and utterly sure are we that’s the end? Because *points at book over* they cut off the Rou addition to the cover…didn’t the other one have it….

    i dont know….it feels like they can keep going…. >.> i know they’ve dragged it on and on…but it feels like of like we’re missing something…

    but you are right the cover is pretty


  2. they didn’t post anything about the ending because they know how bad they finished the series too, lol. jk jk.

    but cover is pretty. I’d like to see yuuko and watanuki together one more-last time :/


  3. Oh wait I thought about something Chibi yuuto. You said CLAMP didnt write anything about the XxxHOLiC end but perhaps that’s becuase the OAD havent been released yet? Perhaps it is such an inportant part of the plot that they dont see it as “finished” before it’s been released and watched by the fans? My hope is that the OAD is great, since Im very disapointed in the manga ending >.<

    ~ Josephine


  4. I suspect Yuuko to be sitting on the other side of the sofa, the butterflies are a hint, and also the fact Watanuki is only occupying a single side of the couch, it would feel a bit empty if the other side was simply void of anything, I think~


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